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LETONYA 2012-08

Contact person: Linda Vanaga

Coordinating organisation:Youth open centre JACis

Host:Youth open centre "JACis": http://www.jacis.lv

Location: Rēzekne, Latvia

Deadline: 13/04/2012

Start: 01/09/2012

End: 31/08/2013

Youth open centre "JACis" (www.jacis.lv) is looking for 2 volunteers for next deadline 1 of May,2012. The project will start in 1 of September, 2012 and long for 10-12 months. You can read more about the centre there: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=50000195727


The role of the volunteer, with the support of the organization, will be the integration in the project and in the community bringing new ideas and giving us a view about his own culture. The volunteer will be a part of the team and will participate in stuff meetings. The volunteer will prepare and help the staff of the organization doing educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities to the children/youngsters. Volunteer will have a possibility to adapt himself in rural area, to learn new social competences and how to work in the team. Volunteer will also have the opportunity to develop his/her own activities and realize new ideas. The stuff of the organization will provide all necessary help (materials, methods, etc.), but the volunteer must be autonomous to think and to prepare activities. There is the possibility to prepare activities related to themes like citizenship, European Union and Youth Programme to demonstrate to the youngsters in the Youth open centre and in the schools of the city. We are always open to new ideas and new practices as they can be used to our work in future.


We are looking for volunteers who is interested in the target group (children/ youth) and in the development of activities in animation (culture, art, expression, sport activities, leisure time activities, etc.) As we work lot with children from poor/disadvantaged families and anti-social families, volunteer should be open minded and able to face difficulties in the work. The volunteer should be at least 18 years old, given the fact that he/she will take part in working with under-18 years. The volunteers are chosen by the CV and the motivation letter, the experience of work with children and young people is always a good point for us. There are not any discrimination in sex, religion or race.


Volunteers need to send us CV and motivation letter until 13 of April to e-mail: jacislv@gmail.com. Then we will look through all applications and will contact all applicants by e-mail until 18 of April


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Cc: Ali Can Alkan
Subject: AVUSTURYA'da AGH Projesi

Contact person: Christine Gantner

Coordinating organisation:LOGO EUINFO

Host:Verein EP, 2012-AT-6: http://www.vereinep.at/

Location: Graz, Austria

Deadline: 10/04/2012

Start: 01/08/2012

End: 31/03/2013

VereinEP is a young organization which aims to contribute to the development of our society and its systemic structures through educational projects and development programs in various contexts. We defined 5 areas of focus which are “Health and Social Action”, “Ecology and Sustainability”, “Business, Law and Economy”, “Art and Creativity” and “Education and Society”. In these fields we try to engage through innovative and especially action-based approaches. EP stands in English for EvolvingPotentials and EmergingPerspectives, thus giving an idea about the conceptual idea behind the development of our projects and programs.
Our priority target group are young unemployed adolescents aged up to 25 years. The general formulation of our target group characterizes like the following definition: We want to work with people with potential, who can be young and old, small and big, experienced and inexperienced, educated and uneducated, in the system out of the system, in school and in the business world, but who have the definite idea to change society for the better.
We develop and conduct projects for unemployed youth. Our programs range from 4 to 5 months; with a capacity of 12 learners each term.
Our staff mainly consists of young people from 25 to 35 with academic degrees (e.g. business, law, pedagogy) and various backgrounds in personal development, training and educational development.


The volunteer will get the chance to co-create the project-environment. He/she is going to work as learning buddy for our participants. He/she assists our participants when they do their individual exercises, their project work and their individual tasks. So the volunteer spends most of the time with the participants, also cooking and doing sports. In the projects which are developed with our participants for our community and the city the volunteer gives helping hands, assists and assures that the projects stay on track. The idea is, that the volunteer functions as a kind of mentor who get in close contact and jump into a more friendly relation than the normal coach and mentor role would allow. A central project that we are going to plan and organize will be a youth encounter/exchange, that in total is going to be planned by our participants and by volunteers. LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: The volunteer will learn a lot about learning itself: the role learning has in our society, how people learn and how they don’t, what people need for learning, what impedes and creates learning blockages, what contributes to positive and negative learning attitudes, how learning changes over one’s life time and how learning processes can be fostered. We will always reflect that with the volunteer’s experiences and work on his/her personal attitudes. In terms of hard skills you get a perfect inside into project management and self management.


