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HOLLANDA 2012-01

Hollanda’da ve engellilerle ilgili bir proje.

Organisation:CodeX International

Location: Culemborg, Netherlands

Deadline: 06/04/2012

Start: 01/09/2012

End: 30/08/2013

Project Summary
Sustaining Cooperations in Youth Development is a European EVS project, which works towards Youth and Community Development. Within this theme of Development, the volunteer will get the opportunity in the frame of a collaboration of Code-x International and Tools4Change to have a multicultural experience and to work alongside Dutch volunteers, in an effort to learn from each other and to build strong development projects.

Description of the project environment
The volunteer would be presented the opprtunity to gain some experience thorughout assistance on various projects Tools4Change is working on. This might be in the form of assisting in the sheltered workshop but also with project assistance in the projects in development countries. We would like to have an international volunteer because he or she will increase our knowledge, understanding and potential partners within the region the volunteer comes from. The participation of the volunteer will increase the European awareness within our organisation by sharing opinions and ideas. The volunteer will add important value to the activities of Tools4Change, due to the new perspectives and opinions and cooperation in our project. The volunteer will get the possibility to contribute to the development of the policy and work of Tools4Change by contact making and cooperating with partners. The presence of the volunteer in Tools4Change will be very important since the knowledge and experience gained can be used in the home country of the volunteer.
The office is situated in the marvelous town of the Netherlands called Culemborg, which is in the so called green heart of Holland. The volunteer therefore would have the chance to experience the vividness of the country.

The project is going to involve contact with Dutch volunteers and the inhabitants of Culemborg, who are engaged to the activities of Tools4Change.
There will be Dutch lessons provided for the volunteer and the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice. The volunteer also learns more about the Dutch culture while working with internship students in the office, and will be able to practie his knowledge that he learned at the Dutch lessons.
It is also important that the volunteer should be tolerant and have the ability to work together in the same building with disabled people.


Some of your task include:• Establishing contacts and networks in the European youth field• Fundraising and PR activities• Helping in the process of collecting second hand material for refurbishment and redistribution to youth in developing countries• Assisting in community based activities, for youth• Extra activities based on field of interest Objectives of the project The project has a mutual objective , on the one hand it is dedicated to support the inclusion of disadvantaged people living in the area of Betuwe, so it has an effect on a local basis. On the other hand it helps to create long-term cooperation towards developing countries including the chance for potential volunteers to have a multicultural experience by participating.• For youth volunteers to fully integrate into a different culture and become more culturally sensitive.• For youth volunteers to engage in voluntary activities which match their personal or professional interest• To allow the youth volunteers to contribute to the development of deprived and excluded youth• To enable the volunteers to gain practical knowledge in the field of networking, fundraising and project management


We are looking for volunteers• with a keen interest in project development and program management• who are interested in youth and community development on a local and international level:• open minded, in basics self-independent, responsible and with a strong motivation for international youth work and intercultural communication; • capable to help in preparing international youth exchanges and activities;• motivated to learn Dutch in a short time


For further information please visit our website: www.toolsforchange.nl or facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Tools4Change Interested?!? Deadline for applying is the 6thof April so Contact Myeisha Benshemesh as soon as possible, at myeisha@code-x.nl


Themes: Equal opportunities, Social exclusion (in general), Media and communications

Targets: Youth and children, Disabled people, Unemployed

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