24 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

Polonya 2011 - 01

POLONYA’da Uzun Dönem AGH Projesi Gönüllüler Arıyor…

We are looking for volunteer for long term EVS (September 2011 - January 2012) in Toruń/Poland.

The tasks of the volunteer's include:
  1. Organizing activities for youth (15-25) to encourage them to be active (sport, film activities etc. - depands on volunteer),
  2. Organizing culture animations for youth (15-25),
  3. Information and promoting activities about EVS and Youth in Action Programme among youth and for unemployed in various places,
  4. Helping in organizing international cooperation.
The youth involved in this project is mostly youth with less life possibilities (they have economic, social and school problems).
The best if candidate is pedagogue (pedagogic education) or social worker.

Skype: ohp.torun

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