24 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

Avusturya 2011 - 01

AVUSTURYA'da 1 yıllık uzun dönem gönüllüler aranıyor.

Proje Kodu : 2009-AT-21
Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan 2011

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following projects:

project dates: 01/09/2011 – 30/08/2012
There will be two volunteers at the same time in the project.

For more details to this project please have a look at the project
description on

If you are interested in the project and you are available at the project
dates please send me your application.

Best regards,

Christine Gantner

Mag.a Christine Gantner
EU.INFO / EVS coordination
LOGO jugendmanagement gmbH 2010-AT-32

Karmeliterplatz 2, A - 8010 Graz
Tel: 031690370225
Mobil 067686630232
christine.gantner@logo.at, www.logo.at

Estonya 2011 - 02

ESTONYA'da 9 aylık uzun dönem gönüllüler aranıyor.

Projenin Kodu: 2010-EE-7

Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan 2011

Projenin Son Başvuru Tarihi: 1 Mart 2011

Contact person: Eszter Fügedi

Coordinating organisation: Viljandi Vabatahtlike Keskus

Host: Viljandimaa Singel: http://www.viljandimaasingel.ee

Location: Viljandi, Estonia

Deadline: 01/03/2011

Start: 01/09/2011

End: 01/06/2012

2010-EE-7 EVS in a supported living environment and a day care center for mentally disabled adults.

Full description:



Depending on the volunteer's and clients' interests, following activities can be adapted in both services: " assisting, planning and running creative workshops and activities (dance, music, theatre, handicraft, etc); " assisting to arrange outings, excursions and camps and taking part in those; " presenting his/her own country and culture; " leading foreign language conversation lessons for clients; " personal assistant for physically disabeled clients when needed (we have 2 clients needing help) " assisting to create and develop projects.


S/he should be motivated and intrested in meeting and working with disabled people. Previous experience is not necessary, but the volunteer should be active, energetic, creative, taking initiative, adaptable, open-minded, sociable, positive, responsible and reliable. Basic English is needed for communicating with the staff of the centre.


To apply, please, send CV and project-related motivation by Mar 1st to eszter@vivak.ee

Estonya 2011 - 01

ESTONYA’da 9 aylık ve sosyal risk altındaki yetişkinlerin bakımıyla ilgili AGH projesi gönüllüler arıyor.

Proje Kodu: 2010-EE-51
Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan 2011
Proje Son Başvuru Tarihi: 1 Mart 2011

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Estonia
Contact person: Eszter Fügedi
Coordinating organisation: Viljandi Vabatahtlike Keskus
Host: MTÜ Hingerahu: http://www.vivak.ee
Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Deadline: 01/03/2011
Start: 01/09/2011
End: 01/06/2012

2010-EE-51 EVS in a day care center for socially risked group adults

Full description:

The main activities of the volunteer: " to assist the workers of the MTÜ Hingerahu and Day Care Center in the daily activities " to hold language class " to hold activities based on their interest " to introduce their country and culture to the clients and workers of our center " to bring new and interesting ideas and activities that we cannot even think of " to take part in our regular activities, such as music, art, theater, sports, computer learning, newspaper writing, lectures, handicrafts, cooking, singing, dancing, relaxation " to take part in our summer camps, field trips and social events " to organize Cultural Day, focus on cultural differences Of course, the volunteer will be supported in their initiatives, however, it is expected that the volunteer is full of ideas and willingness to act upon them.

The volunteer should be very positive, full of energy and ready to do things. The volunteer should be interested in working with disabled people and in sharing their culture with the clients and workers of our centers. It is really important that the volunteer is ready to take own initiative. We are looking forward to hosting volunteers with a sense of humour to life. The volunteer will be given a lot of freedom in coming up with new ideas, therefore we are looking for volunteers full of wonderful ideas. English is needed for communicating with the staff, and a willingness to learn Estonian

To apply, please, send CV and project-related motivation by Mar 1st to eszter@vivak.ee

İtalya 2011 - 01

İTALYA'da 1 yıllık uzun dönem AGH gönüllüleri aranıyor.

Proje Kodu : 2009-IT-167
Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan Nisan

Contact person: Silvia Padello
Organisation: Cooperativa Stranaidea
Location: Torino, Italy
Deadline: 01/04/2011
Start: 05/09/2011
End: 04/09/2012

EI REF 2009-IT-167 http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=42000639901

EI REF 2009-IT-167 http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=42000639901

Volunteers' motivation,expectations, personal characteristics such as sociability as we host volunteers to work with youngsters and disable people, previous experiences especially with disability.

Volunteers (4) have to send first their CV and specific Motivation Letter: explain why an evs experience and why for our project. The second step consists on an interview by phone or Skype

Romanya 2011 - 01

ROMANYA'da 9-10 aylık uzun dönem AGH projesi gönüllüler arıyor.

Proje Başvuru Dönemi : 1 Nisan 2011
Projeye Son Başvuru Tarihi: 28 Şubat 2011

Hello to all of you!

Voltin Club (Clubul VOLTIN) intends to file an environmental project on the deadline of April the 1st. The project will run during July 2011-May 2012 (9 / 10 months)

Volunteers' features: - strongly motivated to do volunteering during their EVS service, including in rural arrea - motivated to learn Romanian to render effective their activities EVS - have the willingness to change, adapt and work in multicultural environment - be competent in using management of online media (website, social platforme) - be competent in using technology and minimal processing programs Photo / Video - have the willingness to share their previous experience in volunteering.

You can see informations about the project in the attached document.
Young people interested are invited to send CV and ML at the address until 28.02.2011. The selection process will run between 01.03-10.03. Only those selected will be contacted to determine next steps.
We expect the applications and we are open to cooperation with new partners Team VOLTIN

Tel./fax: +40239612074


Polonya 2011 - 01

POLONYA’da Uzun Dönem AGH Projesi Gönüllüler Arıyor…

We are looking for volunteer for long term EVS (September 2011 - January 2012) in Toruń/Poland.

The tasks of the volunteer's include:
  1. Organizing activities for youth (15-25) to encourage them to be active (sport, film activities etc. - depands on volunteer),
  2. Organizing culture animations for youth (15-25),
  3. Information and promoting activities about EVS and Youth in Action Programme among youth and for unemployed in various places,
  4. Helping in organizing international cooperation.
The youth involved in this project is mostly youth with less life possibilities (they have economic, social and school problems).
The best if candidate is pedagogue (pedagogic education) or social worker.

Skype: ohp.torun