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Atina Engelli Olimpiyatları 2011


Bu yaz Atina’da düzenlenen Engelli Olimpiyatlarında GENÇTUR’dan 7 arkadaşınız Kısa Dönem AGH gönüllüsü olarak yer aldı.

O unutulmaz AGH anlarını izlemek isterseniz, aşağıda yer alan linke bir göz atın derim.



Bahadir Ulgen

ALMANYA 2011-08

Contact person: Doris Hofer
Coordinating organisation: aha Tipps Infos für junge Leute
Host: St. Gallus - Hilfe für behinderte Menschen: http://www.gallus-hilfe.de/
Location: Meckenbeuren, Germany
Deadline: 12/10/2011
Start: 01/04/2012
End: 31/03/2013

The St. Gallus Hilfe for disabled people has been first accredited as sending and hosting organisation in 2004 and has since hosted two volunteers per year and sent approximately two volunteers per year.
We want to give young people in Europe the opportunity to get an insight into the living conditions for young people with impairments in Germany. The encounter with people with disability should be thought provoking and can influence young volunteers in their future plans. Through their volunteer service young people are able to experience that they can offer assistance to disabled people and feel that they are needed. They learn to take on responsibility for themselves and for others. Values like humanity and solidarity can be experienced and lived. By offering these experience, this service is a contribution to the European community of values.
Young people with disability are supported in important aspects of their day-to-day life and can get into contact with young people from other countries.
The exchange with the partner organisations brings up new thoughts and ideas for the development within our own organisation.

Children and young people with disabilities usually need support in their organisation of their spare time. Usually there is not enough staff in homes to offer interesting and adequate activities. Above all young people with disability feel the same needs as all other young people: they want to hang out with friends and be part of a group, instead of staying home with their parents, which they feel dependent off. The contact with a young volunteer can satisfy this need and offers great possibilities to a young person with disability. The programm Happy Hours wants to offer with the help of the volunteers greater freedom and more possibilities in the organisation of their free time. The volunteer will work with the team of a residential group, which normally is made up by three or four experienced members and two to three helpers and attends to eight childern or young people.Within this team the volunteers receive personal and professional guidance.The volunteers will work with the youngsters after school and sometimes on weekends and offer activities outside the St Gallus-Hilfe. The volunteers have the possibility to get to know the situation of people with disabilities in Germany. In their everyday life they can explore their abilities in contact and communication with young people with disabilities and develop a sensitivity for the social and spatial barriers in the life of children and youngsters with disability. The volunteers can connect their own recreational activities with those of handicapped people and learn how to actively devise, plan and implement own ideas. They take over the responsibility to represent in the interests of the children and youngsters and learn to put those interests into the fore when offering recreational activities. The volunteers will not only work in the teams of the residential groups, but also work in a team with other volunteers the same age as them. Thus, they can get into contact with young people outside the St Gallus Hilfe as well. The St Gallus Hilfe offers adequate accomodation in form of a personal appartment on the grounds of the St Gallus Hilfe and if wished, can also offer meals. The volunteers will attend a language course in Ravensburg and attend the necessary seminars of an EVS. Additionally they will attend the supporting programme for the German volunteers.

Only applications sent to doris@aha-ravensburg.de will be considered. You have to state in the motivation letter, why you want to participate in the project in the St. Gallus Hilfe and how you can contribute. Aplications with general Motivation Letters will not be considered

The tutor of the project will select the volunteer based on his/her presentation in the motivation letter. The selection takes place on 17. October 2011, all applicants will be notified. The dates of the volunteer service are still flexible.

İTALYA 2011 - 11

Contact person: H Eda BAKIR
Coordinating organisation: Uildm Sezione Laziale
Host: Sezione Laziale della UILDM Onlus: http://www.uildmlazio.org
Location: Rome, Italy
Deadline: 10/10/2011
Start: 01/02/2012
End: 31/01/2013

An educational project that has been implemented in Rome among middle/high school students for 5 years with the help of Italian volunteers. It relies on two tools: an interactive exhibition and group meetings facilitated by volunteers. These together with different methodologies that help young people reflect on prejudices/stereotypes, promote empathy, without denying the differences/diversity, but supporting the rights of everyone. This year we want to take this project a step further by involving EVS volunteers to bring different points of view in the working group.

