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ROMANYA 2011 - 08

Merhaba Grup,

Bir acil çağrı daha.
Haziran 1 başvuru döneminden onay almış bir proje için 1 gönüllü arıyorum. 1 Ekim’de gidiş…

1 Ekim 2011 – 30 Eylül 2012 tarihleri arasında Romanya’nın Baia Mare şehrinde “OUTDOOR and ART” konulu proje de yer almak istiyorsanız bana 7 Eylül tarihine kadar CV gönderiniz. (bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com)

Şuan orada projede olan bir gönüllümüz var. Erdost Alkan. Projesinden epey mutlu.

Aranan tek şart kadın olmak.

AGH yapmak istiyorum, projelere başvuramıyorum, kabul alamıyorum ve gittiğimde panik olurum diyen tüm arkadaşlar için uygun bir proje.

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İTALYA 2011 - 09

Merhaba Grup,

İtalya’nın başkentinde Roma’da çocuklarla etkinlikler düzenleyen bir kurumda gönüllü olmak istiyorsanız. 22 Ağustos 2011 tarihine kadar bana CV ve ML gönderiniz. (bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com)

Proje Haziran 1 döneminde başvuruldu ve onay aldı. Projede yer almak isteyen gönüllü hemen Eylül 1’de başlayacak!

Aranan şartlar:
- Kadın olmak.
- Başlangıç İtalyanca biliyor olmak.
- Çocukları sevmek.

Proje Detayları:
Role and work: the volunteer will support ARPJ Tetto's activities through the organization of recreational activities, cultural initiatives,sport and leisure time actions addressed to disadvantaged minors. She will be involved in the foster home “Il Tetto” and in the daily extra-curricular didactic and social activities at “La Scuolina-Doposcuola”.

Working hours: the volunteer will work approximately 35 hours a week, including Italian language classes which will be considered part of her training process and therefore compulsory.
Days off per week: the volunteer will have two days off per week which will be mainly Saturday and Sunday except when during the weekend some extra activities are requested. In this case the volunteer will have her day off during the following week.

Holidays: the volunteer will gain two days of holiday each month of activities, totally 12 days. The holidays period should be agreed by the volunteer and the hosting organization.

Food: the hosting organization will provide the volunteer a proper daily amount of food.

Accomodation: the volunteer will live in the foster home sharing a bedroom with another EVS volunteer.
Expected learning outcomes: the volunteer will receive specific training and technical support according to the different activities she undertakes.

She will receive all the support she could need during this learning process, and at the end she will receive the Youth Pass certificate.

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İSPANYA 2011 - 06

Başvuru mail adresi:
• secretaria@escuelaartaban.es

• Contact person: Eva Ramon
• Coordinating organisation: Escuela Artabán
• Host: Escuela Artabán: http://www.escuelaartaban.es
• Location: Galapagar (Madrid), Spain
• Deadline: 26/08/2011
• Start: 01/12/2011
• End: 25/06/2012

Escuela Libre Artabán is based on the common educational work of teachers and families. Artistic activities are very important in the Waldorf education, as it is the base for understanding and communication. Eurithmics, colour expression,... are key tools in our curriculum. The integration of children with disabilities or special educational needs is based on the development of their artistic skills and their active participation in the school activities. Taking care of the environment is another important feature, as it will provide us health and better resources. Thus, working with ecological or recycled material is very important, as well as saving energy and responsible purchasing.
Educational tasks will be complemented with activities open to families and people concerned, based on Waldorf pedagogy, as well as on training current topics regarding family life, growing and personal growth.
Currently, the school community is formed by 60 children and their families. The children are between 6 and 11 years old (1st to 5th primary years). There are some children in curative education, as part of our special education programme.
This project is a chance for learning the main ideas of the Waldorf pedagogy, expecially of the curative pedagogy. The relations of all parts involved and daily activity with the children will privide rich, deep learning regarding nature, knowledge, art communication (music, painting and dancing). Their participation in the organisation's activities is also interesting: talks, discussions, cultural visits,... Volunteers can improve their Spanish language skills and any other academic discipline they want to practice with us and will receive from us all needed information to do so. We hope these are all personal growth and learning opportunities (new points of view, EU awareness, globality, mobility). Volunteers will collaborate with the teachers with the daily tasks in the classrooms. They will support, there will be no job substitution. Thus, they can participate in specific periods of daily work: i.e., language classes (English or German), period classes, collaborating organising games, reading poems, revising songs,... Artistic activities, free work, eurithmics,... Children, teachers and families are involved in the work done at school. This includes order of classrooms, premises and taking care of the garden. Their main task will be to promote participation of children and be an example of an enriching reality from another end of the EU. The participative management of the school will enable them to provide ideas and be part of our project to create a free, open and integrating school. Time of participation: from 8:30 to 16:00, from Monday to Friday, during the school year. Specific time-table will be established when organising school life.

