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Outline the project environment for the suggested voluntary activities, including the local community where the project will take place (e.g. geographical, social and economical environment). If the host placement is located in a live-in community, please include the rules and conditions that apply also for the volunteer.
The organisation would propose again the two previous areas who has already hosted the past volunteers (those of the 1st Expression of Interest) that will be here described again and would propose two new areas that will be described after (3. CHILDREN AREA and 4. YOUTH POLICIES).

The territory of Cirié, far away from the touristic areas and in a rural context, offer fewer opportunities to the local youngsters for their socialisation and personal development. The idea of a youth center where young people could meet was born from the Youth Assembly of Cirié. The necessity to find a manager of the structure and the few economic resources, made decide to make a public call to give the management of the center called Taurus.
The project proposed by the cooperatives Stranaidea and Res won the call on August 2005 with the prevision of artistic activities connected to the music rooms (concerts, workshops and music courses) and other experience like photography, peinture, theater, movies, including also the potential of the internet point with seven computers for the organisation of courses of informatic.
After the works to rennovate the building, the center has been inaugurated on November 2006 and since its opening has became the reference place for the local youngsters, a space open from 2 pm to 2 am from Thuesday to Saturday to meet each others and implement their own initiatives.The programme of the events, more and more attractive and various, is able to attract group of different kind of youngsters that at Taurus learn to know each other without conflicts and to participate actively to keep the center alive and to make it grow, collaborating in the promotion and in the organisation of the events.
The city of Cirié (21 Km of distance from Torino and 18.178 inhabitants) is between the Valley of Corio and the Valley of Lanzo. Cirié is very well connected with the city of Torino with the train passing every thirty minutes and it's closed few kms from the airport of Caselle.
Many are the possibilities for alpinism and excursions, other then the practise of various sport in winter like in summer time: canoa and parapendio or the ski where the nature is the real protagonist. The cicleway of Stura of Lanzo and Banna connects many villages and it's long 45 Km, crossing countryside streets, public ways, natural parks and reserves.

Daily activities Center CASA DI ZENZERO the service, open in 2005 and situated in Torino, is for light mental disable adults and youngsters. The workshops organised are: restyling and sewing, graphic and computer, creation of products to favour the acquisition of abilities and the development of their autonomy.
Daily ativities center ARTEMISTA: the service, active since 1996 and situated in Torino, is for light mentally disable adults and youngsters.
Daily activities center EL DUENDE: In 1996 Stranaidea has started up this center for disable adults and youngsters in Torino. Since 2000 the center has been changed in a Social Therapeutical Center and since January 2006 it has been transformed into a Daily Training Center for disable people connecting handycraft activities with therapeutical ones.
Educational Rehabilitation Service OROBILOGIO: Stranaidea manage this service since 1991 in collaboration with the Municipality of Torino, Social care and assistance department, carrying out educational activities for mental and physical disable in two districts of the town, with the aim of improving their autonomy, inclusion and socialisation.

All the services for disable people are situated in Torino, the main town of the region of Piedmont, with 900.000 inhabitants, with a growing immigration from different countries. Surrounded by the Alps, the hills, acrossed by the rivers Po, Dora and Stura, it's famous for the Fiat industry of cars. Having been the first capital of Italy, there are many historical buildings and monuments, royal palaces in the center and in the surroundings, with a mixity of different styles of architecture like baroque and rennaissance. In these last years.