We intend to promote non-formal education by networking with educational institutions that will engage the whole educational context including students, school and family. The students are the direct target and school system, family and territory are the indirect targets.

General Objectives
Contribute to a process of social change in terms of individual differences, inclusion and protection of fundamental rights of all
Encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities and also those with family-related or relational problems
Educational Goals
Transform the "group" in order to make it a major resource for integration and learning
Raise awareness on barriers/facilitators in interpersonal relationships

Contents of the project
Identity and otherness, cultural frames, human rights, group dynamics, listening the needs of others, constructive management of differences and conflicts
We use two main tools: an interactive exhibition and group meetings
Interactive exhibition
The visitor experiences the role of active observer, sitting on wheelchair, s/he moves on architectural barriers relying on a guide that facilitates interaction with various types of images. An experience of being in someone else’s shoes, experiencing trust, listening life stories to encourage the change of perspective from an "external image" to the "identity" of a person.

Group meetings
It is based on active involvement of participants; facilitation to give each participant a chance to experiment and to stimulate discussion on the restructuring of concepts and experiences. We use role playing, simulations, storytelling, using the group as a tool and example of the dynamics that underlie our behaviors in relationships, trying to stimulate a positive approach towards others and promote conflict resolution

Co-management of contacts and relationships with schools and other organizations;  Transportation, setting up and dismantling of sets and materials of the exhibition;  Implementing, supporting, facilitating and mentoring of students during the visit of the exhibition;  Organising and implementing group meetings;  Supporting teachers for planning and implementation of tutoring, mentoring, cooperative learning activities;  Preparation of training materials for training sessions;  Preparation and distribution of promotional material for the project.

We are looking for two volunteers (one male and one female) who:  already speak Italian;  preferably have a degree or experience in educational, psychological or sociological studies;  value social inclusion and protection of rights of everyone;  are able to use Office programmes and internet;  are willing to work with people from different cultural experiences and backgrounds.

The initial selection will be based on: - CV; - motivation letter; - application form that you can find in library All the above mentioned documents should be sent to mida@uildmlazio.org by October 10th, 2011. After initial selection short listed candidates will be contacted by phone/Skype and final decision will be made.

27 Eylül 2011 Salı

SLOVENYA 2011 - 05

Contact person: Karmen Murn
Organisation: Mladinski center Trbovlje
Location: Trbovlje, Slovenia
Deadline: 01/11/2011
Start: 01/09/2012
End: 31/05/2013

MCT is gives a lot of emphasis on the local youth. We want youth to get experiences they need to be successful adult, active citizen and happy and creative individual. Therefore we organise and support plenty of activities local youth participates in. Here are the main fields of work:
A) Cultural activities (organisation of the concerts, exhibitions, literary evening, art trainings (dance, singing, drums etc), theatre, film
B) Interest groups (supporting different groups to develop their interest: media group, creative group, music group, video group, journalism group, tourism group, etc)
C) Youth learning (workshops and trainings)
D) International mobility (EVS, youth exchanges, seminars, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci)
E) Youth projects (initiatives, local projects, etc)

We need volunteers to fulfil the need for mentors of the interest groups or leaders who will execute or give support to youth to be able to do youth project. We also support you to do your personal project!

Send us CV and motivational letters to evs@mct.si by 20.10.2011.

POLONYA 2011 - 07

Contact person: Marlena Pujsza Kunikowska
Organisation: Centre for Creative Activity
Location: Leszno, Poland
Deadline: 10/10/2011
Start: 27/02/2012
End: 26/11/2012

Our project is about promoting voluntarism, building local activism. Volunteer is a person involved in making actions, workshops for youth and children, can also to adults. During EVS you will be involved in coordinating local and international projects,fundraising, writing application for grants and working at school:))) also sometimes you will be involve in travelling in a region with promotion of youth in action and your country!

