5 Aralık 2011 Pazartesi

ESTONYA 2011-05

Contact person: EUYA
Organisation: Estonian UNESCO Youth Association
Location: Tartu, Estonia
Deadline: 25/12/2011
Start: 01/06/2012
End: 28/02/2013
Summary of the project: The role of a volunteer within the present project is to facilitate HO in supporting and developing international media project iloveculture.eu in a host country; which means that the main area of his/her work is related to multimedia registrations of the youth activities taking place in the country. The main focus will be done on the registration of international events implemented in the frame of European programmes. HO will equip volunteer with the basic tools for this such as a camera and its additional facilities.
Weekly volunteer will have trips (i.e. “fieldwork”) to different youth organisations and/or current youth projects in order to make multimedia reportages. Particularly, volunteer will shoot short movies, make pictures, and interview the participants of the activities/organisations. On arrival back to Tartu, volunteer will edit collected material and upload it to iloveculture.eu platform and other web resources. Apart from this, the volunteer will be involved into some other activities within the HO in order to feel as a part of its team. Moreover, volunteer will have time to develop his/her own project and preferably prepare some workshops on project-related topics (multimedia, journalism, etc.) for locals. Such kind of workshops will enable volunteer to share his/her skills and achievements acquired during the project. Practical arrangements and the timetable: In sum, volunteer’s involvement will not exceed 35 hours weekly (including language training): ~20% of that time will be spent on the fieldwork; ~40% on editing the material gathered during the trips; ~20% helping HO with its activities; ~10% on developing own project and/or leading the workshops for locals; and ~10% on language classes. Volunteer can spend the weekends at his/her will; in addition, he/she will get 2 extra-day-off each month foreseen within terms of EVS action. This proportion of the activities was designed considering volunteer’s interests: the “tripping” and “stationary” activities should be kept in balance in order to diverse volunteer’s tasks and make him/her feel comfortable.

Profile of the potential candidate: (a) According to EVS criteria: young people aged between 18 and 30. Volunteer with fewer opportunities can participate from the age of 16. (b) According to the concrete project: a volunteer should have good socials skills, and be responsible and flexible, because his/her tasks are closely related to interpersonal communication. Due to the same reason at least a good communication level of English is required. The skills in multimedia can be considered as an advantage; however, the motivation to learn these skills is still the prime criterion. The volunteer should also be prepared to travel independently within the host county. HO appreciates creative and enterprising volunteers.

If you feel the interest in this EVS project, please send your CV, photo, and motivation letter at euya@euya.ee before the 25th of December. The subject of your mail should be 2010-EE-46. We would also appreciate if you provide us with some video- and/or photo-material you have done so far. On the first week of January host organisation will inform all applicants about the result and contact by phone best candidates to select the only one. BEFORE APPLYING please watch the videos made by our current volunteer who does the same project as proposed:

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