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Bu projede şuan yer alan bir gönüllümüzde bulunmaktadır.

Gönüllü raporları arasında raporlarını inceleyebilirsiniz.

Kentro Diimerefsis Amea <ameapalea@doyk.gr>

Contact person: Ms Yota Arvaniti

Coordinating organisation:SCI Hellas

Host:KEKPA DIEK: http://www.kekpa.org

Location: VOLOS, Greece

Deadline: 12/04/2012

Start: 01/06/2012

End: 31/08/2012

The project aims at supporting the scientific staff of the hosting organization in the therapeutical, occupational, leisure and sports activities carried out during the day, also at participating in the evaluation and reprogramming of the different activities and objectives and last -but not least- at providing new ideas, undertake responsibilities, take initiatives or organize activities for groups/individuals based on the general philosophy of the organization. Every volunteer who is properly supported in his/her service undertakes a process of learning and personal improvement that is as valuable as the change that he/she brings in society.
Also, all candidate volunteers, have in mind that starting date of the programme is flexible (3-4 weeks).


Role of the volunteer Activities of the volunteers will greatly depend on their qualifications and/or experience in the field of mental health. This means that some may be able to take jobs of greater responsibility or where greater specialization is needed. However, speaking for both, they should be willing to work Monday to Friday five to seven hours a day. It is important to mention that they are not job-substituting and tasks are non profit making. Generally, the activities where volunteers will be taking part in are the following: 1. Patients social skills development (includes accompanying them in social excursion, walks, museum visits, etc) 2. Patients learning skills activities (assisting in the process of learning through creative art, theatre groups and game playing) 3. Kinetic activities for patients (assisting in sports and other kinetic activities like dance, gym, etc. 4. assisting the training process in the productive workshop of DOYK (a unit operating for the work reintegration of service users) 5. assisting in other organizational activities It is important to mention that we would like our volunteers to get involved in diversified activities and therefore ideally they will take part in all of the above. Nonetheless, activities of volunteers will be discussed with the volunteer in order to fit the two and give the volunteer the possibility to have an active role. After discussion and careful consideration a weekly timetable will be produced for each volunteer. The volunteers will be given four hours a week Greek lessons. They will have two days a week off and twenty days off for holidays (for a six month program). IAAA tutor will be in charge of their organization and for giving support to them when needed conceding any aspect of their project and their staying in Volos. We give great importance to the well being of our volunteers and accordingly, they will have the opportunity to talk with our psychologist at anytime. Also, the first week of their arrival there will be an introduction to our organization and subsequently in the town of Volos and the Pelion mountain. We do that to ensure that the volunteer can have an overall view of the place.


- Commitment to social action and the principles of volunteering.

- Capacity to work as a team member as well as independently.

- Interest in mental-health and (ideally) some experience/qualifications related to disability.

- Ability to communicate in english.

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