EURODESK INFORMATION POINT - answering mails, updating website , making databases (for ex: grants, international summer courses etc) - helping with international events - INDIVIDUAL WORSHOPS This activity depends of a volunteer him/her self. Depending of the wanted activity and the profile of volunteer that we will host, they will have opportunity to develop their own activity by share of his/her own interest (which means that if they are good in theatre they will have chance to organize theatre worshops or if they are good in belly dance, we will start new open for local youth). Our main target are kids and younsgters till end of university WORKING ON A FIELD In this part we planned to bring volunteers in projects on which we work, like: - helping with local actions like: helping with studies for youth - organising free time activities for kids and youth such as concerts. - promotion of the European integration process ( in a political and social meaning) by developing. The four main areas, where we plan that the foreign volunteers could involve in are: - cooperation with European School Clubs (ESC) - informal unions between the students and teachers in different types of schools from the following voivodeships: LUBUSKIE, WIELKOPOLSKIE, DOLNOŒL¥SKIE. The volunteers will travel around those voivodeships to give lectures and make workshops in kindergardens, schools about their own countries (traditions, history, educational system, young people's lifestyles) and the European Union (especialy educationals programms for youth). Apart from this the volunteers will help our volunteers to organise Europan day and Europan Youth Conference. To show the possibilities in EU for young people. This part can be flexible, because volunteers will be involved in everything that we will do in a certain moment. If we will organize art festival they will have opportunity to be involved. In periods where field work is not necessary volunteers will have chance to develop their own 3) St. Staszic Complex of Schools in Wschowa - helping Career Councelour with office work and leading worshops for youth

Criteria We would like to welcome a volunteer in the age between 18 - 30 y.o. with as much artistic as realistic soul, who is enthusiastic and keen to do a lot of different activities, who would like to either teach teenagers important things about dance, music, theatre and/or acting or, help with creating/editing webside of our partners institutions and our NGO. We plan that the volunteer to his/her advantage will learn many things about Polish culture and language. We need a person who would like to share with kids, and youth what is "youth in action" and what kind of europan programmes they can use in their lifes. That person should like working with children and teenagers and have communicative command of English language.It would be also perfect if person is experienced in writing grants application and fundraising. Selected candidate will be contacted in order to receive further information about the procedure and to explain details about our organisation and the available acivities in Centre for Creative Activity.

Procedure ALL THE VOLUNTEERS INTERESTED IN SHOULD SEND: - CV and cover letter - Movie about herself/himself (with info how they can contribute project , why they choose our project) TILL 10.10.2011 - 23.59 CET TO THE EMAIL EVS@FUNDACJA-CAT.PL MAILS SENT TO [ mailto:KONTAKT@FUNDACJA-CAT.PL ]KONTAKT@FUNDACJA-CAT.PL WOULD BE REJECTED AUTOMATICALLY!!! We prefer if sending organisation can apply in its own country, becuase our project is still running (first one)

23 Eylül 2011 Cuma

ALMANYA 2011-07

Aşağıdaki projelerde yer almak istiyorsanız.
mail adresine CV, ML ve ekteki başvuru formunu doldurarak başvuru yapabilirsiniz. Başvuru Formunu bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com adresinden edinebilirsiniz.

Bol şans!

Contact person: Wolfgang Meyer
Organisation: Auslandsgesellschaft SachsenAnhalt eV
Location: Magdeburg, Germany
Deadline: 16/10/2011
Start: 01/03/2012
End: 28/02/2013

You are interest on intercultural exchange and Europe, you will gain experience in international youth projects or youth information, you will improve their knowledge of German?
The Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt, an umbrella organisation with more than 30 member organisations, works in the areas of development policy, European and international exchanges and the integration of immigrants into German society. Every years AGSA organizes "Eurocamp", this is an international youth project with approx. 100 participants from over 30 countries. All the participants live together in order to share their different cultures to enriching everybody
Besides, AGSA holds seminars and training courses to promote international youth work.
The volunteer will take part in the project: “Living and Learning in the one-world-house”, that is a long term project and gives the opportunity to be involved in the planning of our youth projects and to explore diverse fields of activity.
The volunteers will work as assistant for an AGSA employee, in a specific work field and his/her own working place in a shared office. They will gain a lot of cooperation with other volunteers. Through the practical work the volunteer will develop our international contacts and will be involved in our international activities. This can also create new possibilities to cooperate in our international work and to lead youngsters to take part in youth exchanges, volunteer work or youth education.
At the same time the volunteer will improve his/her knowledge about German and his/her language skills, and that will be useful for his/her future career opportunities indeed.
During the year the person is expected to develop an independent way and put his/ her personal project into operation.
The accommodation for the volunteers is a shared community-flat, shared with European or national volunteers from ours and others organisation but also with students. The volunteers will have their own room and they will share kitchen and bath room.

