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LİTVANYA 2011-01

• Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Lithuania
• Contact person: Nerijus Jankauskas
• Coordinating organisation: Center of Youth Voluntary Activities DEINETA
• Host: Directorate of Curonian Spit National Park: http://www.nerija.lt/
• Location: Neringa, Lithuania
• Deadline: 31/10/2011
• Start: 05/02/2012
• End: 04/12/2012

Please follow this link: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=46000266014


Contact person: Chloe Foster
Coordinating organisation: Concordia
Host: YMCA: http://www.hoveymca.org.uk/
Location: Hove, United Kingdom
Deadline: 01/12/2011
Start: 01/07/2012
End: 30/06/2013

Sports project based within Sussex Central YMCA.
2 places available.

The volunteers will work in the Sussex Central YMCA sports department supporting a range of young people from the local Hove community but also from across the city. This work includes mainstream children and young people but also ones with more challenging and difficult issues including learning difficulties, offending behaviour and low levels of confidence and self esteem. Many of these children and young people have financial difficulties.

- Active interested in sport - Experience working with children and young adults. - Fluent in English

To apply you must email - a motivation letter specific to this particular project - current CV - name, contact details and EI reference code of your EVS sending organisation evs@concordiavolunteers.org.uk WITHOUT ALL THESE YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


Contact person: Lisbet Oestergaard
Coordinating organisation: Dansk ICYE
Host: Hertha, Sindhuset: http://www.hertha.dk
Location: Skive, Galten, Denmark
Deadline: 16/10/2011
Start: 15/03/2012
End: 15/12/2012

Dear applicants

Dansk ICYE is urgently looking for volunteers for 2 projects for 1 November deadline. If you are interested please send us an e-mail: office@icye.dk and ask for our specific application form.
We also strongly recommend you to emphasize in the application your motivation for applying and explain why you are interested in this specific project(s).
Deadline for sending your application is Sunday 16 October 2011

2007-DK-28 , Hertha Living Community.
Living community for mentally disabled.
Activity start: March 2012
Duration: 10-12 months

2008-DK-33 , Sindhuset.
Activity Centre for psychologically vulnerable and psychiatric patients.
Activity start: May 2012
Duration: 9 months
We are looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Best regards
Kathrine Clausen
Dansk ICYE
Tel. +45 86 18 07 15

POLONYA 2011 - 09

Contact person: Katarzyna Jackiewicz
Coordinating organisation: Foundation of Education and Creativity
Host: Centre for Aliens Applying for a Refugee Status or Asylum: http://www.uric.gov.pl
Location: Białystok/Czerwony Bór, Poland
Deadline: 20/10/2011
Start: 01/03/2012
End: 30/09/2012

• Our project will take place in the Podlaskie region of Poland, with the coordinating and planning centre in Bialystok, in the Foundation of Education and Creativity. We can coordinate 3 volunteers in this project, each volunteer should work at least 6 months. We would like to involve EVS volunteers in the following activities:

- working with refugees and asylum seekers in a reception centre in Czerwony Bór
- lessons about human rights, stereotypes and refugees, aiming at raising the society's awareness of the refugee issue (in high schools, junior high schools and primary schools throughout the region of podlaskie)
- 'passages' - a simulation game which helps the participant understand the feelings, emotions and situation of refugees and asylum seekers (in high schools, junior high schools and primary schools throughout the region of podlaskie)
- activities integrating Polish and Chechen children (libraries, school-clubs in the Podlaskie region)
- discussions with language students (non-profit language school in the Foundation of Education and Creativity)

EVS volunteers will be accomodated in a flat in Czerwony Bór and dormitory in Białystok. Each of them will be offered a room of his/her own. In Czerwony Bór they will have a 3-bedroom flat. They will spend 3 days in Czerwony Bór and the rest of the week in Białystok

