14 Temmuz 2011 Perşembe


Contact person: Psoras Dimitrios
Organisation: Experimental Technology Education Sports
Location: Vrontados, Greece
Deadline: 20/08/2011
Start: 01/12/2011
End: 30/11/2012

The «3D - Technology Education Sports” 2009-GR-11 project focus on New Technologies and is taking part in Chios Island.
The European volunteers, under the guidance and help of TES’s people, will work together and they will search for new possibilities in the field of New Technologies, Education, Sorts, Entertainment, etc.
They will help the young people in Chios Island to open new horizons.
It is really important for the youngsters who live in a place like Vrontados, to have information about the opportunities they have, to open discussions about this and help them.
The Young Voluntary workers undertake to participate voluntarily in an active citizen and informative experience with the aim of acquiring Technical, Social, Intercultural and personal skills, tools for their own future and at the same contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

a) Youth Information (Percentage of time given 15%). The European Volunteers will: Take part in the realization of many projects. Participate in the process of Sports, Cultural and Educational activities and promote the European dimension. After learning Greek they will try to make contacts with local young people and children, to encourage and share with them their own experience to develop the values of Technology Education and Sports and to promote new ways of access to the information like Internet and offer them the way to create projects or the way to get any kind of information. b) Computer programs (Percentage of time given 35%) The main activity of the Volunteers is to take active part in the realisation of Non-profit making Educational, Sports, Tourist and Cultural programs and Presentations. Our aim is to give them the opportunity to come closer to New Technologies, learn and develop creative projects through practical and theoretical exchange of knowledge (cooperative learning) and feel free to express them selves, and receive knowledge that will help them for all their life. c) Computer cooperation (Percentage of time given 20%) Basic activity is to work on the use of Computer software and basic information terminology and realise Cultural, Educational Sport and and Tourist computer software in cooperation with the other EVS volunteers and local youngsters. Those programs will be free for the use from all the youngsters of the world. d) Inspiration (Percentage of time given 15%) Preparation, Realization and Evaluation of Youth programs, Sport Events (sailing) and other youth activities. Texts translation from English or Greek to their mother language, Creation of many web sites, helping at the Sailing team or at the Swimming pool. (Depends of the period and the needs). Through this way, they will also serve as a communication bridge between their and our civilization. After learning Greek, they will have essential contact with the local people aiming at the exchange of ideas that might lead to the realization of a project on Cultural, Educational or Youth issue. The volunteers may also benefit from other activities of the Institute in the field of New Technologies. e) Our Place Percentage of time given 5%. The volunteers will help us keep our Institute and hosting place in order (electronic and other equipment), gardening etc.

Positive adaptable and creative people. It will be good if they are very interested to work on the creation of 3D games, Educational software plus Cultural, Educational, Tourist nd Sport Web sites.

The volunteers must contact the hosting organisation by e-mail at info@chios.com. They will receive a questionnaire. They must answer to the questions, which will help us understand their motivation for the project.

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