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İsveç 2011 - 01

İSVEÇ’teki AGH projesinde yer almak istiyorsanız...

Bu mail adresine başvuru için gerekli belgelerinizi gönderiniz. kommun@amal.se

Contact person: JanErik Lundin

Coordinating organisation: Municipality of Åmål Europa Direkt Fyrbodal

Host: Södra skolan: http://www.amal.se/page/26260/sodraskolan.htm

Location: Åmål, Sweden

Deadline: 01/05/2011

Start: 01/12/2011

End: 01/12/2012

Volunteers will work together at Södra Skolan to maintain a media centre at the school and to be responsible for physical activities for the children to get them more active in their everyday life. The volunteers will also actively work with helping the children which are lonely and isolated in order to try to prevent bullying at the school.

The volunteers will learn how a Swedish School works and they will learn about Swedish traditions and culture.

They get possibilities to practise both English and Swedish language.

The volunteers will learn how to work with children and independently carry out different activities.

They will also learn about how to cooperate with other adults. The contact person and the teachers at the School will have regularly evaluation meetings with the volunteers.


The volunteers will be extra resource in the school to improve a media centre with a small library, Internet and computers. They will also work with activities between the lessons, to create meaningful activities to prevent bullying, catch up the pupils with fewer opportunities and make the pupils more active, especially physical activities. This is the main content of the project that the EVS-volunteers will serve in. The volunteers will share their time between the media-project and the activities between lessons and be responsible to plan and carry out different activities together with the staff.


The volunteers get selected from their interest and personality suitable for the placement. We want persons interested in the specific area that they applied for. That means that volunteers applying for Södra skolan should have an interest in working with children. Another important criteria is their motivation to become volunteer in Sweden.


All the interested volunteers get information about our project and an application form sent to them by us, to fill in. A date is set for them to be ready with the application so we have the time to select the ones appropriate for our project. To make the selection as fair as possible a working group with persons from all the working placements is set up to decide which volunteers who fits in on our profile. The working group tries to select volunteers from different countries to prevent discrimination among the volunteers. We believe that if two people from the same country get together they will miss out a lot of things and maybe only speak in their language which could lead to a situation where the other volunteers feel left outside. It’s better if everyone is here on the same conditions.

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