It would be better to count with people who know or are interested in the Waldorf pedagogy or Rudolf Steiner's education Working or with experience or interest working with children, especially with disabilities or special educational needs. Communicative, open and flexible people. Responsible, participative people. People who like working with children or interested in education. Artistic skills of candidates will be especially assessed. We have English and German teachers, so basic knowledge of Spanish is enough, though a lot of interest to learn is necessary.

Recruitment: using cv (European model, preferably) and, if possible, interview through Skype or other electronic media. Knowlege of Waldorf pedagogy and how it, or interest for it, was acquired should be specified in the cv.

Themes: Art and culture, Equal opportunities
Targets: Youth and children, Disabled people

YUNANİSTAN 2001 - 06

Merhaba Grup,

Komşu ülke Yunanistan’da yeni bir proje daha bu 6 aylık projede yer almak istiyorsanız. Hemen 20 Ağustos tarihine kadar bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com mail adresine CV ve ML, Yunanistan Projeleri karışmaması adına “Yunanistan – Anima” başlığıyla gönderiniz.

Kuruluşla doğrudan başvuru yapmayınız, başvuruları Gönderen Kuruluş üzerinden kabul ediyorlar.

Bol şans!

Dear all,
ELIX – Conservation Volunteers Greece is going to apply for 2 EVS positions at 1st September’s deadline!

The project code is 2009-GR-21 hosted by the Hellenic Wildlife Care Association / ANIMA.

Duration 6 months (starting date 1st of February 2012 – ending date 1st of August 2012).

We are looking for motivated volunteers who would love to work every day with wounded wild animals most of them wild birds (cleaning of their boxes, feeding them etc). They don’t need to have previous experience but just be willing to do this work and not be allergic to animals.

Activity Dates:
Begin: 01/02/2012 End: 01/08/2012

Duration: 6 months

Co-ordinating organisation: ELIX-Conservation Volunteers Greece
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization, promoting, since 1987, voluntary service and education. Main goal is the personal development of individuals as citizens of the world, through active participation. Environmental protection, cultural heritage conservation, culture promotion and social service are the main thematic fields of voluntary projects.
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG aims in bringing together people from different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds, willing to live, learn and work together as a team, through their participation in voluntary projects of enovironmental, cultural, social interest. Projects promote intercultural exchanges and offer young people the opportunity to participate actively in the every day life of a hosting community.
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG organizes two or three weeks' workcamps mainly in the summer; participants learn traditional restoration craft and techniques, offer voluntary work to the hosting community, organise and participate in cultural and fun activities, share ideas and cultures. Workcamps give to communities and small villages of Greece the opportunity to meet and host young people from all over the world and, with their contribution, to implement important projects for the local community.
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG organises training seminars for youth workers and campleaders and a lot of activities addressed to volunteers, throughout the year, such as weekend and one-day excursions, environmental, cultural and fun activities, regular volunteers' meetings.
Finally, ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG. realises at present two hosting projects within the frame of the European Voluntary Service of the Youth in Action Program and each year sends a considerable number of EVS volunteers abroad.
ELIX is a member of the international network “Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations", the “Pan Hellenic Network of Ecological Organisations” and the “Volunteerism and Environment” Network.

