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İTALYA 2011-04


İtalya’da ortağı olduğumuz bir proje GENÇTUR’dan 2 Türk gönüllüsünü projelerine alacak. Bu proje de yer almak istiyorsanız. CV ve projeyle ilgili Motivasyon Mektubunuzu en geç 23 Mayıs – Pazartesi gününe kadar bana gönderir misiniz?

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Proje Detayları:

EYES: European Youth for European Service

Participants aged between 18 and 30 years will be hosted in CISMe Organization situated in Reggio Calabria (south of Italy) for 6 months, from 1st October 2011 to 31st March 2012.

Overall aims of the project are: to promote the active citizenship, to develop solidarity and to promote tolerance among young people, to foster mutual understanding between young people of different countries.
Specifically, volunteers will be involved in the organization of events on intercultural themes or on topics of interest of youth addressed to their peers.

The first event will be realized at the beginning of November 2011 and it will be about volunteering. It will be an event realized in the framework of “2011 European Year of Volunteering” in cooperation with Europe Direct Network of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria and other local partners of the network.
Volunteers will support the promoters of the event, they will have the possibility to know better the volunteering field at European level as well to know the local context, to identify stereotypes and ideas that young people have on volunteering and above all to contribute to the event also talking about own experiences in our Countries and in Reggio Calabria during EVS.

Secondly, participants of EYES project will support CISMe staff in the planning and realization of the so called “Echoes-aperitivi”, they are informal meetings where young people meet, talk and have a comparison on a specific theme previously chosen on the basis of young people’s interest. These meetings are realized in the framework of a service managed by CISMe “Echoes project” thanks to which has been opened an Information Point that is one of the point of reference for young people of the city.
Thanks to this experience volunteers will have the possibility to have a comparison on youth problems, needs and demands in their country and in Reggio Calabria, to find point of contact and of difference, to know different youth policies, etc. It is a way to promote also the active citizenship of volunteers.

Finally, EVS volunteers will participate to the management of an event realized in the framework of “Integrated Service for Intercultural inclusion” addressed to immigrants residents in Reggio Calabria. It provides the following services: social secretariat (information on rights and duties of immigrants residents in Italy, training, work opportunities, etc); linguistic and cultural mediation, vocational guidance, etc. Will be realized an “Intercultural Day” during which thanks to the actions foreseen will be given an overview on traditions and customs of different countries. Aim of the event is to fight prejudice and racism and to promote solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance.

The E.Y.E.S. project, thanks to the direct contact with other young people from Italy and from other European Countries and the activities foreseen, allows participants to understand the importance of active citizenship, to discover common principles and ideals, to improve knowledge of other cultures fighting stereotypes and prejudices. Furthermore, volunteers involved will follow a tailor-made path that will allow them a personal growth, developing attitudes and ability and improving skills useful also in their professional life.

It is requested motivation to realize an experience abroad, interest for youth and intercultural thematic, open-mind, active participation.

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