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SLOVAKYA 2011 - 02

Our organization is Fundament - non governmental association in Rimavská Sobota in Slovakia .

We have hosting opportunities for 2 volunteers starting their EVS in January 2012 until December 2012 at our organisation . ( 12 months period ) . We want to apply for the september 1. deadline.

We would be glad if you could put our hosting opportunity on your eurodesk portal or if you know already youths who would be interested of this opportunity, please let me know and will keep in touch.

You can learn more about us on our web site www.fundament.sk and also of the EVS project on the database of acredited organisations . Our acreditation number is 2010-SK-68.
Below, you can find a brief description of the volunteers tasks and rights .

Thank you for your cooperation !


Maria Juhasz
program coordinator
Fundament NGO

Main activities and duties of the volunteer
a) working out and in case of supported project also imlementation of own Youth in action project (project preparation, management, coordination, brainstroming, team cooperation)
b) working out and frequent actualisation of the own volunteer blog on the web site of the organisation
c) help related to the „ Save the turkish castle, Sobôtka” ( cooperation,meetings, organisation fielworks with and for local volunteers,preparation of a propagation leaflet related to the project – data collection about the history of the castle, location and activities )
d) help related to current national and international projects ( data search , preparation of propagation materials, web site actualization,correspondence, organisational help – conferences, workshops, meeting..etc)
e) help related to the renewal of the organisation basement

Practical arrangment
Working hours:
- Hosting organisation can employ volunteers during the weekends and bank holidays only on the bases of pre agreement with them
- Activities on bank holidays or weekends will be compensate with days off during the week

Days off per week, holidays:
- Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays are the days off for the volunteer
- The volunteer has 2 days of holiday per month
- If they require holiday they have to give one week notice about it to the hosting organization

- the hosting organisation will provide to each volunteer the amount of 150,- EUR in cash per month for nourishment
- the first sum will be given at the beginning of the EVS – 1.1.2012, and the last (12.) at the beginning of the 12.month – 31.12.2012.

The accomodation will be assured by the Fundament – non-governmental organisation in a small hous near to the town centre – 2 hosting rooms ( 17 m per person) , full equipped kitchen ( gas cooker, microwave , fridge ) bathroom with shower and social equipments.

Local transport:
Travel costs related to trainings within the EDS and work with the hosting organisation will be assured by the hosting organisation.

Duties of the volunteer is to do his/her work according to rules of the non-governement organisation Fundament . Help as a volunteer 6 h on daily bases (30 h per week , language courses included).

Rights of the volunteer
- work preparation before starting EVS
- assured accomodation during EVS
- 2 days off in a week and plus 2 days holiday per month
- mentor assistance
- possibility to learn Slovakian during EVS
- possibility to meet other volunteers in Rimavska Sobota and surroundings
- pocket money in each month (95 eur /month)

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