28 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba

İTALYA 2011 - 11

Contact person: H Eda BAKIR
Coordinating organisation: Uildm Sezione Laziale
Host: Sezione Laziale della UILDM Onlus: http://www.uildmlazio.org
Location: Rome, Italy
Deadline: 10/10/2011
Start: 01/02/2012
End: 31/01/2013

An educational project that has been implemented in Rome among middle/high school students for 5 years with the help of Italian volunteers. It relies on two tools: an interactive exhibition and group meetings facilitated by volunteers. These together with different methodologies that help young people reflect on prejudices/stereotypes, promote empathy, without denying the differences/diversity, but supporting the rights of everyone. This year we want to take this project a step further by involving EVS volunteers to bring different points of view in the working group.

We intend to promote non-formal education by networking with educational institutions that will engage the whole educational context including students, school and family. The students are the direct target and school system, family and territory are the indirect targets.

General Objectives
Contribute to a process of social change in terms of individual differences, inclusion and protection of fundamental rights of all
Encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities and also those with family-related or relational problems
Educational Goals
Transform the "group" in order to make it a major resource for integration and learning
Raise awareness on barriers/facilitators in interpersonal relationships

Contents of the project
Identity and otherness, cultural frames, human rights, group dynamics, listening the needs of others, constructive management of differences and conflicts
We use two main tools: an interactive exhibition and group meetings
Interactive exhibition
The visitor experiences the role of active observer, sitting on wheelchair, s/he moves on architectural barriers relying on a guide that facilitates interaction with various types of images. An experience of being in someone else’s shoes, experiencing trust, listening life stories to encourage the change of perspective from an "external image" to the "identity" of a person.

Group meetings
It is based on active involvement of participants; facilitation to give each participant a chance to experiment and to stimulate discussion on the restructuring of concepts and experiences. We use role playing, simulations, storytelling, using the group as a tool and example of the dynamics that underlie our behaviors in relationships, trying to stimulate a positive approach towards others and promote conflict resolution

Co-management of contacts and relationships with schools and other organizations;  Transportation, setting up and dismantling of sets and materials of the exhibition;  Implementing, supporting, facilitating and mentoring of students during the visit of the exhibition;  Organising and implementing group meetings;  Supporting teachers for planning and implementation of tutoring, mentoring, cooperative learning activities;  Preparation of training materials for training sessions;  Preparation and distribution of promotional material for the project.

We are looking for two volunteers (one male and one female) who:  already speak Italian;  preferably have a degree or experience in educational, psychological or sociological studies;  value social inclusion and protection of rights of everyone;  are able to use Office programmes and internet;  are willing to work with people from different cultural experiences and backgrounds.

The initial selection will be based on: - CV; - motivation letter; - application form that you can find in library All the above mentioned documents should be sent to mida@uildmlazio.org by October 10th, 2011. After initial selection short listed candidates will be contacted by phone/Skype and final decision will be made.

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