26 Aralık 2011 Pazartesi

İSPANYA 2011-12

Contact person: Espacio Joven Ávila
Coordinating organisation: Espacio Joven Avila
Host: Espacio Joven Ávila: http://www.espaciojovenavila.es/
Location: Ávila, Spain
Deadline: 10/01/2012
Start: 01/06/2012
End: 01/12/2012

The project activities will take place in the city of Avila, in the two youth facilities operated by the Youth Council (located in the center and north of the city), and at the various schools, universities, municipal facilities and meeting places for young people in the city. The Youth Council has signed agreements with associations and youth groups to carry out projects and promote youth activities, apart from having a hiring room service, audiovisual and leisure equipment and counting with premises for youth associations.
ACTIVITIES IN WHICH VOLUNTEERS MAY PARTICIPATE - Youth Activity Programme: mentorship and talks in schools, universities and units PROA (educational programme to provide support and guidance) - Facilities Revitalization Program: activities, workshops and dynamics in two youth facilities - Consultancy for Mobility and European programmes - Programme of media through new technologies - School support: support carrying out homework, suitable study place. - Street Education and dissemination programme.

The priorities of the Youth Information Center, regarding the profile of the volunteers are: * An active person, dynamic, with communication skills, with empathy and positive, open to know and meet youngsters from other cultures, to attend diversity, motivated to learn and teach and with initiative. It is required motivation and interest in leisure, education, cultures, social work with children and youngsters from different origins, and interested in office work, and European program. * Basic level of Spanish is an asset, so volunteers can integrate quickly and understand what to do. * We will give preference to candidates who haven't had a previous experience abroad, but who have taken part in workshops or activities in centers for people in risk of social exclusion, and /or be active in the socio-art-cultural association world. We have no requirement regarding the age, gender or nationality of the volunteers.

Project application deadline: 1st of February Deadline to send CV, motivation letter and info about Sending Organization: 5th of January of 2012 Candidates selection: from 5th of December to 11th of January. Project email to send candidature: programaseuropeosavila@yahoo.es Hosting organization: Espacio Joven Municipal “Alberto Pindado” (Ávila, Spain) www.espaciojovenavila.es

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