15 Temmuz 2011 Cuma

DANİMARKA 2011 - 03

Organization: Gimle

EVS Project Title: Venue, cultural youth centre and students house

E-mail: info@cafegimle.dk

Location: Roskilde - Denmark

We in Gimle, Roskilde want to host volunteers because we are sure that we are an interesting place to be a volunteer at and because we think that it would be developing to get a volunteer to a house. We already has contact to young people in Jugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, The Baltic Countries and Scandinavia. So we send people out to seminars, conferences and workshops and also we have all those things here once to three times a year. We could offer an interesting place to be a volunteer because we are only young people and still we work in a very professional way and are highly respected in the milieu around venues and youth centres in Denmark.

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