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POLONYA 2011 - 10

Mail adresi: magdalena@cwm.org.pl


Centre of Youth Cooperation and Mobility is offering at the moment EVS-places for volunteers in three organizations in Gdynia:
- EI nr 2010-PL-88 – work in inter-active science museum in Gdynian Innovation Centre (1 place from June 2012, 5 months)
- EI nr 2009-PL-13 - work with children and youth in day care centre VITAVA (2 places from October 2012, 9 months),
- EI nr 2010-PL-25 –work in Centre for Youth Co-operation and Mobility (1 place from September 2012, 9 months),

On English pages of www.cwm.org.pl you can find information about these projects. There you can find dates, deadlines and also application forms next to each projects description to download.

Candidate for volunteer should fill in the application form and send it to us until the 15th January 2012.

On Internet pages please also find FAQ about EVS projects we coordinate.

We want to apply to the Youth in Action Programme for the 1st February deadline.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Magdalena Herszkowicz
Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży/
Centre for Youth Co-operation and Mobility
ul. Komandorska 42/4, 81-232 Gdynia, Poland
tel.(+4858) 6202480, fax.(+4858) 6606445

Not: Ece Çağla Şen’e teşekkürler.

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