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FRANSA 2011 - 05

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in France
Contact person: LENEGARET Guillaume
Coordinating organisation: Centre socioculturel
Host: Centre socioculturel: http://www.csc-leteil.fr
Location: Le Teil, France
Deadline: 10/01/2012
Start: 01/05/2012
End: 01/03/2013

Social and cultural center (CSC) Le Teil is non profit organisation which
goal is to acting efficiently in the field of child and youth education
and also cooperating with families in the town Le Teil (rural area - 8000

Our organisation would like to be a major player in youth non-formal education
from 3 to 17 years, as well as to be a valued partner to parents and
teachers. It is associated with the main educational bodies, whose paths
the youngsters have crossed, contributing to them becoming good citizens.
CSC aims to maintain principle values such as seculartiy, equality, youth
engagement, and solidarity throughout all its actions- and it is on these
terms that CSC orientates activities.

We set up extra curricular activites in the leisure centre- for children
of 3 to 11 after lunch time and on Wednesdays ( a school-free day in
France). We organise activities during holidays- such as summer camps,
cultural visits, and outings, thematic workshops (drawing,
environment...), as well as exchanges between generations- the goal of
which is to promote the community, and to boost interaction between young
and old, using various means such as video, photography, cultural events.

As far as teenagers (12 to 17) are concerned, our organisation opens a
daily youth centre in which they can access computers, music, games,
magazines, books. During school holidays, we set up camps, cultural and
leisure activities, and outings. We are also part in European Youth in
action program. And we host a EVS volunteer. Another aspect of our work is
to support youngsters in carrying out their own projects like summer camps
and European youth exchanges. To make our activities and camps affordable
for everybody we set up fund raising activities, run for and by

Our organization takes part in all events which are held by the
municipality- such as anti-racism week, month of diversities, the annual
national music festival, the carnival, and games week. CSC guides,
supports, and trains youths (from 17 to 25) wanting to be a youth leader
for the summer. In France a qualification is needed for leading a group of

Finally, CSC, together with the community centre, organises activities for
families. The goal is to get them involved in the leisure centre as
voluntary workers- or into the association as elected members.
Our organisation will give the frame. The volunteer will be
able to participe to differents actions and organise activies according to
his/her knowledges and wishes. Kids fields (3 - 11 yo) > To participe in the
leisure center > To organise activities during summer activities center >
To manage sport, cultural or leisure workshops during the school time Youth
field > To develop cultural activities (concert, festival, exhibition) to
the youth house > To organise activities connected to european program (EVS,
youth exchange) > To participate in the youth activities (summer camps, week
end and holiday activities...) > To carry on his/her own activities with
youngsters (sport, leisure, cultural workshop...) > We would like to develop
Medias activities (webradio, fanzine...) Family field > To participate in
the adult workshops and to help the leader Everything is open, any activities
can be created...
• Volunteer's project and news ideas (please develop why you
would like to work with our organisation) -50%- • Interest of culture and
youth/kids work (please develop) -30%- • Motivation of volunteer -10%- •
Personal soft skills -5%- • Others experiences -5%- More information on EVS
database : http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=14000956914
More information abour our organisation www.csc-leteil.fr
Please send CV and motivation letter CONNECTED to the
project before the 10th of January, 2012 at sve@csc-leteil.fr Commission of
social and cultural center will take place to select the volunteer around the
15th of January, 2012 • Kids field coordinator • Youth field coordinator •
Volunteers of our organisation • Twin-cities members

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