The volunteers will work as an assistant to an AGSA employee and in cooperation with other volunteers, with a concrete field of work and an own working place. It is possible to work in different fields, according to volunteer’s interests and the concrete working conditions. One of the volunteer’s most important areas of work will be the preparation for our International Youth Meeting “Eurocamp 2012.” Volunteers will be involved with the preparation for the project, and will be in contact with participants from more than 30 countries. For this purpose the volunteer will be a part of our international team. In a further field of work the volunteers will take part in preparing, carrying out and wrapping up international projects, allowing volunteers to develop skills in many practical and organisational areas. It is also possible to participate as project assistant during our training course “International Youth Work” in November 2012 and “Project Management” in April 2012. The volunteers can also get involved in projects on European variety and on participation and involvement in Europe. The European volunteers organise our Language Café, a meeting-point for learners and native speakers in the one-world house that emphasises linguistic variety and takes place twice a month. The organisation of the volunteers’ "Stammtisch" brings former, current and future volunteers together every month. Here concrete ideas for involvement in civil society initiatives are developed (Mile of Democracy against Right-Wing Extremism, Intercultural Week, Refugee Day and also Europe Week etc.). Another field of work is the participation in campaigns, informative meetings and fairs, as well as the production of materials for these events. It is also possible to work in AGSA’s PR division, where the young people can get involved in producing publications, documentations, press reviews or photographic documentations. The volunteers can also update and develop the website of our internet portal and Facebook site “chatting” online and invite to an interactive participation in personal and project blogs. All of the important points will correspond to volunteer’s interests and abilities. The volunteer’s tasks will be continually examined and evaluated, allowing for flexibility in the fields of work in accordance with the activities of our other volunteers.

We expect our volunteers to be able to work as part of a team, to work on their own initiative, to be creative and to have fun in trying out themselves. They should be open to new things and be interested in international and political work. Specific interests towards antiracism work and intercultural work or cultural interests or working with internet and photo/ video are an advantage, but not a condition. The young people shall be prepared to have flexible working ours and weekend work, with the possibility to make up for it. We would like our future sending organisations to be active in the field of national or international youth work, culture work, or development policy or European cooperation. We would be glad, if through the volunteer person, cooperation with that sending organisation could develop also in other projects, may be implemented with the help of the volunteer during or after his / her stay with AGSA. Interested youngsters can contact us directly or though our partners. During the selection process the motivation and the expectations and wishes on our project will be challenged. Together we will check if the wishes and the interests of the youngster meet the objectives and the possibilities of our evs-project and we can develop a common plan for tasks. In the selection process we will prefer youngsters, who have already worked in common international youth projects with our partners.

Interested volunteers should send us their applications directly by October 16th. In our application must be include the curriculum vitae, a personal motivation letter and the filled application form in english or german, you can find it here or on our website www.eurocamp-agsa.eu to download. After this date we will begin to process the applications; volunteers should be prepared to take part in a telephone interview if necessary. We will finished the selection by October 20th, after we will prepare the application form and activity agreement with the sending organisation and volunteer and apply to the national agency for the November 1st dateline.

13 Eylül 2011 Salı

ALMANYA 2011-06

Merhaba Grup,

Bu proje de yer almak istiyorsanız. CV, Motivasyon Mektubu ve ekteki EVS-questionnaire (Anket) ile Heidrun.Walter@stw.de mail adresine başvuru yapabilirsiniz...

Bol Şans!

Dear Bahadir,

we are right now in the process of accreditation of a new project in our beautiful city of Freiburg/Germany: It is a very interesting project in a small school, which teaches handicapped and non-handicapped children together. The school works with the concept of Maria Montessori.
If a volunteer is interested in pedagogy (maybe someone who considers becoming a teacher), especially in the concept of Maria Montessori, and if someone is interested in working with handicapped as well as non-handicapped children, then this might be a good project.
Find attached a more detailed description.

