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Projenin Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Nisan 2011
Projenin Son Başvuru Günü: 15 Mart 2011

Contact person: Sabine Ehrig
Organisation: Zavod O
Location: Skofja Loka, Slovenia
Deadline: 15/03/2011
Start: 01/08/2011
End: 01/07/2012

Zavod O, Zavod škofjeloške mladine is a non-profit and non-governmental local youth organization. The association seeks to create an environment for the overall spiritual, intellectual and physical development of young people between 16 and 30 years old. It is made for the purpose of supporting, organizing and establishing youth activities in the areas of culture, informatics and informational youth service, youth leisure, sport, tourism, voluntary work, international youth activities and publishing.

Through offering a wide range of activities in various areas of interest we promote Voluntary work, active participation and a feeling of responsibility for creating their own environment amongst young people. Our target group develops personal as well as professional skills in interaction with different social groups and through practical experiences. In this process in- and non-formal education are linked with structured learning opportunities like workshops, seminars or lectures. The main activities and projects of Zavod O are realized in four different sections with particular focuses:

MKC Pri rdči ostrigi (www.ostriga.org, http://gallery.kss.si/main.php?g2_itemId=37168) is a Youth Center specialized in organizing cultural events such as concerts, festivals, (theme) parties, movie
evenings, exhibitions, jam sessions, comedy, theater plays, travel lectures and political debates.

MMC Pulsar (www.pulsar.si, http://gallery.kss.si/main.php?g2_itemId=100267), the Multimedia Center
provides free Internet access, ICT equipment, access of information to everyone in the Gorenjska region(for example http://gorenjski.kulturnik.si) and offers education and training in the field of multimedia – organized as courses,workshops and video projections.

Atelje CLOBB (www.ateljeclobb.org, http://atelje.zavodo.org/,http://gallery.kss.si/main.php?g2_itemId=96175) is devoted to the development of artistic and creative skills of all generations. The Center offers a lot of space, material and opportunities for individual and common work in the various fields of visual art (painting, sculpturing, tape art, drawing, printing, photography).

Zavod O International as a new section is coordinating international projects like EVS and Youth Exchanges.

The tasks can be various. We would like to include each volunteer into the team of one of the sections of Zavod O, according to his or her interests. Here are the opportunities within each section: Pri rdeci ostrigi: technician (sound system,lights, preperations of concert hall and stage), maintenance of the place outside and inside, Organization of events, support of the section during big events, workshops, EVS nights, own performances or projects, cooperation with vibe department (www.vibe.si). MMC Pulsar: graphic design of PR material (leaflets, posters …), help to administrators, involved in organizing program in mm (workshops, courses, ...), video production, postproduction, webpage editing, editing social networks (facebook, twitter, blogging, ...), multimedia events, gamers sessions, web design, 2d design, 3d design, animation, organizing digital art gallery, your own intermedia and multimeda projects, maintenance of Zavod O international web page. Atelje Clobb: attending weekly meetings, creation of scene decoration for Ostriga events, Atelje Blog, designing poster and flyers for events, realization of own workshops or artistic projects, support during big events like mesto v barvah, artistic creation, organization of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, informal group meetings... Zavod O International: promotion of international projects (through webpage, facebook page, events, posters…), coordination of our International network, implementation and realization of Youth Exchanges or other international projects, promotion and support of Zavod O Sending activities for EVS. For one day during the week the volunteers will be involved in an additional local institution to widen their local network and possibilities for the realization of projects. One day during the week is designated to the EVS group project: In their group project the volunteers will produce material for the web page of Zavod O International (videos, interviews, pictures, text, blog, comics...) and realize monthly events together (for example EVS events in ostriga, Karaoke night, poetry evenings, cultural events, meetings of groups with certain interests,...). In these activities they will include a wide network of people who they get to know during their work in the sections or in any other local organization.

We are accepting applications (CV and motivation letter) under international@zavodo.org until the 15th of March. Please indicate for which section you are applying and why.

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