This sector of intervention is part of the area we dedicate to the underaged. The activities we do are addressed to children from 13 months to 6 years old and consist on the following servces:
Baby parking POLICINO: in 2004 Stranaidea started carrying out the project Equal "from Woman to Woman" inside the Politecnico di Torino (Turin Engineering University Studies), a service that supports the conciliation, mainly a feminine need, between familiar and work times. This service is just for workers of the Politecnico and its students, it is defined like an internal firm baby parking. It is used by children from 13 months to 6 years old and proposes different types of activities thought and conceived for the different ranges.
The local territory where the service is carried out is Turin as here is placed the Politecnico even if this is not a relevant element speaking about the territorial context of the people who use the service as Politecnico workers and students come from very different places, like Turin and provincial cities.
Project EXTRA-ORDINARY PARENT (CTP): the project represent one of the actions that support the family and the role of the parents in the relationship with their sons and the public and private Institutions. This support is meant to promote not only the relationship with the School and the other Institutions but also to let families improve their knowledge of the different public and private Instituions and of the services they can have and find in the territory. The project is part of the programme of interventions on extraEuropean immigration made by the Province of Turin.
The supporting service for parents is meant to students, the majority of them are extraEuropeans, who attend training courses at Centri Territoriali Permanenti - Parini and Gabelli - (Permanent Territorial Centers) to take their A-Levels in order to improve their social and work situation, and of course of their sons from 1 to 6 years old. The service offers the students the possibility to conciliate the times dedicated to family life and sons care with their need to attend training courses.
The two CTP are situated in two different areas of Turin (Aurora and Barriera di Milano Blocks) that present different problematic situations either for their social conditions and for the presence or non-presence of disadvantaged situations. These areas have a strong presence of extraEuropean people towards whom we put attention to develop and promote an intercultural dialogue, especially among Italian and foreign families, also with the collaboration with Immigrants Associations. The service will be done at Grammar School situated in Via Cecchi, near Porta Palazzo, an area where generally immigrants have a little knowledge of the Italian language.
Playroom workshops: Stranaidea carries out since 2000 recreational workshops in the Playroom of Settimo Municipality, situated just around Turin. They are done for children from 3 to 6 years old. The playroom offers every year lots of workshops among which those of our organisation that year after year proposes, following also the specific request of the Municipality of Settimo, the previous workshops or new ones.
Settimo territory does not have specific social difficulties and usually the Playroom is used by children from medium and high social context. Last year the Municipality proposed to let also disable children the participation to the workshops (giving reply to specific requests from social services) with the assistance of social workers. This possibility has been welcome with favour by all the organisations involved and regarding us has been put in practice with the presence in our workshops of a disable child.

The Youth Policies Area refers to all the projects and initiatives that Stranaidea manages in which young people are the main protagonists.
Local social work tables: Stranaidea has taken part from 1996 to local social work tables beeing part of a network of organisations, active with young people, whose purpose is to think and carry out projects of local development in specific problematic suburb areas of Turin where it has been planned a social and urban intervention on popular buildings. In these local social work tables we plan and carry out community events and initiatives for the inhabitants of hte areas and in particular for young people.
Artistic workshops and community, training and information activities: in the same difficult areas we plan and carry out artistic workshops (teatrical and expressive workshops) for young people in high schools and youth centers, we organise summer activities (for ex sports and expressive activities). We carry out training and information activities on specific issues on the Youth Programme especially on international exchanges after have finfing young participants to whom and together with propose and organise them.
The probleamatic areas we are refering to are situated in the 5th Circoscrizione of Turin, a suburb area where there is a strong social disadvantage situation and that is, for this reason, object of a social intervention by social services. The main problematics of this area are: an scanty relevance given to young people needs; the necessity of a concrete renouval and the creation of new opportunities for them to scoialise and integrate in the society. On this territory there are informal groups of pre-adolescents at risk and the lack of places of aggregation and where activities can be organised. Furthermore, in the last years the presence of nonEuropean inhabitants has been increasing more and more. In this area our intervention has been possible mainly through a Territorial Educational Intervention on Underaged Service we conducted for years. In these years we had the opportunity to create and consolidate strong relations with the different kind of realities that work on the same territory (schools, organisations working for the scholastic, social and educational sustain, on sport, cultural, expressive and recreational activities).
On the 4th Circoscrizione we still can work through the Territorial Educational Intervention on Underaged Service and this represents an opportunity for us to involve insuch activities the young EVS volunteers (their specific projects). This area is characterised by the 2 different situations: on one side, social problematic situations and on the other more well-off ones. The more relevant problems for youngsters concern the abandon of the school and a general getting of low professional qualifications that contribute to increase unemployment, the abuse of drugs and problematic familiar situations and for up-level social classes a strong loneliness from which emerges tha young people have difficult in their relationships and a incapacity to build positive relationships with their peers. Moreover, the few opportunities young people are also determined by the lack of recreational and cultural organisations. Finally, the presence of nonEuropean inhabitants has been increasing since 2002.
Social and community theatre: the Animazione Area of Stranaidea has been dedicating its energies to the planning and carrying out of social and community theatre experiences (theatrical workshops, community events, performances) using this type of theatre also as an educational way of intervention on young people either on the intervention on specific territories and on international exchanges.
The Social Theatre is a type of theatre that deals with the expression, the training and the interaction of persons, groups, communities through performance activities that include the different kind of theatrical gendres, the game, the party, the ritual, the sport, the dance, the cultural events. This form of theatre puts particular attention on the territorial context and its historical, urban, social and cultural aspects: for this reason it can be considered an intervention meant to move personal and social relationships and mainly it is mean to move relationships inside the community. The social theatre represents a social and community invention and action. It looks for the psychophysic wellbeing of the members of each community looking for communicative, expressive and relational practices able to create rituals and myths, places, times, bodies, independent and competing with the social system.
The territory of intervention is Torino but in case of specific projects it can also be elsewhere.
Europe: Stranaidea has started working with Youth in Action Programme in 2001 organising and taking part to its various actions like international exchanges, trainings, seminars and more recently working also with Action 2. We project and carry out actions financed also by other European Programmes like Lifelearning Programmes (we project with Grundtvig "learning partnership" and "workshops".
Relating those projects that involve young people, we propose and involve the youngsters of Turin either those with difficult social situations who come from the disadvantagedareas we work and those who come from other areas of the city and of nearby areas to Turin, like Cirié and other municipalities.
Youth centre TAURUS: see the descriprion previously made