Please send your application/CV and SPECIFIC letter of motivation until 10/04/2012 to the coordinating organisation LOGO jugendmanagement gmbh. EVS coordinator: Christine Gantner, christine.gantner@logo.at. Please express why you want to participate exactly in this project. Don’t forget to name the project number. Only applications with SPECIFIC letters of motivation will be considered. ONLY shortlisted candidates will be informed by 12/04/2012.


Due to the target goup the volunteer will work with wer prefer volunteers over 20 years. You should be able to communicate in English (or German ;-)). Volunteers who have a passion or a special interest (musci making, filming, designing, painting, etc.) are warmly welcome! It is very important that the volunteer is open-minded, outgoing, patient, friendly and communicative in the work with youngsters.


Bu projede şuan yer alan bir gönüllümüzde bulunmaktadır.

Gönüllü raporları arasında raporlarını inceleyebilirsiniz.

Kentro Diimerefsis Amea <ameapalea@doyk.gr>

Contact person: Ms Yota Arvaniti

Coordinating organisation:SCI Hellas

Host:KEKPA DIEK: http://www.kekpa.org

Location: VOLOS, Greece

Deadline: 12/04/2012

Start: 01/06/2012

End: 31/08/2012

The project aims at supporting the scientific staff of the hosting organization in the therapeutical, occupational, leisure and sports activities carried out during the day, also at participating in the evaluation and reprogramming of the different activities and objectives and last -but not least- at providing new ideas, undertake responsibilities, take initiatives or organize activities for groups/individuals based on the general philosophy of the organization. Every volunteer who is properly supported in his/her service undertakes a process of learning and personal improvement that is as valuable as the change that he/she brings in society.
Also, all candidate volunteers, have in mind that starting date of the programme is flexible (3-4 weeks).


Role of the volunteer Activities of the volunteers will greatly depend on their qualifications and/or experience in the field of mental health. This means that some may be able to take jobs of greater responsibility or where greater specialization is needed. However, speaking for both, they should be willing to work Monday to Friday five to seven hours a day. It is important to mention that they are not job-substituting and tasks are non profit making. Generally, the activities where volunteers will be taking part in are the following: 1. Patients social skills development (includes accompanying them in social excursion, walks, museum visits, etc) 2. Patients learning skills activities (assisting in the process of learning through creative art, theatre groups and game playing) 3. Kinetic activities for patients (assisting in sports and other kinetic activities like dance, gym, etc. 4. assisting the training process in the productive workshop of DOYK (a unit operating for the work reintegration of service users) 5. assisting in other organizational activities It is important to mention that we would like our volunteers to get involved in diversified activities and therefore ideally they will take part in all of the above. Nonetheless, activities of volunteers will be discussed with the volunteer in order to fit the two and give the volunteer the possibility to have an active role. After discussion and careful consideration a weekly timetable will be produced for each volunteer. The volunteers will be given four hours a week Greek lessons. They will have two days a week off and twenty days off for holidays (for a six month program). IAAA tutor will be in charge of their organization and for giving support to them when needed conceding any aspect of their project and their staying in Volos. We give great importance to the well being of our volunteers and accordingly, they will have the opportunity to talk with our psychologist at anytime. Also, the first week of their arrival there will be an introduction to our organization and subsequently in the town of Volos and the Pelion mountain. We do that to ensure that the volunteer can have an overall view of the place.


- Commitment to social action and the principles of volunteering.

- Capacity to work as a team member as well as independently.

- Interest in mental-health and (ideally) some experience/qualifications related to disability.

