24 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

ESTONYA 2011-04

Contact person: Kai Raku
Organisation: Estonian Special Youth Work Organisation
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Deadline: 20/10/2011
Start: 16/04/2012
End: 10/06/2012

Awake Senses is a short-term EVS project that brings together youth living with physical and sensory disabilities. During two months these young people from 6 different European countries will share their experiences and participate in workshops that prepare them to give Awake Senses presentations at Estonian public schools. Presentations will be given by the whole group with the help of local volunteers.

Prevailing stereotypes that lie behind the word 'disability' come from insufficient information about the every day realities of people actually living "behind" the word.
Aim of the Awake Senses presentations is to bring together young people with disabilities and mainstream youth to understand better each others living conditions and to realize that we all have a role to play in creating a society where everyone feels included.

* more information: info@erinoor.ee *

Participants of the EVS project will: 1) share their cultural and social background with Estonian youth; 2) learn a bit Estonian language; 3) volunteer at different Estonian disabled youth organizations; 4) go through a week long workshop session on different topics: public presentation skills, interactive presentation methods (pecha kucha, living library, storytelling, movie session), expression through arts (creative movement), etc. 5) as a group will prepare a common creative presentation about living with disability for Estonian public schools;

We are looking for active young people who live with either sensory or physical disability and are willing to address the issue in public schools in Estonia. Profile of volunteers: 1) know basic English 2) open minded and motivated to work in team 3) willing to speak and participate in public presentations at schools

We are looking for applications from young people living with disability form five different European countries. We are open to everybody who answer to our selection criteria. Application: CV and motivation letter, also please describe your disability and whether you will come with an assistant or you will need one once you are here. Please be as specific as possible, thanks.

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