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LİTVANYA 2011-02

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Lithuania
Contact person: Egle Mazeikaite
Organisation: European Voluntary Service Association Saltes

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Deadline: 16/01/2012
Start: 01/06/2012
End: 31/05/2013

ESTA Saltes are looking for 4 EVS volunteers for 12 months project in Vilnius Lithuania:2010-LT-32 Vilnius SOS Children's VillagePlease, find more information about the project here: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=46000338503Start: June 2012, 12 months. Place for 2 volunteers2008-LT-19 Nevalstybinis vaikų darželis „Nendrė“:Start: June 2012, 12 months. Place for 2 volunteersThe Organization re-opening an accreditation at the moment, that‘s why they are not in the database at the moment, please find a short inforamtion about the project here:The host organisation Nevalstybinis vaikų darželis „Nendrė“ offers is a public institution independent kindergarten. The single mother families of Šnipiškės area are the target group of „Nendrė“. The services provided by „Nendrė“: pre-school age group, schoolchildren day- time care group; various work (support, consulting and etc.) with the families and etc. The staff of center: director, accountant, social workers, pedagogues, psychologist, the speechtherapist.Role and tasks of the volunteer:Work in one of two group: Pre-school group (Monday-Friday):10-11 am - support for pedagogue; 11-12 am - communicating and playing with children;12-1 pm - common lunch together with children and tutor;1-4 pm - outdoor activities with children or preparation for the events;4 pm - dinner (optional.)OrDay-care center for children (Monday-Friday):12-1pm - common lunch together with children and tutor in the pre-school group;1-4pm – meeting children in the day-care center;1-4pm – preparing homework – volunteer help children during their homework preparation for school;4-4.30pm – dinner (optional;)5-6 pm – opportunity to implement individual ideas and to lead his/her chosen workshop. Presenting volunteers own country for children through interractive games. Preparation for the events, excursions, feasts. 6.2 Assisting in creative work for the teachers.The volunteer can support with works in the creative educatory (singing, dancing) activities. Participation in the family and teenagers camps in the countryside. Work with family, individual work with each family children (if the volunteer could like to do that).More information for every project you can find on the EVS Database and ofcourse, feel free to contact me: evssaltes.egle@gmail.com
All applications are expected until 15th of January 2012! Applications are needed to be send to: evssaltes.egle@gmail.com The applications are needed to contain: CV, motivational letter, picture, contact of the Sending Organization After 19th of January 2012 we will let you know the applications those, who would be selected.

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