- Ability to communicate in english.

HOLLANDA 2012-01

Hollanda’da ve engellilerle ilgili bir proje.

Organisation:CodeX International

Location: Culemborg, Netherlands

Deadline: 06/04/2012

Start: 01/09/2012

End: 30/08/2013

Project Summary
Sustaining Cooperations in Youth Development is a European EVS project, which works towards Youth and Community Development. Within this theme of Development, the volunteer will get the opportunity in the frame of a collaboration of Code-x International and Tools4Change to have a multicultural experience and to work alongside Dutch volunteers, in an effort to learn from each other and to build strong development projects.

Description of the project environment
The volunteer would be presented the opprtunity to gain some experience thorughout assistance on various projects Tools4Change is working on. This might be in the form of assisting in the sheltered workshop but also with project assistance in the projects in development countries. We would like to have an international volunteer because he or she will increase our knowledge, understanding and potential partners within the region the volunteer comes from. The participation of the volunteer will increase the European awareness within our organisation by sharing opinions and ideas. The volunteer will add important value to the activities of Tools4Change, due to the new perspectives and opinions and cooperation in our project. The volunteer will get the possibility to contribute to the development of the policy and work of Tools4Change by contact making and cooperating with partners. The presence of the volunteer in Tools4Change will be very important since the knowledge and experience gained can be used in the home country of the volunteer.
The office is situated in the marvelous town of the Netherlands called Culemborg, which is in the so called green heart of Holland. The volunteer therefore would have the chance to experience the vividness of the country.

The project is going to involve contact with Dutch volunteers and the inhabitants of Culemborg, who are engaged to the activities of Tools4Change.
There will be Dutch lessons provided for the volunteer and the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice. The volunteer also learns more about the Dutch culture while working with internship students in the office, and will be able to practie his knowledge that he learned at the Dutch lessons.
It is also important that the volunteer should be tolerant and have the ability to work together in the same building with disabled people.


Some of your task include:• Establishing contacts and networks in the European youth field• Fundraising and PR activities• Helping in the process of collecting second hand material for refurbishment and redistribution to youth in developing countries• Assisting in community based activities, for youth• Extra activities based on field of interest Objectives of the project The project has a mutual objective , on the one hand it is dedicated to support the inclusion of disadvantaged people living in the area of Betuwe, so it has an effect on a local basis. On the other hand it helps to create long-term cooperation towards developing countries including the chance for potential volunteers to have a multicultural experience by participating.• For youth volunteers to fully integrate into a different culture and become more culturally sensitive.• For youth volunteers to engage in voluntary activities which match their personal or professional interest• To allow the youth volunteers to contribute to the development of deprived and excluded youth• To enable the volunteers to gain practical knowledge in the field of networking, fundraising and project management


We are looking for volunteers• with a keen interest in project development and program management• who are interested in youth and community development on a local and international level:• open minded, in basics self-independent, responsible and with a strong motivation for international youth work and intercultural communication; • capable to help in preparing international youth exchanges and activities;• motivated to learn Dutch in a short time


For further information please visit our website: www.toolsforchange.nl or facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Tools4Change Interested?!? Deadline for applying is the 6thof April so Contact Myeisha Benshemesh as soon as possible, at myeisha@code-x.nl


Themes: Equal opportunities, Social exclusion (in general), Media and communications

Targets: Youth and children, Disabled people, Unemployed

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POLONYA 2012-15

  • Contact person: anna swietanowska
  • Coordinating organisation:The Foundation of Social Integration Prom
  • Host:The Foundation of Social Integration: http://www.fundacjaprom.pl
  • Location: Wroclaw, Poland
  • Deadline: 10/04/2012
  • Start: 01/09/2012
  • End: 30/06/2013

