4 Mart 2011 Cuma

Slovenya 2011 - 01

SLOVENYA'da 1 yıllık uzun dönem gönüllüler aranıyor...

Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan 2011
Proje Son Başvuru Günü: 15 Mart 20011
Proje Başvuru Mail: evs@mct.si

Contact person: Karmen Murn
Organisation: Mladinski center Trbovlje
Location: Trbovlje, Slovenia
Deadline: 01/04/2011
Start: 01/09/2011
End: 31/08/2012

We offer three programmes volunteers can participate in:
• Educational programme
• Cultural programme
• Civic programme

This programme offers participants to gain experiences in youth education and information. Participants will plan, organising and cooperating in different methods of youth education such as:
a) Youth workshops in the schools, libraries and outdoor places in Trbovlje town
b) Youth workshops in the youth centre
c) Language course
d) School tutoring
e) Educational projects in the youth centre
f) Information service in the schools and youth centre
g) Mentoring interest groups in youth centre.

This programme is focused on empowering young person with necessary knowledge in fields they get no knowledge in schools or at home. We wish to give them possibility to gain all eight key competences of lifelong learning process. Therefore we encourage them to cooperate in the different educational activities we regularly organise in the schools and youth centre, while some are being planned to start in the 2011 (workshops in the library or outdoor).

This programme offers participants to gain experiences in youth culture. Participants will plan, organising and cooperating different kinds of cultural events for youth such as:
a) Concerts
b) Exhibitions
c) Literary evening
d) Art trainings (dance, singing, drums etc)
e) Theatre
f) Film

This programme if focused on promoting and developing youth culture in Trbovlje town, giving young people opportunities to actively participate in creating culture or to be a part of cultural movement. Therefore it is crucial for participants in this programme to encourage and develop youth cultural activities.

This programme offers participants to gain experiences in promoting civic duties throughout different kinds of methods and activities, such as:
a) Organising regular Blood drive
b) Helping Red cross association
c) Intergenerational activities in Nursing home
d) Organising Cleaning campaigns
e) Helping in different associations (Association for herbs, Environmental association etc)

This programme is focused on promotion voluntary work and civic duties young person has to develop. We want young people to experience philanthropy, intergenerational activities and civic duties toward people in need or simply to the community the live in.

Please visit: http://www.mct.si/sl/mednarodno/evropska-prostovoljna-sluzba-evs and download INFO SHEET for volunteers, fiil it and send to to evs@mct.si by 15.3.2011.

We will make a selection on 18.3.2011 and make sure all candidates get final decision by 21.3.2011 giving us enough time to start and finish the proces.

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