30 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

LETONYA 2011-02

Contact person : LCC World at Our Home
Organisation : The World at our Home
Location : Rezekne, Latvia
Deadline : 01/06/2011
Start : 01/01/2012
End : 31/12/2012

EI reference: 2010-LV-18

It is foreseen that volunteers will work together at the Language and Cultural Centre "World at our home". They will help each other to fulfil their daily tasks and realise their own ideas in order to aid in the provision of information for young people in Rezekne in the area of European awareness.
Our Centre works a lot with international projects and it could be interesting for our EVS volunteers to help us in our daily work; developing new contacts with European organizations in order to strengthen relations between the inhabitants of Rezekne and people from other European countries. This project will give our volunteers new knowledge and practical experience for their future.

Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to attend language lessons (Latvian or Russian) in order to improve the communication process inside our organization, during daily activities and within the local community, enriching their personal skills and culture. Volunteers will work at the Language and Cultural Centre from Monday to Friday 14:00 till 20:00 to support our staff in the daily work. The main common task of our volunteers will be to interact with the local society sharing information about their own national culture, exchanging views on European culture, experiences in cultural work and learning some new things from each other. Other tasks of will be to help organise different intercultural activities, events, workshops and celebrations of the volunteers’ national traditions and visiting schools to present their countries. They will also help local young people to find their own EVS projects and lead interactive language activities. As well as this the volunteers will also take an active part in the regular work of the Language and Cultural Centre helping to promote and organise intercultural events according to our international projects and the special focus of the Youth in Action Programme and helping to maintain a basic service to inform young people visiting the cultural centre. During writing of our international projects, European exchanges, seminars and workshops they will also have the opportunity to add their own ideas and to help in the preparation of these events. They will also be in charge of developing the website of our organisation by adding information relating to exchange and seminars that our organisation has participated in or organised. We fully support interesting and new opinions and ideas from the volunteers. As a result they will have the opportunity to maintain and improve links with the other European Youth organisations through their contribution and interests.

The volunteers will have to show interest and sensibility towards working with young people and adults and be able to use and show empathy, integrity and consideration. All skills which can allow them to develop new activities in our centre are welcomed. We hope they will be ready to take creative duties and be responsible and autonomous enough to propose, prepare and organise new activities and their own work according to these skills. Factors that will be important for the future volunteer work: - Be interested in European issues and/or art and cultural topics; - Like and be able to establish contacts with both young people and adults; - Have the ability to organise their own work and be ready for independent acting; - Have the ability to take initiative; - Speak English on at least a basic level (German or French may be useful as well); - Have basic skills concerning computers (Word, Internet…) All European sending and hosting organizations are invited for cooperation in EVS program.

Please send CV and motivational letter to pasauleathome@yahoo.co.uk

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