24 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

POLONYA 2011 - 08

Contact person: Mariusz Socha
Organisation: Baptist Church in Zielona Gora
Location: Zielona Góra, Poland
Deadline: 27/10/2011
Start: 01/03/2012
End: 31/08/2012

The coordinator of the project will cooperate with the volunteers during their stay, which will let them learn how to plan and
prepare workshops and work in a group of leaders. During the camps the volunteers will cooperate with the workshop leaders
which will let them gain new experience in work with children, youth, and elderly people.
A volunteer will have a chance to participate in charity actions, be active in the lives of the children and youth as an "elder
Volunteers will be taught how to write a blog, describe their work in a bulletin, will have a chance to record a radio broadcast,
use various ways of self-advertisement.
Volunteers will have a chance to experience and learn how to work in a team – plan activities and special events.
Depending on the length of the work, the volunteers will take part in meetings which will allow to assess the work and plan
all actions in details; tasks to be done in the future. During the evaluation all kind of motivational methods will be used:
(brainstorming, planning, discus, cycling etc.)
Volunteer will be able to choose from:
A) Charity work
B) Media and Administration
C) Conferences (4 during entire year)
E) Children and Youth ministry
F/ Summer Camps for children and youth
G/. Summer charity "work camps"


Volunteer should be reliable, independent and should have positive and service oriented attitude to work with people in the following areas: inter-cultural understanding, spiritual and personal growth, appreciation of art, culture, sport, social and charity, youth and children. We expect a responsible and motivated person, willing to cooperate in providing our programmes. This placement is beneficial for a person who is motivated to work with youth, including youth with less opportunities, and willing to learn. A volunteer should: - be open to cooperation and willing to act - have motivation to work with the needy. - agree to participate in activities throughout the duration of the contract and the training prepared for volunteers - have sufficient motivation to work with children, youth, and charity actions. - have motivation to work with people with different backgrounds - have communicative command of English, German, or Russian. The recruitment process: A volunteer should send a cover letter and resume, and can expect that we will inquire about more information by mail or phone call. We will select the volunteers who best fit to the profile.

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