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POLONYA 2011 - 03

Polonya’a aşağıda detayları yer alan proje de yer almak istiyorsanın 22 Mayıs 2011 tarihine kadar aşağıda yer alan mail adresine başvurunuzu yapınız…

Contact person : Lenczewska
Coordinating organisation: Centrum Inicjatyw Młodzieżowych Horyzonty
Host: Centrum Inicjatyw Młodzieżowych Horyzonty: http://www.cim-horyzonty.org
Location: Poznań, Poland
Deadline: 22/05/2011
Start: 01/10/2011
End: 30/06/2012

We are happy to announce that the Centre for Youth Initiatives Horizons is looking for volunteers for the project (2007-PL-67) “Łazarz venture – let’s bring intercultural dimension to Łazarz youth community through EVS”

DATES: October 2011 – June 2012

ACTIVITY: The project will take place in Łazarz area - one of the central districts of Poznan (Poland), where the office of the organization Centre for Youth Initiatives Horyzonty is located. The Centre for Youth Initiatives Horyzonty is very highly involved in the district's local life, especially in terms of the youth work. In cooperation with local Cultural Community Centre (Klub Krag) and two local primary schools we will provide interesting activities for children and youngsters in the neighborhood.

The volunteers will be offered:
- Accommodation,food, local transport monthly ticket, insurance, pocket money, materials for workshops;
- trainings and coaching support by Horyzonty member experienced in youth work, concerning the skills how to facilitate workshops, methodology, certain skills in cultural animation, knowledge how to organize youth projects as exchanges, training, workcamps;
- mentor support, who will help them in term of living in Poznań (providing the opportunities to get to know the culture);
- linguistic support (Polish classes once a week).

Tasks The regular activities of the volunteers will be: 1.The animation activities for children and youth in our neighborhood in cooperation with the Cultural Community Centre and schools. Five days a week the volunteers will organize workshops for the children and youth in local schools and Cultural Community Centre - the type of activity will be based on volunteers' interests and skills (outdoor activities, linguistic activities, dance, multimedia, European club etc.) Everything depends on one's creativity, skills and interests. The children and youth (10-18 years old) come from different social background, mainly we would like to involve young people who have economical or educational problems, who are considered as the youth with fewer opportunities. 2. In 2009 CIM Horyzonty together with a group of teenagers created a Youth Club which was meeting regularly. The EVS volunteers would also support this group. 3. The volunteers will support Horyzonty members in organizing short-term projects (local and international), they will have opportunity to decide in what concrete action they would like to be involved. For example weekend or summer projects for the children and youth from the orphanage in Bnin (near Poznań). 4.The volunteers will be asked to get involved in EVS promotional activities in the schools and universities.

PROFILE OF THE VOLUNTEERS: We are looking for 2 volunteers willing to work with young people to develop activities in the field of cultural animation, intercultural education. An experience in culture animation (for example music skills, art, theatre, media) and project management will be appreciated. The volunteer should be able to communicate in English. We are open to work with volunteers with fewer opportunities, especially those disadvantaged because of social, economic or geographic reasons.


VOLUNTEERS' SELECTION PROCEDURE: We are waiting for the CV and motivation letter until Sunday 22.05. 2011 to be sent to:


Please remember to attach the information about the sending organization (name, adress, contact person, EVS reference number).

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