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En az B2 düzeyince İngilizce bilen ve GENÇTUR gibi gönüllü çalışma kampları düzenleyen bir gençlik kuruluşunda çalışmak isteyenler için güzel bir fırsat. Sosyal medyayı kullanmayı bilen, iletişim becerisine sahip, girişken gönüllü adayları başvurabilir.

Başlangıç tarihi : 1 Mart 2016
Süre : 10 ay

Ev sahibi kuruluşu tanımak için : www.inex.sk  ‘ye bakabilirsiniz.
Proje hakkında bilgi almak için : Aşağıdaki İngilizce metni okuyabilirsiniz:   

Bu projeye başvurmak isteyenler en geç 15.02.2016 ‘ya kadar  özgeçmiş, projeye yönelik yazılmış bir motivasyon mektubu ve GENÇTUR’dan alınmış Gönderen Kuruluş destek belgesini evs@inex.sk  ‘ye yollamaları gerekmektedir.

Deadline for your application: 15.2.2016

Dates of the project: March 2016 – December 2016

How to apply: send your CV and questionnaire to evs(at)inex.sk till 15.2.2016

Open places for: 1 EVS volunteer (to join our 2 volunteers from Finland&France)

Place of the project:

The project will be realized in our office in Bratislava. The volunteers will also visit other parts of Slovakia during the project, it will depend on our activities such as trainings, workcamps, and others events.

 Who are we looking for?

Our criteria are very open. However, the project is focused on working with youth. We would be very happy to host the volunteers with communication skills and interests in this topic (volunteering, leisure time for youth, workcamps). It would be helpful if the volunteers have some knowledge about the theme of our project and would be motivated in working with youth and also about international workcamps which are one of our main activities. Of course drug use is not allowed to protect our young volunteers. We would be happy if the volunteers are interested in Slovakia, its people and culture and wish to learn the Slovak language. They could be communicative, open minded, creative and ready to work with young people.

The life at INEX and in Bratislava can  sometimes be hectic so we would be glad if volunteers are flexible and independent (in the case of their free time ).

The main criteria are openness and tolerance as INEX is working with young people from around the world.


Main activities of INEX Slovakia


Organizing Workcamps in Slovakia which  take place during summer months
Communication with local partners, whom we help organize workcamps during the whole year.
·         Preparation of workcamp leaders who are responsible for the   running of the workcamp
·         Receiving volunteers from abroad who want to participate on our workcamps
·         Organizing weekend workcamps for mostly Slovak volunteers
International Voluntary Work Camps (high season is during  summer months)
Workcamps are short-term international volunteer projects organized all over the world, focused mainly on young people  ages  18 and up.
Although, every year several teenage camps are organized giving a great opportunity for teenagers willing to join a workcamp. International workcamps enable young people to spend two or three weeks together with 10 – 25 volunteers from different countries and work together on specific project: environmental work, reconstruction of historical buildings, renovations of youth centres, organizing cultural events and festivals, leisure activities for children or work with disadvantaged, handicapped or elderly people.
Necessary activities connected with workcamps:
·         Communicating with our partner organizations all over the world
·         Promoting  workcamps and the main idea of volunteering
·         Communicating with Slovak volunteers
·         Sending Slovak volunteers abroad
European  Voluntary Service
Sending volunteers to EVS-projects
·         Hosting volunteers on EVS-projects
·         Coordinating EVS-projects
·         Promotion of EVS and Erasmus+  


Training for Camp Leaders (starting in February, ending in June)
We train motivated volunteers who want to lead  workcamps in Slovakia or abroad on several topics:
·         Intercultural learning and understanding
·         Communication with local partner, volunteers, camp leaders, organizations…
·         Motivation
·         Conflict Resolution
·         Group Development
·         Free-time activities, games…
Out trainings are accredited by Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovak Republic
Training of  Volunteers (during the whole year)
Besides workcamps, volunteers can participate in various activites such as:
·         Youth-exchanges
·         Seminars
·         Trainings
·         Projects
·         First timer meeting (for those who go to a workcamp for the 1st
Their topics vary depending on the host such as: different organizations, National Agencies or with the help of the Erasmus +.
“Tea meetings”
Once a month we organize “tea meetings” for our volunteers and members usually held in our office. There are always different topics of discussion. (e.g. presenting a foreign country, culture, workshop…).
For our active volunteers we organize cultural events, in order to get to know people better, to keep in touch and to exchange new ideas
Promotion of Voluntary Work
We promote the voluntary work on a local, regional and national level, whenever it is possible.
Organizing events in cooperation with our partner  organizations
In cooperation with our Slovak partner organizations (DSS Integra, RC, Prešporkovo) we help them with organizing events which are held in these organizations. The activities are usually creating and organizing free time activities for children with special needs (disabled children with disadvantaged social conditions…). We provide to our volunteers with some material when possible and our partners provide the place for the activities. We want to continue with these activities and in the future we would like to cooperate in this field with other partners too.
·         Guide for a Workcamp Leaders
·         Various publications which promote volunteering
·         Our web-page www.inex.sk



