8 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi

ROMANYA 2011 - 07

Aşağıdaki mail adresine CV ve ML göndererek başvuru yapabilirsiniz.

Contact person: Ioana JOCA
Organisation: JJ FILMS CULTURE
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Deadline: 20/08/2011
Start: 15/01/2012
End: 15/05/2012

the volunteer will prepare, coordinate and help post production for a short movie on Bucharest. This movie will share the EVS experience and also the cultural impact Bucharest has on the volunteer.

Tasks Preparation:
find the movie idea, document it and then write it Filming: film the scenes that will then be turned into post-production. Also take interviews, participate at cultural events that will enrich the content of the film and the volunteer social and cultural experience Post-production and dissemination: helped by a specialized professional, the volunteer will edit the film. They will also find together appropriate music theme, the graphic concept of the printed materials (poster, postcards etc)

The candidate should have knowledge of film: shoot and edit; of photography; should have interest in the cultural life of Romania, in general, and of Bucharest, in particular. English knowledge (both spoken and written is a plus).

One candidate will be chosen from the list of candidates received until 20. August. Attention! When sending their CVs, the candidates should have in mind they should already have their own SENDING ORGANIZATION.

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