We expect to receive accreditation in the beginning of October and we want to turn in applications at the deadline of November. The project is supposed to start in January or February 2012 and should last for about
6-7 months (at least untill the end of July), eventually longer. So far you can not find it in the database, but the number will be 2011-DE-151.

If you know of volunteers being interested, then they should send their application (letter of motivation, CV and questionaire).

Best regards,
Heidrun WALTER

office hours are usually Tues. and Thurs. morning

Heidrun WALTER
European Volunteer Service

mail address for EVS:
Steinbeis Innovationszentrum
European Projects
Postfach 5772 79025 Freiburg
Fax: 0049 (0)761 - 2907414

Kontakt: 0049 (0)761 – 4767978

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leti ESET Smart Security Akll Gvenlik tarafndan denetlendi.


9 Eylül 2011 Cuma

ROMANYA 2011 - 09

Contact person: Ioana JOCA
Coordinating organisation: JJ FILMS CULTURE
Host: JJ FILMS & CULTURE: http://www.jjfilms.org
Location: The Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Deadline: 09/10/2011
Start: 06/05/2012
End: 06/07/2012

The project aims to help reconstruct a small part of the genuine Transylvanian village situated in the Apuseni Mountains (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apuseni_Mountains).
It would do so by restoring or / and preserving a few buildings that are left to ruin in the remote but striking beautiful Apuseni Mountains. The project has 2 purposes: the first one is to offer the international EVS volunteers the chance to discover and live in the authentic Romanian (Transylvanian) village not only by restoring the buildings, but also being part of the local community. The second purpose is to help the Romanian village be saved (the project will also attempt to help the local community by constructing an Internet site with the works conserved here).

The volunteer would mainly help restore these buildings which are: the water mill, the thatched cottage, the traditional wodden house etc. The volunteer could also be involved in helping the local community by taking pictures, stroles, writing a blog & presentations, and designing the Internet site of this project.

The volunteer could be from all around Europe. Because it is quite a specific project, it is preferable that the EVS volunteer has architectural background. They must speak English, be open to live in nature for about 2 months and be eager to discover the Transylvanian rural universe. Computer skills (web design / develop) are a plus. Last but not least, the EVS volunteer must have a sending organisation.

Based on CV and strong motivation letter.

İTALYA 2011 - 10

Contact person: Franco Di Martino
Organisation: Legambiente Circolo di Prato
Location: Prato, Italy
Deadline: 01/11/2011
Start: 01/03/2012
End: 31/12/2012

Dear volunteer,

LEGAMBIENTE CIRCOLO DI PRATO is now looking for 4 volunteers for 1st November 2011 deadline for the following EVS project:

2010-IT-56 - Legambiente circolo di Prato

Activity start: 1/03/2012 – activity end: 31/12/2012
Length: 10 months

You can read more about the project on the EU-database

The volunteer will be involved in several activities and in particular in the following actions: Organisation of international work camps Work with children and young people Project “Even us on horses” realised in collaboration with other skilled organizations (like associations working in the item of mental diseases). Work in hostel in natural reserve aquerino - cantagallo Linguistic TANDEM Best regards Franco di Martino

Plese send CV and motovation letter before 1 october 2011.



Contact person: Rosen Dimov
Organisation: Initsiativa Regional Youth Council
Location: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Deadline: 16/09/2011
Start: 01/10/2011
End: 31/05/2013

A new European radio assembling its team

Would you like to work in an establishing radio of European content in an unknown country of the EU? Do you want to dedicate your youthful enthusiasm to a network of Euro radios of varied corners of Europe? Are you eager to accummulate journalistic experience as well as to manage media projects of European and local dimension? Are you curious to learn more about the Bulgarian culture while advancing your command of Bulgarian language?

If you are below the age of 30 and ready to start this interesting, dynamic job before the end of September in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, apply by submitting your CV and letter of intent to email EuroRadioBeroe@gmail.com until 16 September 2011 at the latest. We intend to provide you with a labour contract of initial period of 6 months, a motivating net salary (along with the opportunity for additional remuneration), accommodation and a wide range of memorable emotions!

