9 Ağustos 2011 Salı

YUNANİSTAN 2011 - 05

Merhaba Grup,

1 Haziran döneminde onay alan Yunanistan’daki AGH projesine gönüllü arıyorum.
Proje 1 Ekimde başlayacak ve 6 ay sürecek.

Projede yer almak istiyorsanız. 15 AĞUSTOS 2011 – Pazartesi gününe kadar hemen bana CV ve ML (fotoğraflı) gönderiniz!

Bol Şans!

Projenin detayları:

Project Title: Open Horizons
D.O.Y.K : K.E.K.P.A – D.I.E.K

NAME: K.E.K.P.A-D.I.E.K Welfare Institution For Social Protection and
Solidarity – Municipal Institution for Vocational Training

Project details:
Tasks of volunteer: Volunteers will work for:
1. Become familiar with all the aims and objectives of the organization.
2. To support the scientific staff in the therapeutical, occupational, leisure and sports activities carried out during the day
3. To participate in the evaluation and reprogramming of the different activities, objectives and aims.
4. To participate in the activities carried outside the Centre (visits, sports events, camps, conferences, excursions).
5. Help in some of the extra activity of the centre together with the other volunteers, if needed.
6. Provide new ideas, undertake responsibilities, take initiatives, organize activities for groups or individuals based on the general philosophy of the organization.

Working hours and days off:
Volunteers will work from Monday to Friday for a maximum of 35 hours (5 hours per day). Saturday and Sunday are free but in case of extra activities organized by the Centre during the weekend, volunteers will take “day off” on the base of an agreement with the Centre. Volunteers have the right to have vacations on summer, either July or August for 20 days.

Food and Accommodation:
The volunteer will live in an apartment with other volunteers, with all the needed and the facilities.. The food is provided by the hosting organization based on food lists prepared by the volunteers themselves. Volunteers are responsible to clean regularly the house, take care of every furniture, equipment, material provided, prepare and eat alltogether food.

Local Transport:
The Organization’s bus transfer the volunteers to and from their working place. Also a bicycle is provided by Κ.Ε.Κ.Π.Α.-D.Ι.Ε.Κ. . In case that the volunteers have to transport by public transportation, for the need of the organization, they will be provided with tickets.

Volunteer Allowance:
The volunteer will receive a monthly (at the end of each month) allowance of 95 €

Language training:
The Hosting organization is responsible to provide the volunteers with Greek lessons for 4 hours per week, as well as with all the learning facilities required.

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