9 Eylül 2011 Cuma

ROMANYA 2011 - 09

Contact person: Ioana JOCA
Coordinating organisation: JJ FILMS CULTURE
Host: JJ FILMS & CULTURE: http://www.jjfilms.org
Location: The Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Deadline: 09/10/2011
Start: 06/05/2012
End: 06/07/2012

The project aims to help reconstruct a small part of the genuine Transylvanian village situated in the Apuseni Mountains (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apuseni_Mountains).
It would do so by restoring or / and preserving a few buildings that are left to ruin in the remote but striking beautiful Apuseni Mountains. The project has 2 purposes: the first one is to offer the international EVS volunteers the chance to discover and live in the authentic Romanian (Transylvanian) village not only by restoring the buildings, but also being part of the local community. The second purpose is to help the Romanian village be saved (the project will also attempt to help the local community by constructing an Internet site with the works conserved here).

The volunteer would mainly help restore these buildings which are: the water mill, the thatched cottage, the traditional wodden house etc. The volunteer could also be involved in helping the local community by taking pictures, stroles, writing a blog & presentations, and designing the Internet site of this project.

The volunteer could be from all around Europe. Because it is quite a specific project, it is preferable that the EVS volunteer has architectural background. They must speak English, be open to live in nature for about 2 months and be eager to discover the Transylvanian rural universe. Computer skills (web design / develop) are a plus. Last but not least, the EVS volunteer must have a sending organisation.

Based on CV and strong motivation letter.

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