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YUNANİSTAN 2011 - 01


GENÇTUR’un ortaklarından olan Yunanistan’da bir AGH projesinde yer almak istiyorsanız 20 Mayıs’a kadar başvuru yapınız. Proje detaylarına uygun Motivasyon Mektubu ve CV ile birlikte.

Bol Şans!

Dear partners,

Service Civil International SCI-Hellas is going to apply for a long-term plan of EVS at the Executive Agency EACEA on June 1st 2011.

We are looking for partners interested in sending EVS volunteers for the long-term project 2010-GR-18. These partner organizations should be preferably active in the field of disability and outdoor activities.

Feel free to forward this information to your contacts. Please note that we are looking for partner organizations from Programme countries, Neighbouring partner countries and Other partner countries of the world.

Best regards

Giovanna Pignatti
EVS coordinator
Service Civil International Hellas
Kiafas 9, Athens 10678
tel: +30.210.3823635
fax: +30.210.3823636


At this first step we don´t necessarily need to identify the volunteers. If you are:
- an accredited sending organization that is interested in applying OR
- an organization that may have some interested volunteers but is not accredited as sending organization,
please contact us (Giovanna Pignatti) within May 20th at evs@sci.gr by sending:
- a brief description of your organization AND
- in case you already have interested volunteers, CV and the attached application form filled in by the volunteer.

Profile of partner organizations:
- From any country (Programme, Neighbouring or Other countries of the world), that is eligible to participate in a Youth in Action programme.
- Active in the field of disability + sports and outdoor activities.
- Possibly interested in Therapeutic Riding (in the context of future plans or current activities).
- Willing to start a cooperation with the Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece in sending/hosting/training volunteers.
- Willing to dedicate time and effort to the preparation of EVS volunteers prior to their departure for the hosting project and upon their return (if necessary, in collaboration with more a experienced sending organization in the same country, identified by SCI-Hellas).

Profile of volunteers:
- Already involved in past or present activities of the organization.
- With some previous experience or specific interest in the field of disability and therapeutic riding.
- Not afraid of animals.
- Not have allergies relevant to animals, dust and pollen.

Project description
Project title: Therapeutic riding for disabled people
EI code: 2010-GR-18
Hosting organization: Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece
Coordinating organization: SCI-Hellas
Place: Athens, Greece

Service 1 Service 2
Service starts 01/01/2012 01/09/2012
Service ends 30/06/2012 30/06/2013
Nº volunteers 4 4
Duration (months) 6 10

The hosting organization and the venue
The project will take place at the Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece (TRAG) which is situated in Athens, near Katexaki metro station and about 20 minutes far from the center of Athens. The organization was established in 1992 as a non-profit, volunteers' organisation and it is recognised as sports organisation too. The everyday work is run by employees and Greek volunteers who are experts in fields related to the therapeutic riding. TRAG started hosting EVS few years ago, and wishes now to develop further on its EVS activity by providing a precious learning opportunity to volunteers who are seriously interested in learning about therapeutic riding for specific reasons.
The infrastructure of the association includes stables for the horses, training court, room for educational and leisure activities, a big yard, the administration office and a provisional residence for guests.

The role of the volunteers
Therapeutic riding is an alternative rehabilitation programme, where the horse is the therapeutic medium; it improves the overall health and quality of life of the young people with physical, mental, or emotional disorders or disabilities who attend the sessions.
The EVS volunteers will be employed at the center five days a week, six hours a day.
Volunteers will be asked to develop different tasks according to the needs of TRAG and to their own learning priorities. The suggested plan of activity is as follows:

Autumn, Winter and Spring time:
- Tasks related to horses and riding lessons (preparation of the horses before and after the riding sessions; feeding and watering the horses; ropeleading of the horses; side escorts during the session; arrange the horse riding material before and after the sessions; cleaning of the center's areas);
- Tasks related to the users of the center (planning, advertising and implementing entertaining activities and games for children with or without disability, whose parents come to the center).
- Tasks related to advertising TRAG activities (preparation of an advertising plan and its implementation).

Special events:
- Support in the organization of side events taking place at TRAG center (Christams bazaar, international meetings, local seminars, etc.).

All volunteers will receive a training at the beginning of their service to be able to implement their tasks. Further training opportunities can be organized depending on the volunteers' interests and needs. They will never implement their tasks alone but always with other local volunteers or staff, as their service is intended to be an extra help to the activities of the center, not the replacement of working hands.

Practical information
Volunteers will be hosted in a flat close to TRAG center, where they share bedroom and common places together with EVS volunteers from other projects. The coordinating organization will provide all volunteers with Greek lessons, pocket and food money and local transportation. There will be two main people who will be continuously or often in touch with the volunteers: a responsible for the tasks assigned within the service, who is already active within the hosting organization, and a mentor, who will be in charge of facilitating the learning process of the volunteers. The overall project coordinator from the coordinating organization will meet the volunteers at least once per week.

More information on the official database of EVS projects
(The information in the database may differ from what written in this mail as it is not updated)

Kiafas 9
106 78 Athens, Greece
tel: +30 210 3823635, fax: +30 210 3823636
e-mail: info@sci.gr
website: http://www.sci.gr

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