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Almanya 2011 - 01

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Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan 2011
Proje Son Başvuru Günü: 20 Mart 2011

Contact person: Mr Jens Meier
Coordinating organisation: LeISA GmbH Soziokulturelles Zentrum Die VILLA
Host: Lindenwerkstätten - Diankonisches Werk Innere Mission Leipzig e.V.: http://www.diakonie-leipzig.de/werkstaetten-lindenwerkstatt-i-leipzig.html
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Deadline: 20/03/2011
Start: 01/09/2011
End: 31/08/2012

The Lindenwerstätten ("linden workshops") are part of the "Diakonisches Werk , Innere Mission Leipzig e.V." The support and caring group is part of the sheltered workshop for people with special needs.
The "Lindenwerkstätten" workshop with the integrated support and caring group is located in the western part of Leipzig, close to Lindenau Market, a 10-minute-tramride from the city centre. It is part of a housing and business area.
Social contacts outside of the project are possible through interns from local school, open days and through our work in public relations. Furthermore, we participate in local and national conferences, meetings and other activities.

The field of activity will allow the volunteer to find their own area within the range of their abilities of helping and assisting people with severe mental handicaps. In our sheltered workshop this would be the support group. In this group, people with disabilities who cannot or not yet work in the workshop are taken care of. Everyday life is structured by support units; even a common meal forms such a unit. Assistance in the bathroom, guidance during smaller tasks, aid in the cognitive realm, therapeutic offers, movement etc. Existent sills and abilities of the individual are thus supported, maintained and strengthened. A crucial aspect is the integration within the community. A caregiver for people with special needs and a special education teacher are employed in the group, including the employee who would assume the function of the tutor.
The existence of the group allows the concerning families to hold down a job or just to arrange their every day life in a self determined way while having their children at a caring facility.
The adults with special needs learn how integrate with a group, how to structure their day, to live up to their abilities in a group, and to test their own skills. A Labrador called Biene is part of the group as well and stays with them during the day.
Once a week, the group goes horseback riding and swimming. Other activities, such as visits to the zoo, concerts and meeting with other groups of this kind, walks in the forest, are offerings to the participants that can and should be expanded.
Other events that take place on a regular basis include meetings with parents and the celebration of churchly holidays and birthdays.

Assistance and guidance of people with mental handicaps during their daily routine. Jobs in housekeeping, in medical aids (aid in personal hygiene, assistance during meals), support of the staff members in their daily work. Development of own skills and abilities, application of own experience, knowledge and creativity (e.g. baking a cake with the disabled people or preparing a special salad). We are looking for patient and cheerful volunteer who likes working with people and possesses creativity and fantasy. The volunteer should have a social and caring personality and show tolerance and understanding towards the variety and differences in people. A major requirement is the volunteer's ability to assist others during sanitary procedures (in the bathroom) as well as during the meals. Command of a musical instrument would be beneficial, though it is not essential.

Applications are sent to the responsables who chooe the volunteer. A feedback will be given within two weeks.

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