Host Project: ANIMA-Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife
The Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife, ANIMA, was founded in September, 2005. Its main activity is the protection of wild life and in general the protection of natural environment and biotopes. Among the main goals of the organization is the awareness raising of the public on the threats and problems that the wild life faces, the popularization of the relevant scientific knowledge, as well as the environmental education. One of the main priorities of the association is the growing of active participation, the enhancement of volunteering and in general the cooperation and solidarity spirit. It will be for 6 months with the participation of 2 volunteers, starting from 1st of February 2012 in the municipality of Kallithea in Athens, where the First Aid Station for wild animals of the association is based. The programme and the activities will go along with the goals and the action of the association. The volunteers will support the every day work of the scientific staff, mainly the taking care of the animals as well as the general function of the association. They will also have the chance to actively get involved with the educational projects the association realizes.

Project details:

Work description:
The general workplace will be in Athens in the centre of the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife - ANIMA (unless the volunteer participates in activities outside the centre). The volunteer will help in the everyday life of the Centre, by being involved actively in all the activities for the protection of wildlife. The volunteer will clean and change the mats of all the animals that are hosted in the centre and prepare their food. She/He will cooperate with the nurse in charge in order to provide the necessary medication and first aid to newcomer-animals. She/He will accompany, together with the nurse, the animals to the vet for surgery or for x-ray examination. She/He will also assist to the general cleaning and arrangement of the centre (office and first aid centre). Generally, she/he will be an important support for the staff that needs a lot of help to provide first aid to harmed animals. At the beginning of the voluntary service the volunteer will receive the basic training in order to learn how to provide the basic first aid help and also how to feed the animals. She/He will not be exposed to any danger and she/he will be aware of any precaution that must be followed. One more creative activity within the frame of this project might be the information and sensitization of the local community and people in general, concerning the relevant issues as well as the development and updating of the website of the Centre and networking with other institutions and organizations.

Main tasks of volunteer: Volunteers will
1. assist to the general cleaning and arrangement of the centre
2. provide the necessary medication and first aid to newcomer-animals
3. clean and change the mats of all the animals that are hosted in the centre
4. prepare the food of the animals that are hosted in the centre
5. assist animal liberation activities back to the nature

Working hours and days off:
Volunteers will work 5 days per week for a maximum of 35 hours, which means regularly from 09.00 – 15.00. As the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife – ANIMA works as a “hospital” for injured wild animals it is open 7 days per week as well as on National Holidays. Thus the volunteers will have to work sometimes during the weekend or on National Holidays. In that case they will take day off in return. Volunteers will receive 2 days off as vacation every month. Their days off can be taken on the base of an agreement with ANIMA. Additional vacation can be granted on the base of their needs, in Christmas and Easter holiday and for personal reasons if promptly planned with the mentors of the hosting organization.

Food and Accommodation:
ELIX rents a flat in Athens where the volunteers are staying. The volunteer will be able to cook for her/himself in a fully equipped kitchen. He/She will receive the monthly food allowance.

Local Transport: a monthly card for public transport will be provided

Volunteer Allowance: the volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of €95

Language training:
Greek lessons will be arranged for the volunteer.

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TÜRKİYE 2011 - 01

Merhaba Grup,

İstanbul’da GENÇTUR’da AGH gönüllüsü olmak isteyen Avrupalı arkadaşlarınız varsa bu mesajı onlarla paylaşınız. (2 kişi)

Project details:
Contact person: Bahadır Ülgen
Location: ISTANBUL, Turkey
Deadline: 20/08/2011
Start: 01/12/2011
End: 30/06/2012

The center is established in 2011. There are several activities for young people.The center is situated in a middle class people living area. The participants mainly from economicly low income. They want to build better conditions for theirself.
The local volunteers become together through the project of Importance of non formal education for young people” which started at the end of 2008. They are working voluntarily at the centre. The centre is supported by the GENCTUR and some individuals. They make several activities and training for young people especially university students. Some activities and programs:
1. Project writings
2. Workshops.
3. Trainings for personal and social developments
4. Foreign Speaking Clubs

