20 Temmuz 2011 Çarşamba

İSVEÇ 2011 - 02

Dear all,

At the moment we are looking for volunteers for September 1st deadline for these projects:

2007-SE-107 Youth Recreation Centre, Kalmar kommun
Art and Culture / Music
Is a youthcentre where you help the youth leaders, play with the children, talk to them, etc.
You work in the afternoon and at night, because in the mornings the kids have school and the youth centre is something where they go after school and relax..
here you can find a description of the project on a romanian homepage, that copied it. Most of the things about the project are right, but not all about the people who work with it etc.

2007-SE-10 Möjligheternas Hus, Emmaboda
Environment / Media and Communications / Youth information
The volunteer works in “the house of possibilities” were he/she sells used items in a second hand shop and can be creative. The volunteer also works in the nearby youth centre.

(Please not that these 2 projects have old EI ref numbers therefore it will take some while to get new ones. We hope it's ok if the project won't start before november 1st)

In all the projects you can also do your own project e.g. a theater group and your mentor will try to help you fullfilling this.

Not: Paylaşımı için Hamza Arici arkadaşımıza teşekkürler…

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