Main activities of the EVS-volunteers

· Taking part in the preparation and realization of our activities which are mostly based

on organizing leisure time activities for young people: We would like to involve the EVS volunteers in various activities which we organize. In the beginning we will introduce our activities to the volunteers and it will be up to them in which ones they will get involved. It will be chosen according to his/her abilities and skills. But we would encourage them to try to participate in activities in which they could develop and gain some new experiences and skills. The volunteers will be involved in the whole process of preparing and realizing the activity. Of course we will help them; we will work in a team. We will always explain how we plan on organizing the activities and we welcome their initiative and contribution with creative ideas and inputs.


We would especially like to involve the EVS volunteers in these activities:

- "tea meetings"- the EVS volunteers may contribute with ideas for the topics of these "tea meetings"; they create an invitations for our volunteers; prepare the office according to the needs for the individual meeting; preparing the material for the "tea meeting"; also we would be very happy when they would present their own country, culture and ideas.


- Trainings for our volunteers- due to their abilities, experiences and skills we would welcome her/his participation on our trainings which we organize for our future camp leaders;  the EVS volunteers may help us as well as a support with the organization of these activities like buying materials, preparation of the program etc. We would welcome the creativity and initiation of the volunteer.


- Becoming the co-leader on the workcamps in Slovakia

Depending on the interest of the volunteers, they will be able to participate at one (eventually at several) international voluntary workcamps in Slovakia. They can put all this theoretical knowledge, which they will gain during the project, into practice in the direct contact with the group of young people from different cultures.


- Organizing events in cooperation with our partner organizations- the volunteers will create the program for the activities; prepare and help with realizing the activity; promoting the activity among our volunteers and motivate them to participate in these activities. The volunteers will also contribute with organizing reasonable free-time activities for disabled people.


- Promotion of voluntary work and EVS;

Promotion of volunteering and concrete voluntary activities is always extremely important when organizing voluntary activities and participating of youth. That is why our EVS-volunteers will visit schools and run presentations together with discussions on volunteering and together with a representative of INEX Slovakia, visit media such as radio and speak about their projects and in this way to promote volunteering. They will be also involved with our promotional team.


- Participation on the workcamps abroad

If they are interested, the volunteers will be able to participate in an international voluntary workcamp abroad.


- Administrative work: We would like the EVS volunteers to help us with some administrative work like sorting and copying documents and other things. They will help a bit with shopping, going to the post office and work with our web-page and database. The volunteers will communicate with our volunteers to inform them about our activities. The communication will be through mail, phone calls and directly when the volunteers visit us in the office. The activities will be flexible and  depend on the phase of the project. We will create a timetable for each individual volunteer fitting his/her skills, abilities and wishes. In case we organize the project and the volunteer is involved in, she/he is welcome to join the whole project and to help to run the activities. In case the amount of working hours is higher than usual, the volunteer will get alternative holidays. The volunteer will be working on a team.


For more information you can read:

EVS diary of our former EVS volunteers


Photos from different activities:




Practical arrangements


The EVS-volunteers will receive money for food together with the pocket money at the beginning of every month. They will manage the money on their own, and from these finances they will also buy their food. They will prepare food by themselves. In the flat, where they will be living, there is a kitchen which they will be able to use.



The EVS-volunteers will be living in an appropriately equipped flat. In the flat there are laundry facilities and a kitchen. The volunteers will live near the city centre in a rented flat.


Language course

The EVS-volunteers will learn Slovak at a State language school or taking private Slovak lessons. Slovak language belongs to Slavic group of languages and is really beautiful.



Volunteers will have holidays during the project which could be used by them however they want after an agreement with a supervisor. They will have 2 days each month for holidays. So in the case of an 11-month project it will be 22 days of holiday.



Traveling in Bratislava

Volunteers will use public transport in Bratislava. They will arrange the card for public transport together with their mentor. Mentor will also help them with orientation in the public transportation system.

 For more information you can visit:

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us:

INEX Slovakia

Prokopova 15

851 01 Bratislava

Slovak Republic


Tel. +421 905 501 078

 Please send us your CV , motivation letter and support letter of your sending organisation          evs@inex.sk before 15.2.2016






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