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Bulgaristan VARNA’da Eylül’de başlayacak ve 10 ay sürecek projeye gönüllü aranıyor. (Cinsiyet önemli değil.)
Detayları aşağıda yer almaktadır. Ben bu proje de yer almak istiyorum diyorsanız, hemen bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com mail atınız… ;)

Role and tasks of the volunteer
The volunteer will be integrated into the team and work of Association FOR YOU like an equal team member, who supports the other members of staff in their daily work and can also work on self-organised, additional topics according to his interests.

Tasks of the volunteer will mainly be:
He will mainly support the staff members of Association FOR YOU in doing their daily work: organizing free time activities for children with mental disabilities as painting, modelling, playing,crafting, consultations for youngster with or without disabilities. Part of his work can be spending time with trainees or other youngsters coming to the organization, in order to improve their English language communication skills. According to his will he can participate in organizing cultural activities and events . He will have the possibility to learn how new projects are developed, how applications are made and projects are implemented, which is also an important part of Association FOR YOU’s work. Daily work in the office and attending the team meetings will be the volunteer’s tasks, too. If there will take place bigger events during his activity-time, he will also be involved in preparations, the event itself and its evaluation. Because of his cultural and language background he could also support Association FOR YOU by establishing new cooperation with European and non-European NGO and bring new ideas in the field of youth work. Another working possibility could be publishing interesting news from the youth and social field on the website of Association FOR YOU (in the English part of the website ). Self-organised projects and activities of the volunteer will be discussed and planned together with his and according to his interests as soon as he arrives.

Division of rights and responsibilities among promoters and volunteer

The hosting organization ensures that the volunteer attends the on-arrival training and midterm meeting, takes care about his accommodation and the language course and carries out administrative tasks. Furthermore the hosting organisation will take over all tasks linked to this role: personal support and mentoring by a tutor/mentor, professional guidance and support by experienced staff members, integration into the local community and the issue of the Youth-Pass-Certificate at the end of the activity. The hosting organisation will also take care about keeping the criteria of quality of the EVS-Charta, about making sure that the activity will be well-balanced between work and learning and that the volunteer will have different possibilities for further personal and social development.

The hosting (= applicant) organisation bears the financial and administrative responsibility for the entire project towards the National Agency, distributes the EVS grant between all involved partners according to the tasks and responsibilities formalised in this agreement.
The sending organization ensures the volunteer’s participation in the pre-departure training and the final evaluation after the activity, takes care for his insurance foreseen in the Youth in Action Programme and the organisation of his journey to Bulgaria and back to Iceland, keeps the contact to the volunteer and the hosting organisation during the activity, takes part in its evaluation and the distribution of the results of the project and provides the volunteer guidance after the EVS regarding re-integration into the home country and further education, training or employment opportunities.

During his EVS the volunteer will work up to 35 hours a week in the hosting organisation and will have the opportunity to attend a Bulgarian language course. This course is part of his working time and requires his willingness to gain at least basic knowledge of the Bulgarian language. If there will exceptionally be more work during the week, this time will of course be compensated with free-time. Weekends are free. The volunteer is entitled to have two days of holidays a month, which means altogether 20 days during his 10-month-EVS. Additionally he will be free from work for attending the on-arrival training and the mid-term meeting. He will receive his 65 € pocket money and 100 € for food monthly. He will also receive a monthly bus ticket. Accommodation will be a single room in an apartment , nearby the headquarter of the organization , where he will also have a kitchen and a bath-room. If he has questions or problems he will always have the possibility to get support and guidance from Association FOR YOU’s staff members or his tutor/mentor.
Important to mention is that the volunteer is bound to secrecy about all data, facts and aspects he gets to know during his work for Association FOR YOU, also after his EVS.

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