- human rights, refugee law - Chechen history, culture and tradition - designing games and activities for children and teenagers - developing the strategy of integrating refugees in the society of the country they arrive in - psychology and pedagogy of working with war victims - Russian language - Polish language, culture and tradition - language teaching practice - 'passages' simulation game - creating lesson plans, leading group discussions - administration/office work - fundraising EVS volunteers' education will take place both through organised training and individual research. They will actively take part in preparing the strategy, plan and activities concerning their work. After introductory training they will start working in the reception centre. Meanwhile, together with the coordinator from our Foundation, they will prepare lessons, presentations and tasks (including 'passages' game) connected with the topics of human rights and refugees to be used with Polish pupils. They will present the prepared classes to pupils in the Podlaskie region. Their presentations at schools will be combined with visiting different parts of the region and meeting the local people. They will also discuss the topics in the language students in our language schools. Each EVS volunteer will get their own Polish mentor, whose task will be to introduce a volunteer to the Polish reality, culture and social life. Each EVS volunteer will be also offered the possibility of intensive Polish language learning in exchange for his/her native tongue. With the assistance of the coordinator, EVS volunteers will have the possibility of carrying out their individual research and pursue their own personal interests and hobbies. If they are willing, they will be invited to our Big Brother Big Sister programme and will get a 'brother' or 'sister' from a dysfunctional family to take care of.
all who are motivated, open and eager to work:)
send your CV and motivation letters to voluntary.info@gmail.com till 20.10.2011

LETONYA 2011 - 06

Contact person: Jana
Organisation: youth initiative centre BuMs
Location: Ranka, Gulbene district, Latvia
Deadline: 27/10/2011
Start: 01/04/2012
End: 31/03/2013
Organizing activities for local youngsters from small countryside village.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers: We are offering space for activities and resources to implement volunteers ideas and responsiveness from local youngsters. We are expecting that volunteer will be equal to our youngsters in activities, which includes taking part in planning activities, organizing activities, sharing experience between host youth initiative centre and EVS volunteers in non-formal education. We expect that volunteer would teach his native language to local youngsters, organize workshops about youth culture differences between countries, sports activities, theater, multimedia etc. There are different needs for youngsters that comes to „B.u.M.s”, some of them come when they have free time, some of them only when they have any problem. Most active and busy days are weekends and holidays, when youngsters don't have to go to school. Most active visitors during holidays are students from high school and university. In youth center there are regular movie evenings, discussions, gymnastics and multimedia group meetings. Youth center has been used as place for events and as a place where other projects can be advertised. Most active youngsters that take part in YC activities has been to exchange programms, took a part in local or regional measures. Volunteer will live in 3-roomed flat 5 minutes ride on bus from youth center "B.u.M.s.". Flat is under construction at the moment.Flat will be equipped with the basic stuff what is needed for volunteer

Motivation and readiness to live in a small village.

The volunteer or sending organization send us volunteer's CV and motivation letter to e-mail bums@gulbene.lv (Ms. Jana Keibeniece). Then we will send a questionary to fill (volunteer together with sending orgnization).


Contact person: Violeta Panova
Organisation: Youth Tolerance
Location: Gorna Oriahovica, Bulgaria
Deadline: 20/12/2011
Start: 01/09/2012
End: 31/07/2013

Fourth Position: Direction, tied to the theater. We have called it: "Life is a stage and are we ready for it? "The volunteer will work with youth theater crew and make some theater activities. He will help to young people in unevenness position for make their free time fun. He will work with children, to motivate them to take a part in theatric activity. It will be good to have some wish for arting, to have an ideas and motive to apply it with hard work.
He will work with two crews of Youth Theater. The participants are children from 4th to 6th grade – this is 2 hours activity every day from 11 to 13 o'clock; He will take a part in repetitions for Youth Theater and the crew with actors over 25 years old. The repetitions are from 17 to 20 o'clock every day without Friday. He will make trainings and games.
He will take a part in Christmas education play of youth group of MT"Alternativa" with whom he will introduce in front of people of G. Oriahovitsa and Liaskovetc. He will help the young people in the town, and he will take a part in the work of Info Center in town. Activity start 01.09.2012, duration 11 months.
Deadline for sending CV and motivation letter send us their Motivation letter and CV to: tolerance@mail.bg

POLONYA 2011 - 08

Contact person: Mariusz Socha
Organisation: Baptist Church in Zielona Gora
Location: Zielona Góra, Poland
Deadline: 27/10/2011
Start: 01/03/2012
End: 31/08/2012

