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YUNANİSTAN 2001 - 06

Merhaba Grup,

Komşu ülke Yunanistan’da yeni bir proje daha bu 6 aylık projede yer almak istiyorsanız. Hemen 20 Ağustos tarihine kadar bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com mail adresine CV ve ML, Yunanistan Projeleri karışmaması adına “Yunanistan – Anima” başlığıyla gönderiniz.

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Bol şans!

Dear all,
ELIX – Conservation Volunteers Greece is going to apply for 2 EVS positions at 1st September’s deadline!

The project code is 2009-GR-21 hosted by the Hellenic Wildlife Care Association / ANIMA.

Duration 6 months (starting date 1st of February 2012 – ending date 1st of August 2012).

We are looking for motivated volunteers who would love to work every day with wounded wild animals most of them wild birds (cleaning of their boxes, feeding them etc). They don’t need to have previous experience but just be willing to do this work and not be allergic to animals.

Activity Dates:
Begin: 01/02/2012 End: 01/08/2012

Duration: 6 months

Co-ordinating organisation: ELIX-Conservation Volunteers Greece
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization, promoting, since 1987, voluntary service and education. Main goal is the personal development of individuals as citizens of the world, through active participation. Environmental protection, cultural heritage conservation, culture promotion and social service are the main thematic fields of voluntary projects.
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG aims in bringing together people from different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds, willing to live, learn and work together as a team, through their participation in voluntary projects of enovironmental, cultural, social interest. Projects promote intercultural exchanges and offer young people the opportunity to participate actively in the every day life of a hosting community.
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG organizes two or three weeks' workcamps mainly in the summer; participants learn traditional restoration craft and techniques, offer voluntary work to the hosting community, organise and participate in cultural and fun activities, share ideas and cultures. Workcamps give to communities and small villages of Greece the opportunity to meet and host young people from all over the world and, with their contribution, to implement important projects for the local community.
ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG organises training seminars for youth workers and campleaders and a lot of activities addressed to volunteers, throughout the year, such as weekend and one-day excursions, environmental, cultural and fun activities, regular volunteers' meetings.
Finally, ELIX- Conservation Volunteers Greece CVG. realises at present two hosting projects within the frame of the European Voluntary Service of the Youth in Action Program and each year sends a considerable number of EVS volunteers abroad.
ELIX is a member of the international network “Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations", the “Pan Hellenic Network of Ecological Organisations” and the “Volunteerism and Environment” Network.

Host Project: ANIMA-Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife
The Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife, ANIMA, was founded in September, 2005. Its main activity is the protection of wild life and in general the protection of natural environment and biotopes. Among the main goals of the organization is the awareness raising of the public on the threats and problems that the wild life faces, the popularization of the relevant scientific knowledge, as well as the environmental education. One of the main priorities of the association is the growing of active participation, the enhancement of volunteering and in general the cooperation and solidarity spirit. It will be for 6 months with the participation of 2 volunteers, starting from 1st of February 2012 in the municipality of Kallithea in Athens, where the First Aid Station for wild animals of the association is based. The programme and the activities will go along with the goals and the action of the association. The volunteers will support the every day work of the scientific staff, mainly the taking care of the animals as well as the general function of the association. They will also have the chance to actively get involved with the educational projects the association realizes.

Project details:

Work description:
The general workplace will be in Athens in the centre of the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife - ANIMA (unless the volunteer participates in activities outside the centre). The volunteer will help in the everyday life of the Centre, by being involved actively in all the activities for the protection of wildlife. The volunteer will clean and change the mats of all the animals that are hosted in the centre and prepare their food. She/He will cooperate with the nurse in charge in order to provide the necessary medication and first aid to newcomer-animals. She/He will accompany, together with the nurse, the animals to the vet for surgery or for x-ray examination. She/He will also assist to the general cleaning and arrangement of the centre (office and first aid centre). Generally, she/he will be an important support for the staff that needs a lot of help to provide first aid to harmed animals. At the beginning of the voluntary service the volunteer will receive the basic training in order to learn how to provide the basic first aid help and also how to feed the animals. She/He will not be exposed to any danger and she/he will be aware of any precaution that must be followed. One more creative activity within the frame of this project might be the information and sensitization of the local community and people in general, concerning the relevant issues as well as the development and updating of the website of the Centre and networking with other institutions and organizations.

Main tasks of volunteer: Volunteers will
1. assist to the general cleaning and arrangement of the centre
2. provide the necessary medication and first aid to newcomer-animals
3. clean and change the mats of all the animals that are hosted in the centre
4. prepare the food of the animals that are hosted in the centre
5. assist animal liberation activities back to the nature

Working hours and days off:
Volunteers will work 5 days per week for a maximum of 35 hours, which means regularly from 09.00 – 15.00. As the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife – ANIMA works as a “hospital” for injured wild animals it is open 7 days per week as well as on National Holidays. Thus the volunteers will have to work sometimes during the weekend or on National Holidays. In that case they will take day off in return. Volunteers will receive 2 days off as vacation every month. Their days off can be taken on the base of an agreement with ANIMA. Additional vacation can be granted on the base of their needs, in Christmas and Easter holiday and for personal reasons if promptly planned with the mentors of the hosting organization.

Food and Accommodation:
ELIX rents a flat in Athens where the volunteers are staying. The volunteer will be able to cook for her/himself in a fully equipped kitchen. He/She will receive the monthly food allowance.

Local Transport: a monthly card for public transport will be provided

Volunteer Allowance: the volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of €95

Language training:
Greek lessons will be arranged for the volunteer.

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