9 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

Belçika 2011 - 01

Belçika'da ortağı olduğumuz AGH projesinde yer almak ister misiniz?

Proje Kodu: 2011-BEFL-4

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 31 Mart 2011

Proje Başvuru Dönemi: 1 Haziran 2011

01/07/2011 – 30/06/2012 tarihleri arasında gerçekleşecek.

Mail adresi: info@imso.be (Başvurularınızı bu mail adresine yapınız.)

Dear Bahadir, Many thanks for your respons. We sended our application form by the end of march 2011 (last delay 1/04/2011) and normally we will be selected as the last 9 years. I send you hereby copies of the application form and an exemple of the annexe to comlete by you, if possible after selecting a good candidate. We would expect the candidate to start on 1/07/2011 ans finish 30/06/2012. Please ask me if necessary complementary information. In the meantime I received a lot of candidates'application but since these are not supported by Gençtur, I did not accept these.

With kind regards

Pierre Ketelaer M.D.

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