16 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

AVUSTURYA 2011 - 05

Contact person: Christine Gantner
Coordinating organisation: LOGO EUINFO
Host: ClickIn 2010-AT-36: http://www.clickin.cc/clickin_neu_2010/
Location: Gratwein, Austria
Deadline: 25/07/2011
Start: 01/02/2012
End: 31/07/2012

The volunteer witll support the team of the Youth Centre ClickIn. The volunteer should like working and speaking with young people about their problems, wishes and ideas. He/ she should be able to give help to organize activities. In ideal case the volunteer plans an own project and can bring in own ideas. So, if he/she ís interested in sports he/she could organize sport activities like a soccer cup or a skate event, a basketball workshop or a dance training. Then he/she would have to find a own room for offering this activity, he should plan this session and he/she also should make the public relation for this event. Is he/she interested in music, he/she can plan a clubbing, a disco-night or a dance session, where he also could present music and dances from his home country. So, he learns better to know the Austrian way of life and young peoples interests. But also Austrian young people expire music and dances from his home country, he could speak with this young people about his favourits free time activities, the way of life in his country and problems young people in his country have. General cross-cultural and the exchange between the countries should be in foreground, young Austrian people should get an idea about living in the EVS country and the volunteer gets to know a lot about Austrian mentality. The opening time of the youth center is principal in the afternoon, Wednesday until Saturday, between 14:00 and 20:00.
Gratwein has 3500 habitants and is situated 10km in the north of Graz ( 270.000 inhabitants), the second largest town of Austria. The public transport by bus or train to Graz is comfortable, in Gratwein there´s also a small sport-center with swimming, beach volleyball, soccer, skating and icehockey in winter.

The volunteer will work approx. 30 hours per week in the youth center, 70% of this time she/he should take care for the young people during the opening time from the youth center. 20% of this 30 hours she/he has to spend for organization and executing of any activities. The rest is time for administration, public relation and other small works.By planning activities the volunteer has to create a budget and time plan, to find out how much activity will be and how much time he will need to transform his project. Then he has to create flyer and posters for advertising this project and he can make public relation in schools, in cafes, pubs and other interesting places for young people. He also can write articles for small newspapers. In the regular opening time of the youth center the volunteer should stay in personal contact with the young people. Most important is to find a personal relationship, so that young people confide him their problems and he is able to speak with them about young people problems like drugs, sexuality, alcohol, school, job and love things.

For the recruitment process it is important that the volunteer is interested in young people problems and wishes. It would be better if he/she has ripeness, because some young people sometimes need a helping hand. We are not specified in gender, but the person should be interested especially in sports, music and young culture. These interests are the most important topics in the youth center. But all special interests of the volunteer are welcome because he/she is asked for a small or bigger project on his/her own. Further he should like communication with young people, be outgoing and patient. But otherwise he/she should not be afraid to stay with a group of young people inside or outside the youth center

Please send your application/CV and SPECIFIC motivation letter until 25/07/2011 to christine.gantner@logo.at Please express why you want to participate exactly in this project. Only applications with SPECIFIC motivation letters will be considered.

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