Tasks The volunteer is mainly working with the young people and is also taking part in the activities and programs of the cooperation. Work with youth: The volunteer will be working sometimes alone, sometimes with other local volunteers %40 activities - prepare and carry out social activities - organize and lead of Foreign Speaking Clubs - Preparing presentations of several trainings - Evaluation meetings etc. %40 project writing The center runs with some donations but especially with several projects. So the volunteer should search and write projects for findind some fund. %10 office works %10 language course S/he either can learn informally or formally. Working Hours: 5 days a week from 10.00 -17.00 2 days off. Saturday will be working day. So one day will be off in week days

• language skills: Good English. Basic Turkish is preferable
• communicative skills
• talkative, friendly, smiling and patient person.
• flexibility to take on a great variety of tasks
• Team member
• some experience with youth
• some experience with project writing.
• being able to adopt to different culture
• flexibility for spontaneous reactions towards the needs of the young people

Interested volunteers should send us their applications directly to bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com by 20th of August. In our application must be include the curriculum vitae, a personal motivation letter with your photos which explain you in social and volunteering life. After this date we will begin to process the applications. We will finished the selection by 20th of August, after we will prepare the application form and activity agreement with the sending organisation and volunteer and apply to the national agency for the September 1st deadline.

LETONYA 2011 - 05

Contact person: LCC World at Our Home
Organisation: The World at our Home

Location: Rezekne, Latvia
Deadline: 01/09/2011
Start: 01/03/2012
End: 31/12/2012

EI reference: 2010-LV-17

The Centre for Social and Health Care are looking for volunteers from European and Neighbouring countries. Our centre hosts both elderly people and mentally disabled people. Some of our seniors are still socially very active. We have to pay more attention and care to the mental and physical health of some of our other residents but they all enjoy being involved in different types of activities we offer to them. Also in our centre we take care of very sick and elderly pensioners. All of the people need a lot of attention and listening to, as most of them have little or no family left and tend to get withdrawn, by helping them we are able to integrate them into the social environment and local society. By taking care of them and helping them enjoy themselves and cope with emotions they encounter they are able to integrate into their social environment and into the society.

They will be involved in the animation activities of the centre, as leading some discussion, workshops or preparing celebrations, and will have especially the task to incite the most isolated people to go to the group and to integrate it. They will be company for our residents; talking and listening to them, reading books, playing and organizing some games, going for walks, helping them to go shopping; talking to the people who are very ill especially those who cannot leave their bed or reading them the newspaper to keep them connected to the reality of the world they live in. They will also be in charge of organizing and developing new social and cultural activities inside and outside the centre: to help in the preparation of celebrations, to organize different activities as games, cultural events and visits, arts and craft, daily and evening out. We are expecting and open to the offers the volunteer may bring from his/her own experience. As a way for our residents to learn about other countries and traditions, another part of the volunteer's job will be to make our residents discover their own culture, by organizing different kind of animations: exhibitions, special weeks (for example a taste week, traditional week), discussion groups, specific decoration, traditional cuisine from his/her country, language lessons. We can also imagine different events according to the own skills of the volunteer: if they are a musician, some small concerts, if they are a visual artist some exhibitions of their own creations.


The volunteers will have to show interest and sensibility towards old people and will be able to use and show empathy, integrity and to be considerate. All skills which can allow them to develop new animations in our centre are welcomed. We hope they are ready to take creative duties and to be responsible and autonomous enough to propose, prepare and organize new activities and their own work according to these skills.

Please send CV and motivational letter to pasauleathome@yahoo.co.uk

LETONYA 2011 - 04

Contact person: LCC World at Our Home
Organisation: The World at our Home
Location: Rezekne, Latvia
Deadline: 01/09/2011
Start: 01/03/2012
End: 31/12/2012

EI reference: 2010-LV-18
The Language and Cultural Centre is looking for volunteers from European and Neighbouring countries and it is foreseen that volunteers will work together at the Language and Cultural Centre "World at our home". They will help each other to fulfil their daily tasks and realise their own ideas in order to aid in the provision of information for young people in Rezekne in the area of European awareness.
Our Centre works a lot with international projects and it could be interesting for our EVS volunteers to help us in our daily work; developing new contacts with European organizations in order to strengthen relations between the inhabitants of Rezekne and people from other European countries. This project will give our volunteers new knowledge and practical experience for their future.

Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to attend language lessons (Latvian or Russian) in order to improve the communication process inside our organization, during daily activities and within the local community, enriching their personal skills and culture. Volunteers will work at the Language and Cultural Centre from Monday to Friday 14:00 till 20:00 to support our staff in the daily work. The main common task of our volunteers will be to interact with the local society sharing information about their own national culture, exchanging views on European culture, experiences in cultural work and learning some new things from each other. Other tasks of will be to help organise different intercultural activities, events, workshops and celebrations of the volunteers’ national traditions and visiting schools to present their countries. They will also help local young people to find their own EVS projects and lead interactive language activities. As well as this the volunteers will also take an active part in the regular work of the Language and Cultural Centre helping to promote and organise intercultural events according to our international projects and the special focus of the Youth in Action Programme and helping to maintain a basic service to inform young people visiting the cultural centre. During writing of our international projects, European exchanges, seminars and workshops they will also have the opportunity to add their own ideas and to help in the preparation of these events. They will also be in charge of developing the website of our organisation by adding information relating to exchange and seminars that our organisation has participated in or organised. We fully support interesting and new opinions and ideas from the volunteers. As a result they will have the opportunity to maintain and improve links with the other European Youth organisations through their contribution and interests.

The volunteers will have to show interest and sensibility towards working with young people and adults and be able to use and show empathy, integrity and consideration. All skills which can allow them to develop new activities in our centre are welcomed. We hope they will be ready to take creative duties and be responsible and autonomous enough to propose, prepare and organise new activities and their own work according to these skills. Factors that will be important for the future volunteer work: - Be interested in European issues and/or art and cultural topics; - Like and be able to establish contacts with both young people and adults; - Have the ability to organise their own work and be ready for independent acting; - Have the ability to take initiative; - Speak English on at least a basic level (German or French may be useful as well); - Have basic skills concerning computers (Word, Internet…) All European sending and hosting organizations are invited for cooperation in EVS program.

Please send CV and motivational letter to pasauleathome@yahoo.co.uk

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YUNANİSTAN 2011 - 05

Merhaba Grup,

1 Haziran döneminde onay alan Yunanistan’daki AGH projesine gönüllü arıyorum.
Proje 1 Ekimde başlayacak ve 6 ay sürecek.

Projede yer almak istiyorsanız. 15 AĞUSTOS 2011 – Pazartesi gününe kadar hemen bana CV ve ML (fotoğraflı) gönderiniz!

Bol Şans!

Projenin detayları:

Project Title: Open Horizons
D.O.Y.K : K.E.K.P.A – D.I.E.K

NAME: K.E.K.P.A-D.I.E.K Welfare Institution For Social Protection and
Solidarity – Municipal Institution for Vocational Training

Project details:
Tasks of volunteer: Volunteers will work for:
1. Become familiar with all the aims and objectives of the organization.
2. To support the scientific staff in the therapeutical, occupational, leisure and sports activities carried out during the day
3. To participate in the evaluation and reprogramming of the different activities, objectives and aims.
4. To participate in the activities carried outside the Centre (visits, sports events, camps, conferences, excursions).
5. Help in some of the extra activity of the centre together with the other volunteers, if needed.
6. Provide new ideas, undertake responsibilities, take initiatives, organize activities for groups or individuals based on the general philosophy of the organization.

Working hours and days off:
Volunteers will work from Monday to Friday for a maximum of 35 hours (5 hours per day). Saturday and Sunday are free but in case of extra activities organized by the Centre during the weekend, volunteers will take “day off” on the base of an agreement with the Centre. Volunteers have the right to have vacations on summer, either July or August for 20 days.

Food and Accommodation:
The volunteer will live in an apartment with other volunteers, with all the needed and the facilities.. The food is provided by the hosting organization based on food lists prepared by the volunteers themselves. Volunteers are responsible to clean regularly the house, take care of every furniture, equipment, material provided, prepare and eat alltogether food.

Local Transport:
The Organization’s bus transfer the volunteers to and from their working place. Also a bicycle is provided by Κ.Ε.Κ.Π.Α.-D.Ι.Ε.Κ. . In case that the volunteers have to transport by public transportation, for the need of the organization, they will be provided with tickets.