" Describe what you can offer to volunteers in terms of service and learning opportunities.
" Please, explain what will be the role of EVS volunteers in the host organisation.
" Describe the activities in which the volunteers could be involved and the activities the volunteers could create in your organisation. Give examples of typical activities for the volunteers.

The volunteers hosted in Taurus center will have a role of co-participation in the initiatives carried out by the youngsters, trying to facilitate the creation and the implementation of their ideas, being like the bridge with the youth workers and the local ressources. The volunteers will have also a role of collaborators of the staff in the management of the events and the spaces of their interest: music rooms, internet point, concert and perfomances stage, skaters area, bar. Once they know the environment, the volunteers could propose and manage directly personal initiatives with the support of the staff or other youngsters, like for example fund raising events for volunteering local associations, meeting about Europe and the opportunities offered to young people, activities to show their own culture and country of origin to the youngsters. Consequencely, the learning opportunities for the volunteers are: project management, capacity to take initiative, relational competences, organisation of events, technical competences - depending on their interests - of computer, music instruments, light and audio technics, graphic, bar service, website updating (
www.iltaurus.com), digital photography, graffits, acting, singing, graffiti, video, theater, production of leaflets and spreading, etc. The volunteers will acquire also knowledge about youth policies and communication, learning to use different means and approaches through the young people, working strategically to inform and involve them. The idea is that the volunteers will contribute to the development of this new center facilitating the youth participation in the improvement of the activities that the staff expect to be proposed by the youngsters to implement them, creating positive relations with the local community and its resources. An example of activity could be - depending on the timetable chosen by the volunteers - in the afternoon (14.00 - 20.00) the management of the music rooms for the bands or of the internet point, hosting of the youngsters who arrive even if only to talk, technical support for the sound check, contacts with the bands for the evening concerts, staff meetings to organise the monthly programme, website updating, activities of promotion of the center. In the evening (20.00 - 02.00) the volunteers could support the staff in the relationship with the young people to know them, listening to them and stimulating them to implement new activities in Taurus, give technical support during the concerts, helping in the bar service being in contact with the public. The volunteers will face with the daily work of the center, from the hosting to the accompainment, structured in different answers adapted to each youngster who arrive. The volunteers could also stimulate the local youngsters make them closer to the volunteering values as an alternative way to live actively and to participate in the society. The project will be adapted to the attitudes and the profile of the volunteers who could discover a new place of friendship, respect, listening, knowledge, valorization, revelation to grow up their potential in a safe environment guaranted by the staff of the youth workers. The project aims to connect the local, national and international levels of the youth work throughout the incrementation of contacts, exchange of experience, trying to reinforce the added value of a strong relation between these different levels in the youth work.
The city of Cirié do not present particular risks or danger: it's not such a big town, it's a place where all the people knows each other, and this ensure a certain level of social control that makes feel protected and observed. The collaboration in the Taurus center will facilitate the knowledge and the confidence with the local community who will recognize the volunteers a positive role for the territory, like it happens to the staff, because they contribute to get the youngsters off the street and keep them away from the boredom.

