14 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

İSPANYA 2011 - 06

Başvuru mail adresi:
• secretaria@escuelaartaban.es

• Contact person: Eva Ramon
• Coordinating organisation: Escuela Artabán
• Host: Escuela Artabán: http://www.escuelaartaban.es
• Location: Galapagar (Madrid), Spain
• Deadline: 26/08/2011
• Start: 01/12/2011
• End: 25/06/2012

Escuela Libre Artabán is based on the common educational work of teachers and families. Artistic activities are very important in the Waldorf education, as it is the base for understanding and communication. Eurithmics, colour expression,... are key tools in our curriculum. The integration of children with disabilities or special educational needs is based on the development of their artistic skills and their active participation in the school activities. Taking care of the environment is another important feature, as it will provide us health and better resources. Thus, working with ecological or recycled material is very important, as well as saving energy and responsible purchasing.
Educational tasks will be complemented with activities open to families and people concerned, based on Waldorf pedagogy, as well as on training current topics regarding family life, growing and personal growth.
Currently, the school community is formed by 60 children and their families. The children are between 6 and 11 years old (1st to 5th primary years). There are some children in curative education, as part of our special education programme.
This project is a chance for learning the main ideas of the Waldorf pedagogy, expecially of the curative pedagogy. The relations of all parts involved and daily activity with the children will privide rich, deep learning regarding nature, knowledge, art communication (music, painting and dancing). Their participation in the organisation's activities is also interesting: talks, discussions, cultural visits,... Volunteers can improve their Spanish language skills and any other academic discipline they want to practice with us and will receive from us all needed information to do so. We hope these are all personal growth and learning opportunities (new points of view, EU awareness, globality, mobility). Volunteers will collaborate with the teachers with the daily tasks in the classrooms. They will support, there will be no job substitution. Thus, they can participate in specific periods of daily work: i.e., language classes (English or German), period classes, collaborating organising games, reading poems, revising songs,... Artistic activities, free work, eurithmics,... Children, teachers and families are involved in the work done at school. This includes order of classrooms, premises and taking care of the garden. Their main task will be to promote participation of children and be an example of an enriching reality from another end of the EU. The participative management of the school will enable them to provide ideas and be part of our project to create a free, open and integrating school. Time of participation: from 8:30 to 16:00, from Monday to Friday, during the school year. Specific time-table will be established when organising school life.

It would be better to count with people who know or are interested in the Waldorf pedagogy or Rudolf Steiner's education Working or with experience or interest working with children, especially with disabilities or special educational needs. Communicative, open and flexible people. Responsible, participative people. People who like working with children or interested in education. Artistic skills of candidates will be especially assessed. We have English and German teachers, so basic knowledge of Spanish is enough, though a lot of interest to learn is necessary.

Recruitment: using cv (European model, preferably) and, if possible, interview through Skype or other electronic media. Knowlege of Waldorf pedagogy and how it, or interest for it, was acquired should be specified in the cv.

Themes: Art and culture, Equal opportunities
Targets: Youth and children, Disabled people

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