  • “Jump onto the volunteer's ferry” group EVS project will be realized in Foundation of Social Integration Prom from Wroclaw, between 1st Sept 2012 and 31st July 2013.
    4 volunteers will work during 10 months (activity starts 01.09.2012 finish 30.06.2013). Main task of the project is equal opportunities and roma communities. Project is aimed at developing solidarity and promoting mutual understanding among young people. Volunteers will work in community centers for youth and children, including the one integrating for polish and Romani group, in You are not alone- a club for people with mental disorder and their families, sometimes in the office helping by ongoing project in the frame of Governmental Romani Programme. Four hours a week will be dedicated to polish lessons. Methods that will be used in the project (workshops, observations, exchange of ideas, cooperation process, group dynamics, multimedia presentations, integrational meetings) assume that volunteers will actively take part in every stage. Through participation in the project four young people will get acquainted with Polish culture and the Roma minority, will increase their interpersonal, intercultural and language skills, learn interesting ways to work with groups at risk of exclusion, increase self-reliance and responsibility through a confrontation with another culture.
    Our organization is located in Wrocław www.wroclaw.pl/ms/english/, www.wirtualnywroclaw.eu/ – a very open and cosmopolitan city for full of young people and students


Volunteers will be working in the Club for people with mental problems three times a week, in the morning. In the afternoon in different community centres for children and youngsters: one of which integrates Roma and Polish children and another is based in neighbourhood with various social problems. Sometimes they will be asked to work in the office helping by on going projects, especially those in frame of Governmental Programme for the Roma community in Poland. Proposed activities:- participation and help in the activities for children and persons with mental problems- participation and help in the activities for persons with mental problems- participation in educational projects organised by the foundation- helping in organization of important events exe. Christmas Eve with Prom Foundation.- preparation of volunteers´ own activities under the supervision of Prom’s educational workers- organisation of meetings with the representatives of other community centres and non-governmental organisations from Wroclaw promoting volunteering within the Roma Association -Romani Bacht.- meetings promoting volunteers’ cultural background- organisation of international meetings and conferences within Governmental Programme for the Roma community in Poland.- searching for potential partners interested in project with Roma communities, creating data bases,- searching for recent information about Roma communities in volunteers country- making contacts with foreign publishing houses willing to published pictures story about Romani History or other publications made by Foundation Prom.- helping by food distribution for Roma community and the poorest families from our beneficiaries.- organisation and participation in winter or summer holidays for children from community centres- promotion of the European Voluntarism within the young people from the community centres contributing to the increase of knowledge about different countries and their cultural tradition Volunteers will have a chance to observe different specialist at work: teachers, psychologists, dance teachers, language teachers, music therapy and art therapy teachers.


Volunteers profile: We would like to invite all the people to take part in the project who are:-interested in psychology, educational science studies, social work in a big city,- interested in Roma culture, history and current problems of Roma community,- creative,- optimistic, outgoing and honest,- flexible, friendly and helpful,- independent, with ability to show initiative,- responsible and trustworthy,- interested and experienced in work with children, youth, people with mental problems and minorities,- interested and experienced in working in NGO’s office, helping with international projects, Volunteers are not required to have qualifications necessary to work with children, young people or people with mental problems, but some experience in working with this group is essential. It will be great when they have also interesting skills and hobby: sport, painting, drawing, hand crafts, dancing, circus skills, playing instruments or singing – very popular with our beneficiaries. Good computer skills will help in work by the projects in the Foundation office.


Volunteers will be selected first through their CV’s with picture and Cover Letters. All the volunteers will be treated equally through the whole selection process. First round of interviews will be conducted by the recruiting team in the sending organisation and the second round in the host organisation. The final decision will be taken in the host organisation by community centres´ educational workers and management team. We would like to cooperate with Sending Organization which has similar objectives to ours.

