30 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

Polonya 2011 - 02

Polonya'da AGH Projesi Gönüllü arıyor.
• Contact person: Maja Selan
• Coordinating organisation: Polska Fundacja im Roberta Schumana
• Host: Towarzystwo Opieki nad Ociemnialymi / The Society for the Care of the Blind in Laski: http://www.laski.edu.pl/
• Location: Warsaw, Poland
• Deadline: 06/05/2011
• Start: 01/10/2011
• End: 30/06/2012

We are looking for volunteers that would be motivated to work with teenagers in Laski, help them with everyday activities such as homework, going to lessons, organize their free time and possibly teach them their mother tongue.
Laski is a small town at the edge of Kampinos Forest, not far from Warsaw. There is a city bus that connects Laski with the underground line, which makes it accessible for volunteers to visit the city often. On the other hand, there is only one bus line (running approximately every 20 minutes) and one night bus that connect the town with the capital. It takes around 45-60 min to get to the center of Warsaw.
Laski Institution is an educational complex consisting of nursery, school, boarding school, music school and library. There is kindergarten and boarding school, for blind and severely visually impaired children and teenagers aged 4 - 19. About 300 youngsters, often from families in difficult situation, are taken care of by laymen, nuns, blind workers and volunteers.
The volunteers choosing to come to work to Institution for the Blind in Laski should take into account that the place is held by Franciscan Nunnery. The nuns are very nice and open, nevertheless, the volunteers should respect the existing rules and solitude in their host organization. As the volunteers would be living in a dormitory for staff located in the territory of the Institution, they should take into account that from 23.30 (the time of arrival of last buss from Warsaw) until 4.00 the gate is closed.

• Please, find out more in the European accredited organizations' website under the number http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=58000795410

Duration: 9 months
Deadline for applications: 06.05.2011

Most of the working tasks are related with volunteers support the regular staff members in one group of teenagers. Volunteers' tasks are directly related to those of the Institution (co-operation in managing musical, artistic and sport activities in children’s free time; helping to learn every day activities; helping children in their homework and during professional trainings by giving, for example, foreign language conversations *preferably German!). Volunteers contribute to the work with their ideas, personalities, skills and abilities. They will learn a lot about the life, needs and possibilities for young blind people.

The most important is for volunteer to be motivated to work with youth, blind young people in particular and to be ok with specificity of working and LIVING in the boarding school, which is run by a catholic nun order (more info in the database description).

We would like to apply with this project on 1 June deadline.The deadline to send your CVs and motivation for this particular organization is Friday, 6 May!

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