21 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

İTALYA 2011-13

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Italy

Contact person: Silvia Padello
Coordinating organisation: Cooperativa Stranaidea
Host: Cooperativa Stranaidea : http://www.stranaidea.it
Location: TORINO, Italy
Deadline: 31/12/2011
Start: 05/09/2012
End: 04/09/2013

We have worked in the social field in Turin, in the north-west of Italy, since 1986 and we propose the volunteers to know more about social cooperation making a strong and intensive experience for 12 months to know our organisation in general and 3 of our services in particular. We host volunteers in 1st) our services for DISABLE PEOPLE with light/strong mental and physical disabilities where we propose them daily activities through different kind of artistic and expression workshops, socialisation moments, outdoors and sports activities, summer holidays, etc. in order to maintain and improve their own abilities; 2nd) our baby-parkings, day care services for CHILDREN from 13months to 6 years old where thay can enjoy their time and learn new things through different kind of workshops (songs, music, dancing, reading, artistic and manual activities, language games, etc) with or without a relative to start discovering the world out of their home; 3rd) our cultural and youth center called The Taurus in contact with YOUNG PEOPLE to whom the aggregational center proposes lot of music events and during the week also other type of cultural activities that vary each year (theatre performances, photography, cinema issues, intercultural evenings, etc). The Taurus is 30 minutes far from Turin where, instead, the services 1 and 2 are located. We have a good experience with a variety of European projects in general; we started hosting/sending EVS volunteers in 2008. We can offer volunteers also a multicultural environment as we host 6 volunteers coming from different European countries. Turin is a quite big city with lots of things to see and discover, activities and entertainement to do. It is situated in the heart of the mountains, near enough also to the sea (2 hours by train) and well-connected to the main Italian cities to visit. To know more look on the EU database 2009-IT-167.
To support the organisation in the daily activities proposed to disable/children/youth with his/her will to do, to learn, to collaborate. To be active and to take initiatives trying to develop its potential. To propose activities in his/her service to carry out a personal project. To be honest in the human relationships, serious during the project process, engagement and constance in the implementation of it in a constructive way. Specific tasks as well as learning opportunities are proposed by each service
The mainly and most important criteria is the strong motivation to support us to carry out our activities. For the disable area previous experiences could be taken into consideration. Finally, we would like the volunteers are really conscious of the type of experience they voluntary decide to do. As we host 5/6 volunteers we try to host people from different countries. Generally we would prefer hosting 4 girls and 1/2 boys as they all live in the same flat.
CV and specific motivation letter have to be sent within 31 december 2011. In the motivation letter volunteers have to explain: - why they want to make a voluntary experience - why in the social field - if they prefer expressing a preference for one or more of the 3 kind of services we propose Selections will be done in 3 steps: 1st step: a first selection will be made reading CV and ML. 2nd step: we will contact through e-mail the volunteers selected to be interviewed on Skype on the 9/01 week. (Days and times will be communicated before). 3rd step: the volunteers selected after the first interview will have a second Skype interview on the 16/01 week (days and times will be communicated before)that will be done also with a referent of the service that probably will receive the volunteer/s. The name of the volunteers finally chosen and also of the name of reserves will be communicated on the 23/01 week to close the project within 1/02/2012 deadline.

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