16 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

ROMANYA 2011 - 05

Contact person: Alex Ursa
Coordinating organisation: Cluj Napoca Volunteer Centre
Host: Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca: http://www.centruldevoluntariat.ro
Location: Cluj Napoca, Romania
Deadline: 01/08/2011
Start: 01/02/2012
End: 31/05/2012

Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center is looking for 6 volunteers for an EVS project in Romania (short term) starting on the 1st of February and ending on the 31st of May 2011. The main focus of the project is planning and organizing the National Volunteering Week.
The National Volunteering Week (NVW) is a national event with tradition in Romania, as a consequence 2012 will represent the 11th edition. Our experience so far has shown us that the NVW gets bigger and more important for the community every year. Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center is the coordinator organization for NVW in Cluj-Napoca and for example in 2009 we had 12 events in Cluj-Napoca (such as Organizations Fair, Cleaning Action, Recycling Workshops, Activities for children, Activities for Elderly, Volunteer Olympics) in 2011 we hat 12 events (such as Organizations Fair, Volunteer Parade, Constructing kennels for dogs, movie nights, etc)
In 2012 our plans are to make a visible and complex NVW, trying to raise the quality and the impact of the events.
As part of this EVS project, the volunteers will be responsible with:  creating at least 12 events during this week  creating a strategy for promoting the events  recruiting local volunteers to involve in the events  coordinate the local volunteers  identify appropriate partners for the events  collaborate with local partners including local authorities  communicating with the media  creating the promotional materials  coordinating the activities

If you are interested in joining our team please send your CV and a motivation letter until the 1th of August at programecvcn@voluntariat.ro . Short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview via internet.

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