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POLONYA 2011 - 06


Dear Friends,

We are looking for very motivated volunteer for our EVS Project. Below there is short description of the project and its surronding. We would like to apply for the 1st of September deadline. We are looking for a volunteer from EU countries, if you have a candidate for this project please send CV and motivation letter until the 15 August 2011.

Agata Frankowska


Host organization: FIYE POLAND
Duration of the project: 7 months (November 2011 - May 2012)

Volunteer must be over 18 and motivated to work for local community. Volunteer should be open minded and have good communication skills to facilitate the contact with the local youth, experience in working with young people would be an advantage. Volunteers should be flexible, creative, have good patience to listen, interpret and respond.

Project will take place in Pultusk and it's surrondings.Pultusk is a town in Poland by the river Narew, 70 km north of Warsaw. It is located in the Mazovian Voievodship and has about 19 000 inhabitants. The town has existed since at least the 10th century. Pultusk County is a unit of territorial administration and local government in Mazovian Voievodship, east-central Poland. The County is subdivided into seven gminas: Gzy, Obryte, Pokrzywnica, Pultusk, Swiercze, Winnica, Zatory. The County has about 51 000 inhabitants. Pultusk County is at the moment the area with very low civic movement, there are not many associations and organizations involving citizens in everyday life of their town and country sides.

Short description:
Project supose to be the starting point for development of local voluntary projects. Through this project we would like to rise awarness about civic movement and benefits of such development. Aim of this project is to encourage local community to take responsability and actions into their own hands and to show the positive aspects of changes that can be brought by intercultural exchanges.
Project is also created to create opportunities for young volunteers, such as:
- participation in new and interesting project;
- gaining useful knowledge and experience through cooperation with experienced worker;
- contact with peers and possibility to get to know life of Polish youth

- Promotion of European Voluntary Service (EVS) on the teritory of Pultusk County;
- Promotion of Voluntary Service on the teritory of Pultusk County, creating the Youth Voluntary Program for local community;
- Creating the active volunteers environment to support actions of the Associastion
- Trainings for animators and leaders

The role of volunteer:
- supporting staff in all actions concerning promotion of voluntary service
-organising and conducting meetings about European Voluntary Service (EVS) for youth;
-organising and conducting meetings about European Voluntary Service (EVS) in the centers of Pultusk County, which could be potentially host organizations.
-helping to organise and take part in “Voluntary Fair” in Pultusk, directed towar local community;
-active participation in Voluntary Days in Pultusk County;
-organising and conducting educational meetings for youth, in the field of ecology, globalization, European awareness and social inclusion;
-carrying out activities related to current events like: Europan Voluntary Year, celebrations of International Voluntary Day, etc.;

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