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İSPANYA 2012-16

Contact person: Patricia Eguía
Organisation:Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de Tiempo Libre de Vallecas

Location: Madrid, Spain
Deadline: 25/03/2012
Start: 01/10/2012
End: 31/07/2013

Our project mainly consists of developing tasks in an association of Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de Vallecas and also helping out in Centro Europa Joven Madrid. “Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de Tiempo Libre de Vallecas” (Child and Youth Platform of Leisure Time Organisations of Vallecas) is a non profit organisation created by youth organisations whom work with children and young people with less opportunities from the neighbourhood of Vallecas. In total there are 22 associations in one of which our volunteers will be placed.Coordinadora is also in charge of the implementation and running of the Centro Europa Joven Madrid (European Youth Centre of Madrid).This centre tries to be a resource that puts Europe and its opportunities at disposal of young people in Madrid and provides information and assessment to young people in topics like European mobility, European institutions and run projects as EVS, Youth Exchanges and Seminars and Training or Languages Courses. During the first weeks the volunteers will be involved in a cultural adaptation time supposed to make their arrival and integration in the local community and in their tasks in the projects easier. The two first October weeks will take place this cultural adaptation. Before arriving, they will get a “Welcome Pack” containing all the documents and information to have a Basic knowledge about how to manage in Madrid, in order to make the first time in Madrid easier and helping them to get used to the city.After this adaptation period, begins the activity!First of all they will have an On-Arrival Training where all volunteers from Madrid meet and get the basic facts of being a European volunteer. After they will continue with Spanish lessons, what we intend to be intensive in the beginning and not so intensive when they know a bit more of the language. The Spanish lessons will be combined with the other daily activities of the centre.The main activity of the volunteers will be the collaboration in the educational activities in one association in Vallecas, and complementing this they will help in the European Centre Europa Joven Madrid.

TASKS IN ASSOCIATION OF COORDINADORA INFANTIL Y JUVENIL DE TIEMPO LIBRE DE VALLECAS For their tasks in the associations in Vallecas it’s important that the volunteers get to know the school system in Madrid, as well as the living conditions of the children and youngsters who participate in the out-of-school activities, like scholar support and free time activities. The district, the resources in Vallecas and above all, the methodology and philosophy of educators and volunteer’s work from the associations. Their tasks will be:- Helping in the leisure time activities with the association- Helping in their school support tasks.- Participating in weekend trips and summer camps. I t’s important to considerate that some of the associations work with children and youngsters in social risk and that the associations work with non-formal education with the children and youngsters, organizing activities with educational purposes though free time activities. The volunteers will have an active role in the team meetings, in the preparation of activities, planning, meeting with the educators and volunteers, and their opinions will also be considered. We would like that the volunteers takes initiative, brings their own ideas, plan and develop any activity in which they are interested and we will try to realize them if it’s possible. TASKS IN CENTRO EUROPA JOVEN MADRID The tasks of the volunteers will be:- Helping in the information sessions in EVS- Helping in the monthly newsletter of Centro Europa Joven Madrid.- Organising Conversation workshops. (Tandem.)- Helping with office work. But they will also have the opportunity to make their own suggestions and propose new ideas.

Please, read carefully all the information about our project, the activities, the dates, etc. If you are interested, please send us: 1. filled application form we are attaching, 2. your CV 3. and a specific motivation letter. 4. And do not forget to send us a photo. Send it before 25th of march to evs@asociaciones.org

ESTONYA 2012-07

Contact person: Kai Raku
Coordinating organisation:Estonian Special Youth Work Organisation
Host:UULU KULTUURI- JA SPORDIKESKUS: http://web.zone.ee/tank/tankist.html
Location: Uulu village, Estonia
Deadline: 25/03/2012
Start: 01/09/2012
End: 31/05/2013

