24 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

Estonya 2011 - 01

ESTONYA’da 9 aylık ve sosyal risk altındaki yetişkinlerin bakımıyla ilgili AGH projesi gönüllüler arıyor.

Proje Kodu: 2010-EE-51
Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan 2011
Proje Son Başvuru Tarihi: 1 Mart 2011

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Estonia
Contact person: Eszter Fügedi
Coordinating organisation: Viljandi Vabatahtlike Keskus
Host: MTÜ Hingerahu: http://www.vivak.ee
Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Deadline: 01/03/2011
Start: 01/09/2011
End: 01/06/2012

2010-EE-51 EVS in a day care center for socially risked group adults

Full description:

The main activities of the volunteer: " to assist the workers of the MTÜ Hingerahu and Day Care Center in the daily activities " to hold language class " to hold activities based on their interest " to introduce their country and culture to the clients and workers of our center " to bring new and interesting ideas and activities that we cannot even think of " to take part in our regular activities, such as music, art, theater, sports, computer learning, newspaper writing, lectures, handicrafts, cooking, singing, dancing, relaxation " to take part in our summer camps, field trips and social events " to organize Cultural Day, focus on cultural differences Of course, the volunteer will be supported in their initiatives, however, it is expected that the volunteer is full of ideas and willingness to act upon them.

The volunteer should be very positive, full of energy and ready to do things. The volunteer should be interested in working with disabled people and in sharing their culture with the clients and workers of our centers. It is really important that the volunteer is ready to take own initiative. We are looking forward to hosting volunteers with a sense of humour to life. The volunteer will be given a lot of freedom in coming up with new ideas, therefore we are looking for volunteers full of wonderful ideas. English is needed for communicating with the staff, and a willingness to learn Estonian

To apply, please, send CV and project-related motivation by Mar 1st to eszter@vivak.ee

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