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Vacancy for EVS
Volunteer in Hungary
Contact person: Mónika

Organisation: Szimbiózis

Location: Miskolc,
Deadline: 08/01/2012
Start: 04/06/2012
End: 28/02/2013

Our foundation caters for mentally handicapped adults. Volunteers coming
to us can take part in many different, interesting activities. They can
help us on our farm, participate in the daily life of our day-care and
residential centres and join in and develop free-time activities for the
clients. Our main motivation behind participating in this programme is to
encourage social integration between young people from across Europe and
people living with different disabilities. We are glad to accept their
help on our farm where they can deal with both vegetable growing and
animal keeping. In our day-care centre they can help in handicraft
workshops and participate in different therapy programmes, as well as in
different leisure time activities. We regularly organise professional and
non-professional meetings where we are glad to welcome our volunteers.
During common programmes volunteers can learn how to communicate and
cooperate with people living with mental disabilities in practice. We are
opened to intercultural partnerships. We are looking forward to meeting
our volunteers. We would like to give the opportunity for our volunteers
to introduce their own countries and cultures in front of an audience. It
is very important for us that volunteers can keep in contact with people
from their home countries during their stay here. We would like the
opportunity to show and teach them everything they need to know about
Hungary, the Hungarian culture and Hungarian people. Hopefully providing a
highly positive experience which they will be able to use all of their
lives. We will do our best to ensure that they will have a very good time
here. The Symbiosis Foundation was established in 1999. It operates in
Miskolc and the wider region of Northern Hungary. The mission of the
Symbiosis Foundation is to help the lives of people with intellectual
disabilities and their family members through support and training,
employment and social integration. The Symbiosis Foundation provides
services like: a day-care centre, a living centre, a rehabilitation farm
and a kitchen. The characteristic of the Symbiosis Foundation is the fact
that it provides institutional, transit and supported employment services.
In addition, the foundation provides training courses to provide the
necessary skills to find a job and has several rehabilitation programmes.
We work with adults with a broad spectrum of mental
disabilities within two living centres catering for up to 24 young people and a
day-care centre. The volunteers can help out in the workshops where they
produce souvenirs like candles, paper materials and carpets. They can work in
our Baráthegy farm (www.barathegy.com)
in the organic garden, preparing goats’ cheese and in the stable. The
foundation has a kitchen where our own cultured vegetables are processed. The
volunteers can also take part in the personal development programme of the
clients, examples of activities include dance and music therapy The foundation
plays an active role in the social field not only in the region but also at a
country wide and European level, we often organize meetings for professionals
and have guests from other countries. The volunteers help us both in the
preparation of these meetings and during the events. The volunteers can help us
in different activities and besides work they also have a unique role in the
development of the lives of our young people. The disabled folk have hardly any
opportunity to get to know other young people of their age and through the
volunteers they are “forced” to communicate in a different way than with the
other people and establish new friendships which creates a massive opportunity
for personal development and even learn some words in a different language. Our
volunteers gained a lot of experience here and they not only learnt in a
regular way but could also improve their personal skills and capacities. We
provide Hungarian lessons twice a week, they take part in the EVS clubs and
other local events organized by the regional office of the national agency not
only in Miskolc but also in other places in the county. Through our conferences
and meeting they can get to know a lot of people acting it the social field. We
are open to new initiatives, new ideas coming from the volunteers and help them
to manage their “own projects”.

We are looking for open-minded volunteers who can
accommodate easily, who are open to new challenges and who are socially
sensitive and helpful. The volunteers should feel empathy towards disabled
people and have a skill to cooperate and work with them. Our main aim is to
develop our young people, to give useful experience to the volunteers, make
intercultural connections between Hungarian youngsters and youngsters coming
from a different European country. Not necessary, but it is an advantage, if
you have: - Sending organization - Some information/experience with people who
have special needs - Little knowledge of Hungarian

We are looking for three volunteers from 06/2012-02/2013.
Deadline for application is 8/January. Please, send your detailed CV with a
photo and a motivation letter to europe@szimbiozis.net. Staff
team make the first selection till 12/January and all candidates get response
of the decision. In case of too many candidates a telephone/skpe interview is
also possible for a second round of selection.

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