The Culture and Sport Centre of Uulu (Uulu KSK) arranges culture and sport courses and hobby courses work in Tahkuranna paris. It also arranges free time of the peole who live in the paris and different events like Woman`s day, name day of Tahkuranna paris, christmas parties, children protect day, summer camps, younster`s diskos, concerts and so on. Uulu KSK also deals with youth work – open youth centre isi n the same house. There are 7 employees in Uulu KSK: direktor, youth work coordinator, youth worker, two administrators/cleaners and two skiing trainers. We mainly work with young peole. We have many hobby courses in the house that are ment for youngsters. But we also work with other target groups like elders, grown ups and others. Hobby courses in the culture and sport centre of Uulu (course, time and the number of participants):Hand-craft class (for children) – every Wednesday (~10-15 children)Dancing course (for children from age 4-6) – every Monday and Thursday (~10 kids)Gymnastic dance (for children from age 7 up to 12) – every Monday and Thursdayzumba trainings (mostly for grown ups) – every Tuesday and Friday (~20 people)belly dance (mostly for grown ups) – every Monday (~7 people)folk dancing „Ülejala“ (for grown ups) – every Monday and Wednesday (~15 people)sport`s course (for children) – every every Monday (~10 kids)judo (for children) – every Tuesday and Friday (~10 kids)skiing training for beginners – every Tuesday and Thursday (~10 kids)skiing training for advanced students – every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (~10 kids)acting course (for children) – every Thursday (~7 kids)dj course (for children) – three times a week (~7 kids)

We can offer the volunteer to work in a friendly and co-operative team. To work in a small community with youngsters and grownups with different backgrounds. Learn and practise Estonian and English. Be in a management team of different events and put himself to test by organising for example culture evening. Introduce his own culture and learn ours. The volunteer can use The Culture and Sport Centre`s gym in his free time for free. He can learn to work in a team and improve his leader, planning and organising skills. The volunteer has an opportunity to learn how to manage independently in a small community and in a strange culture. He can also help to get youngsters out of their homes and make them more active in the community by helping to organise and organising activities, events. The volunteer will mainly be in the organisation as an helper and partner of the youth work coordinator. Together they will communicate with youngsters in a youth centre and arrange events. The volunteer will also be as a representative of European voluntary service and his culture. Through that he will increase tolerance and understanding and through different activities he will encourage more local people and youngsters. The main task for the volunteer is to be and communicate with youngsters in a youth centre. Help youth worker in organising different events like for example youth centre`s birthday party, children protect day, meetings with other youth centre`s, Christmas party, training courses, treasure hunting, information days, Estonian traditional events and so on. Show initiative and organise something of his own. Also helping to organise other events of culture and sport centre and Tahkuranna parish. Help to arrange the work of different hobby courses – handycraft, acting, dj training, different instrument learning, disco dancing, gymnastics. The activities the volunteer could create in our organisation: trainings, seminars about different subjects, culture evenings, cooking traditional food, traditional events of his homeland teaching kids some skills, language or hobbies, different workshops or etc. Weekly plan: Monday – meeting – to discuss about weekly plans, problems or some intended activitis; being in a youth centre, communicating with kids, helping to organise some hobby course. Tuesday – being in a youth centre, communicating with kids, language course, helpi

We expect a volunteer who has good communication skills, is willing for co-operation and speaks well English in a communication level. He should know how to communicate with youngsters or eagered to learn how to. He should be prepared to live and work in a small village and to consider that the biggest city is about 20 km away. The volunteer will also probably live alone in an apartment. We also expect him to show initiative and bringing out his own ideas. He should also be responsible, trustful, kindhearted, cheerful, empathic person.

Please send CV (Europass) and motivation letter to: evs@erinoor.ee applications sent via youthnetworks will not be accepted.