Volunteer Allowance:
The volunteer will receive a monthly (at the end of each month) allowance of 95 €

Language training:
The Hosting organization is responsible to provide the volunteers with Greek lessons for 4 hours per week, as well as with all the learning facilities required.

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ROMANYA 2011 - 07

Aşağıdaki mail adresine CV ve ML göndererek başvuru yapabilirsiniz.

Contact person: Ioana JOCA
Organisation: JJ FILMS CULTURE
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Deadline: 20/08/2011
Start: 15/01/2012
End: 15/05/2012

the volunteer will prepare, coordinate and help post production for a short movie on Bucharest. This movie will share the EVS experience and also the cultural impact Bucharest has on the volunteer.

Tasks Preparation:
find the movie idea, document it and then write it Filming: film the scenes that will then be turned into post-production. Also take interviews, participate at cultural events that will enrich the content of the film and the volunteer social and cultural experience Post-production and dissemination: helped by a specialized professional, the volunteer will edit the film. They will also find together appropriate music theme, the graphic concept of the printed materials (poster, postcards etc)

The candidate should have knowledge of film: shoot and edit; of photography; should have interest in the cultural life of Romania, in general, and of Bucharest, in particular. English knowledge (both spoken and written is a plus).

One candidate will be chosen from the list of candidates received until 20. August. Attention! When sending their CVs, the candidates should have in mind they should already have their own SENDING ORGANIZATION.

1 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi


Artıları ve Eksileriyle Romanya:

Herkese selam, bu yazımı Romanya'yı evs projesi olarak tercih edecek olan arkadaşlara ön bilgi olması için hazırladım. Objektif olmaya özen gösteriyorum ve önce artılarla başlıyoruz.

Önemli Not: Projeler; içerikleri, görev alınacak organizasyonun yapısı ve kurumda çalışan kişilere göre değişiklik gösterdiği için bu konuda herhangi bir bilgi aşağıda yer almamaktadır.

Pozitif Yönler + + + + + +
1) Yeni nesil İngilizce biliyor. İlk sorduğunuz kişiden belki bilmiyorum yanıtını alabilirsiniz ama birkaç dakika içerisinde size yardımcı olacak birine ulaşabilirsiniz.
2) Biraz Romence biliyorsanız herkes güler yüzle yaklaşıyor ve yardımcı olmaya çalışıyor.
3) GS ve BJK yı hemen hemen herkes biliyor. Gece orta halli bir mekana gittiğinizde Mustafa Sandal - Aya Benzer ve Tarkan - Şıkıdım 'ı duyabilirsiniz.
4) Türkiye ile bire bir kıyaslandığında ucuz olmasına karşılık aldıkları maaşlara baktığınızda son birkaç yıldır yükseltilen vergiler ve birim fiyatlar nedeniyle çok da ucuz bir ülke değil. Para birimi Lei . 1 TL = 2 Lei - Bira : 0,5 Lt = 2,30 Lei (Markette) Sigara ortalama 12 Lei - Ekmek 1,7 Lei. Aylık mutfak masrafı olarak 100 € cep harçlığı olarak da 60 € veriyorlar ( Ortalama 660 Lei) Ekstra harcamalarınız yoksa (alkol – sigara veya otostop harici seyahat gibi para yetiyor yeterli.)
5) Mutfak konusuna gelince ; yemeklerine baktığınızda Türk mutfağından etkilendiklerini farkedeceksiniz. Yemek çeşidi olarak çok seçenekleri olmamasına rağmen çorba, tavuk, sarma, döner, sebze yemekleri hemen hemen aynı. Tatlıları ve pastane ürünleri yemeklerinden daha zengin diyebiliriz.
6) Anadil ingilizce değil diye düşünmeyin başlangıç seviyesindeyseniz ve büyük şehirlerden birini tercih ettiyseniz İngilizcenizi ilerletebilirsiniz.
7) Romence; Italyanca, Fransızca gibi latin dil ailesinde yer almaktadır ve diğer dilleri öğrenmenize kesinlikle katkısı olacaktır. Günlük konuşma dilinde 100 ün üzerinde Türkçe kelimeye rastlamanız mümkün. Örneğin Masa, Dolap , Kibrit , Güveç, Pabuç, Kapak etc...
8) Vize süresi uzun dönem için 21 gün gibi uzun bir periyod olsa da evraklarınız tamsa ekstra problem yaşamazsınız.
9) Yardımseverler. (Bölgeye göre değişiklik gösterse de ) paranın konu olmadığı hemen hemen her konuda size yardımcı olmaya çalışıyorlar. (Özellikle kuzey bölüm olan Maramureş)
10) Otostop ile ülkeyi gezebilirsiniz. Romence öğrenmeniz işinizi ciddi şekilde kolaylaştıracaktır. (Araca binmeden para isteyip istemediklerini sormayı unutmayın. 100 km ' ye kadar ortalama 10 lei talep edebiliyorlar)
11) Özellikle Maramureş ve Moldova (Romanya içerisinde Moldova adında bir bölge var. Moldova Cumhuriyeti sınırında olan bölgedir.) bölgelerinde doğa muhteşem. Outdoor aktiviteleri seven kişiler için süper bir bölge. Yeşilin her tonunu bulmanız mümkün. Göller, nehirler, göz alabildiğince ormanlık arazi.
12) Bükreş, Timişoara , Braşov , Cluj Napoca, Oradea, Baia Mare gibi başkent veya bölgelerin büyük şehirlerini tercih etmenizde fayda var. Nüfusun fazla olmadığı, kırsal bölgeler can sıkıcı olabiliyor.