7 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba


Dear partners,

INEX-SDA is looking for 2 volunteers for our EVS project International Volunteering with INEX-SDA.
We are going to apply for the 1st November 2011 deadline. We will host 2 volunteers for one year - from March 2012 to February 2013.

We would be happy if you can help us to promote the project. Please find the project description below.
Thank you very much and have a nice day
Anja Decker

In this project two volunteers will share and divide tasks that are connected with our two main sections – International Volunteering and Development Education. We will involve the volunteers into the projects run by the organisation and its everyday life and give them an opportunity for the development of personal and professional skills connected with planning, organisation and creation of activities within the broad range of INEX-SDA projects.

Proposed volunteer's tasks:
1. involvement in the coordination of international voluntary exchange (getting know the system of exchange, updating the internal database of projects, providing information about voluntary projects to Czech volunteers);
2. promoting volunteering and voluntary projects among the Czech youth at different regions of Czech Republic, communication with Czech volunteers (organising presentations, promo actions, meetings etc.);
3. taking active part in the trainings of INEX-SDA (training for camp leaders, volunteers, development education issues);
4. getting know the work and projects of different Czech and international NGOs (through platforms INEX-SDA is involved in);
5. involvement in projects on Development Education – GLEN, Football for Development - awareness raising (Fare Trade, Make Poverty History Campaign, exhibitions of pictures from developing countries, etc.);
6. assisting with the preparation and realisation of “Football for Development” project ( taking part in organisational tasks before the main part of the project; assisting with the realisation of the project - joining the Football for development team and travel around the country with the youngsters from Kenya (visiting schools, public concerts, making trips, organising football tournaments etc.);
7. space to develop project according to her/his interest;
8. space to learn Czech.

A main criterion is strong motivation to take part in the activities of our organisation. As the work in the office is based on meeting people everyday we would appreciate a person with good communication skills (bases of Czech are welcomed), open minded, with strong affiliation to people and willingness to help them. The volunteers should be interested in voluntary work, in other countries and generally in travelling. They should be motivated to work in the team and be able to communicate in English.

For more information about our project, please have a look at http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=26000256801
More information about our organisation you can find at http://www.inexsda.cz/en

If you are interested in taking part in our EVS project, please send your CV and motivation letter to Kamila Zbuzkova, evs[at]inexsda.cz until 18th of September 2011.

Anja Decker

Placement officer

Varšavská 30
12000 Praha 2
Czech republic

tel: 00420/222362715
email: incoming@inexsda.cz

web: www.inexsda.cz
skype: incoming_inexsda


Merhaba Grup,

Biliyorsunuz bir çok proje de sizler için ortaklıklar kuruyoruz. Bazen bazı nedenlerden ötürü arkadaşlarınız bu projelerde yer alamıyor ve biz de onların yerine yine sizlerden biri gönderiyoruz.

Geçen ay duyurularını yaptığım ACİL katılımcı aranan projelerin sonuçları:



Tüm arkadaşlarımı tebrik ediyorum. EVS maceranıza katkıda bulunabilmek adına mutluyum.

Ve AGH serüveni devam eden dostlar,
1 KASIM dönemi başladı. Herhangi bir proje de yer alırsanız 1 Kasım döneminde gidişiniz Mart.
Başvurulara, yazışmalara, grubu takibe devam.
Blogumuza göz atmayı da unutmayın. Takipçisi olun! EVS ‘te olan gönüllülerimizin yazdıkları da blogta.

Bol şans!


Bahadir Ulgen

FRANSA 2011-03

Merhaba Grup,

3 hafta (10 Eylül - 3 Ekim 2011) Fransa'da gerçekleştirilecek proje de yer almak isteyenler hemen benle iletişime geçsin.

Son 2 gün! Bugün ve yarın! ;)

YEŞİL Pasaport şart! Malum gidiş 10 Eylül...

SJ 78 – Youth Exchange « CLEVER » « Clown Laboratory for European VolunteERing »
DATES 10/09 – 03/10/2011.

10 Eylul’de baslayacak projenin ulaşım masraflari %70’e kadar karsilaniyor. Konaklama ve yeme-içme de onlardan

Bahadir Ulgen