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POLONYA 2012-15

Dear Collegues,
please find below information about EVS in Poland. If you are interested
please contact with Jenny Crisssey before 15.04.2012.

Theatre Brama Goleniow is planning to apply for 1st May deadline with an
EVS hosting project. The project will take place in the city of Goleniow
and will last 12 months. We are currently looking for volunteers (young
adults between the ages of 18-30) who are interested in doing a year of
volunteer service in the field of Art & Culture. The project will assist
the volunteer by introducing them to the possibilities of working with an
alternative theatre and educational association - including planning and
administrative work, researching, developing and creating performances,
organizing events and festivals, promotion, technical assistance, teaching
and performing. Theatre Brama travels frequently to perform in festivals
and teach workshops, an ideal volunteer to our organization must have a
flexible schedule and enjoy traveling.

We are additionally open to giving the volunteer the opportunity to
realize their own ideas. We encourage volunteers to envision new events
and create their own original work, either with the help of the Theatre
Brama ensemble or independently.

As we frequently work with our local community, the volunteer will be
encouraged to become an active citizen in our society. It will be an
informal and inter-cultural education experience which will help the
volunteer expand their self awareness and knowledge about cultural
heritage, history, values, languages, interpersonal skills and dealing
with people from different backgrounds. We are currently interested in
volunteers that would like to begin their year of service on September 1st.

For additional information about Theatre Brama or to view video/audio
clips/photos from our performances and concerts please visit our website

If you are interested in volunteering with Theatre Brama, please contact
us directly at teatrbrama.evs@gmail.com

Interested individuals should please send a CV, cover letter any
additional information about themselves as well as skype contact details.
We encourage applicants to view videos of our performances and and tell us
specifically why you are interested in working with Teatr Brama.

We are a theatre that utilizes music in performance, please note in your
application if you play instruments, sing or have an interest in learning
about music.

Małgorzata Pośnik
Eurodesk Poland
Foundation for the Development of the Education System
National Agency of the Youth Programme
ul. Mokotowska 43
00-551 Warsaw
tel. 48 22 46 31 450; fax 48 22 46 31 025/026

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