Negatif yönler : -- -- -- -- -- --
1) Romanya henüz (31.07.2011 itibariyle) schengen ülkesi değildir. Konsolosluğa başvurduğunuzda size sadece Romanya vizesi veriliyor. Romanya vatandaşlarının vizesiz geçtiği ülkeler de dahil hiçbir ülkeye ekstra vize almadan geçemiyorsunuz. (Türkiye ile karşılıklı olarak vizelerini kaldıran ülkeler hariç)
2) Biryere konaklamaya gittiğinizde sürekli patates ve tavuk yemek durumunda kalıyorsunuz. Bu otele gittiğinizde de aynı eğitime gittinizde de.
3) ISIC gibi uluslar arası öğrenci kartlarını indirimli ulaşım için kullanmak istediğinizde size bu kartın geçerli olmadığını söylüyorlar, bu gerek bilgi eksikliğinden gerekse yeniliklere çok da açık olmadıklarından kaynaklanıyor. Siz de onlara önünüzdeki camda asılı duran afişte geçerli olduğunu yazdığını söylüyorsunuz ama .... Axa sağlık sigorta kartını direkt kullanamıyorsunuz. Bu yüzden geçici oturma iznini alırken size bizim ssk gibi sağlık sigortası yaptırıyorlar alacağınız geçici oturma izni kartı ile hastaneye gidebiliyorsunuz.
4) Prosedürel işlemler biraz uzun sürüyor.
5) Yollar bölgeye göre değişse de Türkiye ile kıyaslanamayacak kadar kötü ve hız limitleri düşük. Trenler eski ve olabildiğince yavaş.
6) Bu yıl çok fazla yağmur yağdı. Hemen hemen yazı yaşamadık diyebilirim hatta ben bu metni yazarken yağmur tekrar başladı.
7) Özellikle uzun dönem evs tercih edecekler mutlaka kalabalık şehirleri tercih edin.
8) Evsizler genellikle tren istasyonlarını tercih ediyorlar. Gece bir yerden başka bir yere seyahat ederken bir süre istasyonda kalmanız gerekirse pek çok evsiz (Gipsy) ile karşılaşabilirsiniz.
9) Sokaklarda bol miktarda ailesi tarafından terkedilmiş ya da bakımı üstlenilmeyen çocuk görmeniz mümkün. (Gipsy) Bizim trafik ışıklarında bekleyen çocuklar gibi geçinen çocuklar var.

Erdost ALKAN
Baia Mare / Maramures– Romania