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From: Bahadir Ulgen [mailto:bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 3:38 PM
To: genctur-evs-agh@yahoogroups.com
Cc: Ali Can Alkan
Subject: AVUSTURYA'da AGH Projesi

Contact person: Christine Gantner

Coordinating organisation:LOGO EUINFO

Host:Verein EP, 2012-AT-6: http://www.vereinep.at/

Location: Graz, Austria

Deadline: 10/04/2012

Start: 01/08/2012

End: 31/03/2013

VereinEP is a young organization which aims to contribute to the development of our society and its systemic structures through educational projects and development programs in various contexts. We defined 5 areas of focus which are “Health and Social Action”, “Ecology and Sustainability”, “Business, Law and Economy”, “Art and Creativity” and “Education and Society”. In these fields we try to engage through innovative and especially action-based approaches. EP stands in English for EvolvingPotentials and EmergingPerspectives, thus giving an idea about the conceptual idea behind the development of our projects and programs.
Our priority target group are young unemployed adolescents aged up to 25 years. The general formulation of our target group characterizes like the following definition: We want to work with people with potential, who can be young and old, small and big, experienced and inexperienced, educated and uneducated, in the system out of the system, in school and in the business world, but who have the definite idea to change society for the better.
We develop and conduct projects for unemployed youth. Our programs range from 4 to 5 months; with a capacity of 12 learners each term.
Our staff mainly consists of young people from 25 to 35 with academic degrees (e.g. business, law, pedagogy) and various backgrounds in personal development, training and educational development.


The volunteer will get the chance to co-create the project-environment. He/she is going to work as learning buddy for our participants. He/she assists our participants when they do their individual exercises, their project work and their individual tasks. So the volunteer spends most of the time with the participants, also cooking and doing sports. In the projects which are developed with our participants for our community and the city the volunteer gives helping hands, assists and assures that the projects stay on track. The idea is, that the volunteer functions as a kind of mentor who get in close contact and jump into a more friendly relation than the normal coach and mentor role would allow. A central project that we are going to plan and organize will be a youth encounter/exchange, that in total is going to be planned by our participants and by volunteers. LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: The volunteer will learn a lot about learning itself: the role learning has in our society, how people learn and how they don’t, what people need for learning, what impedes and creates learning blockages, what contributes to positive and negative learning attitudes, how learning changes over one’s life time and how learning processes can be fostered. We will always reflect that with the volunteer’s experiences and work on his/her personal attitudes. In terms of hard skills you get a perfect inside into project management and self management.


Please send your application/CV and SPECIFIC letter of motivation until 10/04/2012 to the coordinating organisation LOGO jugendmanagement gmbh. EVS coordinator: Christine Gantner, christine.gantner@logo.at. Please express why you want to participate exactly in this project. Don’t forget to name the project number. Only applications with SPECIFIC letters of motivation will be considered. ONLY shortlisted candidates will be informed by 12/04/2012.


Due to the target goup the volunteer will work with wer prefer volunteers over 20 years. You should be able to communicate in English (or German ;-)). Volunteers who have a passion or a special interest (musci making, filming, designing, painting, etc.) are warmly welcome! It is very important that the volunteer is open-minded, outgoing, patient, friendly and communicative in the work with youngsters.

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