16 Mart 2012 Cuma


Contact person: Petar Petrov
Coordinating organisation:Chudno
Host:Assiciation "Chudno": http://chudno.weebly.com/
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Deadline: 15/04/2012
Start: 18/08/2012
End: 06/10/2012

Project "Nobody knows" will take place in the fifth edition of Festival documentary "One New World" in Sofia, Bulgaria. "Nobody knows" will be short volunteer project lasting 7 weeks of activities. The main topic of the project will be: ways to increase public awareness on global, environmental, personal and social problems. Main objectives are: 1) Strengthen understanding between cultures and expansion of public awareness and critical attitude towards the problems of human and civil rights, 2) Enabling the public to join in discussions on the topics covered in documentaries .We are loking for four vlunteers.For contacts please use the following e-mail - evs@life-navigators.com

Some of the activities of the volunteers will be: - informational and technical activities during the festival, - logistical support, - supporting our website - creative ways to present the festival to the local community - creating fliers and posters for the festival - to make a short documentary for the 5th edition of the festival - facilitation of discussion after the screenings and others.

- creative mind - Interests in documentary movies - free way of thinking

We are looking for four volunteers. Please send us a CV and a motivation letter FOR OUR PROJECT. We need to know what your good qualities are and why you think that that you will be a good volunteer in our project. For contacts please use the following e-mail - evs@life-navigators.com

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