Throughout the mean of socialisation, the volunteers can discover a different world rich of inputs, knowing the field of social care and showing their capacities to valorize. The projects proposal is to include volunteers in different educational services helping the cooperative to offer more opportunities of amusement and well - being to the persons we support. The general objectives of the project are: the knowledge of the social cooperation and health care sectors, the sharing of relational and educational experience, integration with the target group and the staff; theorical and practical training to know their capacities, the others and the environment; experiment and development of their competences; offer an active participation in the activities for disable people, to facilitate their social abilities and autonomy recover in a prospective for social inclusion. The volunteers will be trained to lead creative activities of animation and support valorizing the capacities of each one of the group in the different services for disables (youngsters and adults), for example: organise games, parties with the target of the service, collaborate with the staff in the leading of artistic and expression workshops (ceramics, painting, theater, music…) and in the scholastic support; accompaniment in excursions and visits in the museums, parks, cultural events and in the summer holidays organised by the services; presence in the moment of arrival and departure of the group between different activities; participation in the meetings of the staff, collaboration in the planning and the evaluation.
The specific kind of activity could change depending on the single context where the volunteers will be placed; the project preview that each volunteer could make the service in different centers and services of the cooperative, in a way to offer a huge experience of situations and richful of inputs. The services will be in a daily time during the week, from Monday to Friday. The Saturday only in exceptional cases agreed with the volunteer. The presence of the volunteers in different services can be in the morning or the afternnon depending to the specific service.

The volunteer will be involved in the planning and carry out of the activities and he/she will be trained in order to learn or develop his/her practical and theoretical skills on the children psicological and educational knowledge. He/she will experiment, supporting our professional workers, the different creative and relational stimulus we offer in the three centers where we work with children.
The activities we propose to the children depend on their different ages and needs (we have chikdren from 13 months to 6 years). Such activities and the learning opportunities for children are relative to the physical expression, socialization and creativity spheres (workshops may be on music-rythm, singing, reading-telling stories, theatre, English, junglerie, etc.) and let the volunteer to observe and learn also the children's characteristics and their progressive learning of abilities.
The volunteer will work during the day (morning or afternoon or with central work-time ) from Mondy to Friday.