İTALYA 2012-19

Dear all,

Tempo Libero is a sending and coordinating organization located in
Brescia, Northern Italy. They work in the framework of EVS since 1997.
For the deadline of the 1st of May 2012 they are looking for some EVS
volunteers, to be hosted in some host organizations located in the
province of Brescia (for a complete description of the activities you can
have a look on the online database -

1 volunteer, to be hosted in 2010-IT-191 Fondazione Santa Maria della Neve
(the activities will be carried out in a Home for elderly people located
in a small town called Pisogne, near the Lake of Iseo, 1 hour far from
Brescia). The activities will be from the 6th of September 2012 to the 6th
of June 2013 (duration: 9 months);

4 volunteers, to be hosted in 2010-IT-127 Cooperativa Cogess (the
activities will be carried out in a Home for people with disability
located in a small town called Idro, on the Lake of Idro, 1 hour far from
Brescia). The activities will be from the 6th of October 2012 to the 6th
of July 2013 (duration: 9 months);

3 volunteers, to be hosted in 2010-IT-123 Fondazione Angelo Passerini (the
activities will be carried out in a Home for elderly people located in a
small town called Nozza di Vestone, near the Lake of Garda, 1 hour far
from Brescia). The activities will be from the 7th of November 2012 to the
7th of August 2013 (duration: 9 months).

If you are interested in one activity, please ask your candidates to fill
in and send them by e-mail the application form you can find enclosed.
They need the last page by fax (0039 030 2808366).

They need also a specific (not general) motivation letter.

Deadline for applications and motivation letters is the 2nd of April 2012.

Tempo Libero's contact details are:

Mauro Guaschi
Skype Account: mguaschi.tempolibero

Tempo Libero Società Cooperativa Sociale – ONLUS
Via Spalto San Marco 37/bis
25121 Brescia (Italy)
tel +39 030 2808350
fax +39 030 280836
cel +39 3286513463

Punto Locale Eurodesk
Via S.Faustino 33/B
25122 Brescia
tel 030-3751480
fax 030-3777960
e-mail: it154@eurodesk.eu


Contact person: Petar Petrov
Coordinating organisation:Chudno
Host:Assiciation "Chudno": http://chudno.weebly.com/
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Deadline: 15/04/2012
Start: 18/08/2012
End: 06/10/2012

Project "Nobody knows" will take place in the fifth edition of Festival documentary "One New World" in Sofia, Bulgaria. "Nobody knows" will be short volunteer project lasting 7 weeks of activities. The main topic of the project will be: ways to increase public awareness on global, environmental, personal and social problems. Main objectives are: 1) Strengthen understanding between cultures and expansion of public awareness and critical attitude towards the problems of human and civil rights, 2) Enabling the public to join in discussions on the topics covered in documentaries .We are loking for four vlunteers.For contacts please use the following e-mail - evs@life-navigators.com

Some of the activities of the volunteers will be: - informational and technical activities during the festival, - logistical support, - supporting our website - creative ways to present the festival to the local community - creating fliers and posters for the festival - to make a short documentary for the 5th edition of the festival - facilitation of discussion after the screenings and others.

- creative mind - Interests in documentary movies - free way of thinking

We are looking for four volunteers. Please send us a CV and a motivation letter FOR OUR PROJECT. We need to know what your good qualities are and why you think that that you will be a good volunteer in our project. For contacts please use the following e-mail - evs@life-navigators.com

POLONYA 2012-13

Regional Union of Culture and Libraries in Krośnice - POLAND

(Gminny Zespół Kultury i Bibliotek w Krośnicach, 2010-PL-61)

We are looking for 2 EVS Volunteer for a long therm (6 months)
We want to apply for 1 May deadline.
We are looking for people:
- who like to work with children and youth!!! (70% of tasks)
(workshops, language lessons, games, events)
- who speaks English (very good A2 or B1 level)
- who speaks Polish (A1 it's enough) - optional !
- who want to visit Poland, make and experience something exciting, take part in local community life, meet new people
- who are interesting in organizing events (concerts, exhibitions, festivals, performances)

We are planning a start of the project in the August (start Volunteering in Poland beginning of August or September) and we will wait for YOUR
APPLICATION till 31 of March 2012!!!
In April every person who send to us application (questionnaire, European CV with picture and Motivation Letter) will receive answer with information about recruitment.

In attachment you can find general description about the project and questionnaire.

about any information ask:
Joanna Kołodziej (coordinator)
e-mail adres: projekty@cets.com.pl