The coordinator of the project will cooperate with the volunteers during their stay, which will let them learn how to plan and
prepare workshops and work in a group of leaders. During the camps the volunteers will cooperate with the workshop leaders
which will let them gain new experience in work with children, youth, and elderly people.
A volunteer will have a chance to participate in charity actions, be active in the lives of the children and youth as an "elder
Volunteers will be taught how to write a blog, describe their work in a bulletin, will have a chance to record a radio broadcast,
use various ways of self-advertisement.
Volunteers will have a chance to experience and learn how to work in a team – plan activities and special events.
Depending on the length of the work, the volunteers will take part in meetings which will allow to assess the work and plan
all actions in details; tasks to be done in the future. During the evaluation all kind of motivational methods will be used:
(brainstorming, planning, discus, cycling etc.)
Volunteer will be able to choose from:
A) Charity work
B) Media and Administration
C) Conferences (4 during entire year)
E) Children and Youth ministry
F/ Summer Camps for children and youth
G/. Summer charity "work camps"


Volunteer should be reliable, independent and should have positive and service oriented attitude to work with people in the following areas: inter-cultural understanding, spiritual and personal growth, appreciation of art, culture, sport, social and charity, youth and children. We expect a responsible and motivated person, willing to cooperate in providing our programmes. This placement is beneficial for a person who is motivated to work with youth, including youth with less opportunities, and willing to learn. A volunteer should: - be open to cooperation and willing to act - have motivation to work with the needy. - agree to participate in activities throughout the duration of the contract and the training prepared for volunteers - have sufficient motivation to work with children, youth, and charity actions. - have motivation to work with people with different backgrounds - have communicative command of English, German, or Russian. The recruitment process: A volunteer should send a cover letter and resume, and can expect that we will inquire about more information by mail or phone call. We will select the volunteers who best fit to the profile.

ESTONYA 2011-04

Contact person: Kai Raku
Organisation: Estonian Special Youth Work Organisation
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Deadline: 20/10/2011
Start: 16/04/2012
End: 10/06/2012

Awake Senses is a short-term EVS project that brings together youth living with physical and sensory disabilities. During two months these young people from 6 different European countries will share their experiences and participate in workshops that prepare them to give Awake Senses presentations at Estonian public schools. Presentations will be given by the whole group with the help of local volunteers.

Prevailing stereotypes that lie behind the word 'disability' come from insufficient information about the every day realities of people actually living "behind" the word.
Aim of the Awake Senses presentations is to bring together young people with disabilities and mainstream youth to understand better each others living conditions and to realize that we all have a role to play in creating a society where everyone feels included.

* more information: info@erinoor.ee *

Participants of the EVS project will: 1) share their cultural and social background with Estonian youth; 2) learn a bit Estonian language; 3) volunteer at different Estonian disabled youth organizations; 4) go through a week long workshop session on different topics: public presentation skills, interactive presentation methods (pecha kucha, living library, storytelling, movie session), expression through arts (creative movement), etc. 5) as a group will prepare a common creative presentation about living with disability for Estonian public schools;

We are looking for active young people who live with either sensory or physical disability and are willing to address the issue in public schools in Estonia. Profile of volunteers: 1) know basic English 2) open minded and motivated to work in team 3) willing to speak and participate in public presentations at schools

We are looking for applications from young people living with disability form five different European countries. We are open to everybody who answer to our selection criteria. Application: CV and motivation letter, also please describe your disability and whether you will come with an assistant or you will need one once you are here. Please be as specific as possible, thanks.


Dear friends,

CVS-Bulgaria is happy to present the current EVS project that we're going to submit on 1 November.
We're seeking for 2 EVS volunteers to join a 6-month project in a partner school starting from February 2012. The EVS volunteers will join the school life and will help its activities. At the end of their EVS service the volunteers would be able to join the camps in Bulgaria and organize some workshops for the participants.
More information on the project you can find in the attached file. But if you have any questions, I am at your disposal.

Please note that since the project involves working with minors the applicants are required to present reference and a police check paper (sending organization just needs to confirm everything is OK with it!)

Deadline for application: 24 October.
Decision date: 26 October.
Both the sending organization and the volunteer will be contacted with the results.
Please be prepared to be asked together with your volunteer to participate in a short skype interview.

Send your volunteers' applications to cvs-bg@bluelink.net with subject: EVS with CVS.

Kind regards

Snezhina Kozareva
Youth Projects Coordinator

31 Han Asparuh Str.
Ground Floor
Sofia 1463

tel/fax: +359 2 989 98 46
mobile: +359 88 47 66 435