4 Haziran 2011 Cumartesi

FRANSA 2011-02

ACİLLLL! FRANSA'da onaylı AGH Projesi

Merhaba herkese,

Fransa Mondetre’de 1 Eylul 2011’de başlayacak ve 1 yıl sürecek uzun dönem onaylı AHG projesinde yer almak isteyenler bahadir.ulgen@genctur.com mail adresime CV ve Motivasyon Mektuplarını göndererek başvurabilirler.

Proje detayları:
b. Rôle et activités du volontaire : Role and tasks of the volunteer(s)
The volunteer will have an active role during his project, (s)he will participate in the project implemented by Solidarités Jeunesses but (s)he will also have time and freedom to develop a personal project according to his/her interests and in accordance with the association's values.
The volunteer will participate in the renovation work around the house (buildings and garden – masonry, woodwork, gardening etc). (S)he will assist to the organisation of creative and artistic activities, at the house. (S)he will also contribute to the organisation of the reception of groups in the house (cooking, sleeping arrangements, setting a programme etc.). Mostly during the summer but in some cases also in other periods he will participate in the international workcamps which are organised by the hosting organisation. The daily life in the house is managed by the volunteers together with staff so, the volunteer will also do his share of everyday tasks such as housework, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc.

c. Horaires de travail, congés et vacances : Working hours, days off per week, holidays
Volunteers will work 6 hours per day, generally Monday through Friday, and will have 2 days of vacation per month. Some time they will also have activities during the weekend.
d. Hébergement et nourriture : Food, accommodationVolunteers are provided with a shared bedroom. Food is provided, and volunteers will participate in the preparation of the meals along with the other volunteers.
d. Transport local : Local transportNecessary local transportation for the project will be covered; transportation for holidays will be at the volunteer's expense.

f. Soutien linguistique : Language course
French language courses can be arranged according to interest and needs.

g. Apprentissages du/ de la volontaire : Expected learning outcomes
- Linguistic skills
- Social and emotional skills
- Personal skills (conflict resolution, problem resolution, autonomy, independence)
- Active citizenship and European awareness through the projects and voluntary activities
- Communication skills not only through a new language, but also through direct contact with the local community in a multi-cultural environment. Awareness on sustainable development.
- Working skills: project-specific knowledge, masonry, carpentry, gardening, project organization, workshop facilitation, leadership.

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