Speaking about our presence in the local social work tables, the activities and learning opportunities we propose to the volunteer are the following:
" the participation and involving into the social work tables in specific occasions workin on the planning, carry out and verification of the network projects and actions for inhabitants of the areas we work for;
" organising and carry out of specific events like workshops, meetings, parties, etc. and if the volunteer wants to he/she can participate directly to these kind of events co-conducing them with us with an active role.
The activities and the actions are meant for all the inhabitants of the areas we make our intervention, children, adults, old people and mainly young people.
Speaking about artistic workshops and activities for aggregation, train and inform that we propose to the young people, the volunteer will participate and learn about the different kind of workshops and acitvities and to their planning and carry out as being a aprticipant, observator and if he/she has specific skills, also as co-leader.
Relating the activity of the social and community theatre, the volunteer will participate to the actions of the community either inside the theatrical experience (participation to the workshop, carry out and creation of performances) and inside the community one (meetings with the different realities involved) and, finally, to the ideativa ed organizzativa phase (projecting and carry out of events and events with the community).
The Europe Area offers the volunteer training and learning opportunities as he/she has the possibility to learn or increase his/her knowledge on Youth in Action Programme and other European Programmes and to know the opportunities these programmes offer. His/her contribution to this area has to be meant as being a direct witness, thanks to his/her presence, of his/her personal experience with his/jìher SVE and for us and the area we involve him/her this is very important to inform, involve and motivate the young Italian people who live in the various local territories to take part to the Programme and to give them the opportunity to be direct informed, as well as giving us another opportunity to give visibility to the Programme.
Another support to the activities we propose to young people, in particular in order to sustain, reinforce and implement the programming of the Youth Center Taurus and its events, consists on the support to the conceiving and carry out of new projects by the volunteer who will not volunteer in Taurus daily but just for specific projects as this service host other 2 volunteers specifically chosen for its general activities. He will co-operate at some Taurus projects as these share the same target and aims: young people and all we can offer them. Taurus is open to host the eventual imprenditoriale spirit and the initiatives the volunteer can propose
Fr the Youth Policies Area, the volunteer will practice practical skills (ideazione, projecting, progettazione, carry out, conduzione, ways of intervention, etc and to know also from a theorical point of view the sector of youth policies on the local territories of Turin and Cirié.
The volunteer will work mainly during the day (morning or afternoon or with central time) from Mondy to Friday and for special events also some evenings-nights (not later then 1 o'clock) or on Saturday and Sunday.
The general objectives for the volunteer are:
" to give him/her knowledge of the world of the social cooperation and of the sector dedicated to the care of people (Stranaidea's sector);
" to give him/her the ability to share with others relational and educational experiences;
" to facilitate his/her integration with the people we work for and with the other social workers;
" to give him/her a theorical and practical training in order tthey can know better themselves and their abilities, the others and the work context they work in;
" to offer him/her occasions to experiment and develop his/her skills;
" to host and involve him/her in a service in order to put him/her in the condition of giving an active and positive collaboration in the daily activities for all users - children, young people, adults, old people - and to think and carry out at least one, or even more, personal projects (such as workshops or activities).
View the variety of the possible activities and the youngsters attending to the services, it is important that the volunteer is an open-minded person, flexible and interested to develop youth participation, to take initiative adapting to the context trying to develop its potential. We ask the volunteer to be honest in the human relationships, serious during the project process, engagement and constance in the implementation of it in a constructive way.
To ensure an open and transparent recruitment process the organisation will spread the information about it through all the partners and on internet, taking into consideration all the candidatures received. The choice will be done in group together with the staff following the criteria of interests matching the project necessities, the motivations of the volunteer to do this experience and the availability for the period of the project, trying to know better the final candidates also by a phone interview to build a personalised project since the beguinning.
The cooperative wishes to collaborate with sending organisations that guarantee a certain level of quality in their work, able to facilitate the communication with the volunteer in the recruitment phase, making us know his/her profile and their point of view about the candidate in relation with our project.
Our priority is to collaborate with sending and hosting organisations with which we can establish medium and long term relationships for the sphere of activities and the areas in which they develop them. In this way we can offer the volunteers a coherent proposal of pre-departure training and continuity of the activities at their return after their volunteer experience.
the maximum number of volunteers we are able to host at the same time is 10.
The teams of the different services are formed by social workers with years of experience of work with youngsters with less opportunities, so the human resources to support the volunteers with special needs are guaranted in the place where the activities take place other than in general by the EVS referent of the cooperative who will facilitate their socialisation in the leisure time and their integration in the local community. A couple of workers are entrusted with the EVS reference; they collaborate having different characteristics: the former is an ex-volunteer with five years of experience in another organisation as tutor of EVS volunteers sent and hosted, with a relevant training in the field of no formal education and intercultural learning, the second one with a specific experience with disable people, experience as EVS mentor for the past two groups of volunteers hosted and the volunteers sent during the last year, and an experience with the managing of international exchanges. Both have good knowledge of English, French and Spanish.
The Cooperative will take care to offer an adeguate linguistic training adapted to the needs of the volunteers, with Italian courses organised by local associations and/or personal trainer recruited by us.
We guarantee an adeguate personal support to the special needs of the volunteers with human resources able to sustain them in all the phases of the project through a constant and daily presence and regular meeting to evaluate the learning process.
About the accommodation, the Cooperative takes care to offer an adeguate apartment, offering a safe and suitable accommodation, but the access to physical disable people is not guaranted, as the majority of the buildings are quite old and it is difficult to offer accessibility.
The referent of the project will take care about the supervision during all period of volunteering, with particular attention to the support of the motivation of the volunteers, stimulating their interest and involvement in the activities, taking care of the relation with the staff and the others volunteers.
A specific training will be offered in relation with the tasks for each volunteer in each service at the beginning, during regular meetings and about particular themes agreed during the process of the project.
The collaboration with the sending organisation since the phase of recruitment will permit a deep exchange of information, not only about the environment and the activities of the project, but also about the profile and the background of the volunteer, so that the project will be personalized as much as possible and the team will be ready to give an answer to his/her special needs. To explore eventual elements that could bring to a crise, in order to know them and try to manage them with a preventive approach, the EVS referent will ask the volunteer before the arrival and in the first days after it, on his/her general expectations about the project, his/her motivation to participate, the difficulties the volunteer thinks to face, his/her fears about this experience.
The referent of the project ensures an adeguate support of the volunteers as tutor in all the phases of the project, meeting them regularly for the supervision and help them to solve eventual problems or difficulties. The tutor will facilitate also their integration in the local community, will take care to stimulate them to discover the local life style and resources in the leisure time. In case of conflict the tutor will facilitate the resolution process functioning as negociator, facilitating the communication and the comprehension between the actors of the project.
At their arrival the volunteers will receive the emergency contact numbers and information of orienteering, security rules, possible dangers, local transports and will be identified the persons of reference in case of accident or urgent need.

Contact Point

Organisation: STRANAIDEA SCS
Postal code: 10148
Country: Italy

Phone: 011 384 15 31
Fax: 011 384 15 83
Contact: Mrs Lidia Greco

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