24 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

LETONYA 2011 - 06

Contact person: Jana
Organisation: youth initiative centre BuMs
Location: Ranka, Gulbene district, Latvia
Deadline: 27/10/2011
Start: 01/04/2012
End: 31/03/2013
Organizing activities for local youngsters from small countryside village.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers: We are offering space for activities and resources to implement volunteers ideas and responsiveness from local youngsters. We are expecting that volunteer will be equal to our youngsters in activities, which includes taking part in planning activities, organizing activities, sharing experience between host youth initiative centre and EVS volunteers in non-formal education. We expect that volunteer would teach his native language to local youngsters, organize workshops about youth culture differences between countries, sports activities, theater, multimedia etc. There are different needs for youngsters that comes to „B.u.M.s”, some of them come when they have free time, some of them only when they have any problem. Most active and busy days are weekends and holidays, when youngsters don't have to go to school. Most active visitors during holidays are students from high school and university. In youth center there are regular movie evenings, discussions, gymnastics and multimedia group meetings. Youth center has been used as place for events and as a place where other projects can be advertised. Most active youngsters that take part in YC activities has been to exchange programms, took a part in local or regional measures. Volunteer will live in 3-roomed flat 5 minutes ride on bus from youth center "B.u.M.s.". Flat is under construction at the moment.Flat will be equipped with the basic stuff what is needed for volunteer

Motivation and readiness to live in a small village.

The volunteer or sending organization send us volunteer's CV and motivation letter to e-mail bums@gulbene.lv (Ms. Jana Keibeniece). Then we will send a questionary to fill (volunteer together with sending orgnization).

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