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ESTONYA 2012-07

Contact person: Kai Raku
Coordinating organisation:Estonian Special Youth Work Organisation
Host:UULU KULTUURI- JA SPORDIKESKUS: http://web.zone.ee/tank/tankist.html
Location: Uulu village, Estonia
Deadline: 25/03/2012
Start: 01/09/2012
End: 31/05/2013

The Culture and Sport Centre of Uulu (Uulu KSK) arranges culture and sport courses and hobby courses work in Tahkuranna paris. It also arranges free time of the peole who live in the paris and different events like Woman`s day, name day of Tahkuranna paris, christmas parties, children protect day, summer camps, younster`s diskos, concerts and so on. Uulu KSK also deals with youth work – open youth centre isi n the same house. There are 7 employees in Uulu KSK: direktor, youth work coordinator, youth worker, two administrators/cleaners and two skiing trainers. We mainly work with young peole. We have many hobby courses in the house that are ment for youngsters. But we also work with other target groups like elders, grown ups and others. Hobby courses in the culture and sport centre of Uulu (course, time and the number of participants):Hand-craft class (for children) – every Wednesday (~10-15 children)Dancing course (for children from age 4-6) – every Monday and Thursday (~10 kids)Gymnastic dance (for children from age 7 up to 12) – every Monday and Thursdayzumba trainings (mostly for grown ups) – every Tuesday and Friday (~20 people)belly dance (mostly for grown ups) – every Monday (~7 people)folk dancing „Ülejala“ (for grown ups) – every Monday and Wednesday (~15 people)sport`s course (for children) – every every Monday (~10 kids)judo (for children) – every Tuesday and Friday (~10 kids)skiing training for beginners – every Tuesday and Thursday (~10 kids)skiing training for advanced students – every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (~10 kids)acting course (for children) – every Thursday (~7 kids)dj course (for children) – three times a week (~7 kids)

We can offer the volunteer to work in a friendly and co-operative team. To work in a small community with youngsters and grownups with different backgrounds. Learn and practise Estonian and English. Be in a management team of different events and put himself to test by organising for example culture evening. Introduce his own culture and learn ours. The volunteer can use The Culture and Sport Centre`s gym in his free time for free. He can learn to work in a team and improve his leader, planning and organising skills. The volunteer has an opportunity to learn how to manage independently in a small community and in a strange culture. He can also help to get youngsters out of their homes and make them more active in the community by helping to organise and organising activities, events. The volunteer will mainly be in the organisation as an helper and partner of the youth work coordinator. Together they will communicate with youngsters in a youth centre and arrange events. The volunteer will also be as a representative of European voluntary service and his culture. Through that he will increase tolerance and understanding and through different activities he will encourage more local people and youngsters. The main task for the volunteer is to be and communicate with youngsters in a youth centre. Help youth worker in organising different events like for example youth centre`s birthday party, children protect day, meetings with other youth centre`s, Christmas party, training courses, treasure hunting, information days, Estonian traditional events and so on. Show initiative and organise something of his own. Also helping to organise other events of culture and sport centre and Tahkuranna parish. Help to arrange the work of different hobby courses – handycraft, acting, dj training, different instrument learning, disco dancing, gymnastics. The activities the volunteer could create in our organisation: trainings, seminars about different subjects, culture evenings, cooking traditional food, traditional events of his homeland teaching kids some skills, language or hobbies, different workshops or etc. Weekly plan: Monday – meeting – to discuss about weekly plans, problems or some intended activitis; being in a youth centre, communicating with kids, helping to organise some hobby course. Tuesday – being in a youth centre, communicating with kids, language course, helpi

We expect a volunteer who has good communication skills, is willing for co-operation and speaks well English in a communication level. He should know how to communicate with youngsters or eagered to learn how to. He should be prepared to live and work in a small village and to consider that the biggest city is about 20 km away. The volunteer will also probably live alone in an apartment. We also expect him to show initiative and bringing out his own ideas. He should also be responsible, trustful, kindhearted, cheerful, empathic person.

Please send CV (Europass) and motivation letter to: evs@erinoor.ee applications sent via youthnetworks will not be accepted.

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